I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 310 You are Not My Soldier

Ryou was clammed up. He never expected Davi to say those words. He was totally flabbergasted as he looked at the fierce and ever so serious look in her eyes. She was entirely different from the delicate young girl he once knew five years ago.

"M-miss... uhm... do you really mean, gun?" Ryou clarified . He wanted to believe that she was kidding but the ferocity in her eyes tells him otherwise .

"Yes, give it to me." She repeated as her gaze was still locked unto Sei.

"I-it’s alright now Miss. You don’t need to. Look, the men are already he---" Ryou’s eyes widened as he swallowed the rest of his words the moment Davi’s hand swiftly slipped on his waist. Ryou was completely caught off guard that before he knew it, the gun in his waistband was already in her hand. Causing Ryou to feel like his heart almost jumped out of his chest due to shock. He was always in his alert mode but his boss’s wife was just unbelievably fast. He was even starting to doubt if this lady was the same innocent girl he knew from way back then.

"Uhm... Miss, I don’t think you should be holding a gun here." Ryou said in a bit of panic state as he immediately caught her wrist. Afraid to the core that the lady might hurt herself.

"Please give it back. It’s dangerous." He pleaded, causing Davi to narrow her eyes a little.

"Let go, Ryou. I’m just going to drive those people away from my husband." Davi firmly said and Ryou’s sweat started falling down his forehead the moment he saw how dead serious she was. Davi actually experienced protecting a certain VVIP before and she knew how dangerous this kind of situation was. Because of what happened that time, Davi couldn’t help but think that an enemy might have mixed himself in the crowd and was ready to attack Sei anytime. A thought that made Davi felt fear in her heart and causing her to quickly want to equip herself. That moment, she just looked as though she won’t even hesitate to fire the gun once things get worse to protect her man.

"I’m sorry Miss. I can’t compromise you." Ryou replied and he tightened his grip in her hand. That instant, Davi was about to struggle when a voice jolted them both.

"Ryou... what are you doing?" A cold and terrifying voice rang behind Ryou and he immediately let go of Davi’s hand before leaping like a scared rabbit behind her. Leaving the gun in her hand.

"D-don’t get the wrong idea boss. Your wife suddenly stole my gun so I was just trying to stop her." Ryou immediately explained and when Sei’s eyes fell into the gun in her hand, he could only look at her with a slightly widened eyes.

Davi on the other hand was surprised that in a mere short time, Sei was already in front of her. She lifted her face and looked around and countless men in black already became a human barricade surrounding them. Davi couldn’t help but be impressed. She could tell that every single one of Sei’s body guards were extraordinary.

"Davi..." Sei called out her name and the girl finally snapped. She looked at Sei before she suddenly jumped onto him, not letting go of the gun in her hand. She worriedly held his face as she speaks.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?!" She asked and Sei fell speechless for a while before he chuckled softly. Causing Davi to look at him with baffled expression.

Sei then caressed her cheeks adoringly with his thumb as he continued smiling at her.

"Are you trying to save your husband in distress just now?" Sei playfully asked and Davi nodded without any hesitation. Looking at the fading fierce and dangerous look in her eyes, Sei recalled the time when Davi told him that she will learn to fight expertly so she will be qualified to protect him one day, and Sei could only bite his lip sexily. Well, apart from her oozing dangerous aura, plus she actually managed to steal Ryou’s gun was enough for him to realize just how far she had come. He could tell she was more than capable now.

"Boss! The gun is still in her hand! That’s dangerous. Aren’t you scared that she might pull the trigger accidentally." Ryou interjected and Sei threw him an I don’t care look.

"Don’t worry Ryou, she’s a pro." Sei replied and the man looked at him in disbelief.

"Boss, I suggest we gotta leave this place now." Another man at the back spoke and Sei nodded. He looked at Davi who was still looking worried and he smiled.

"Don’t worry, no one managed to lay a finger on me." He said and Davi heaved a sigh of relief.

"Sei... is your life still in danger? I am now capable to protect you." She stated with serious look and Sei’s hand reached out to gently caress her head.

"It’s alright now. The danger isn’t really that grave anymore. My enemies right now are just little scheming flies from the business world, so you don’t have to worry." Sei explained but Davi’s determination didn’t waiver.

"I can destroy those little flies for you." She said. Her eyes burning with conviction , however, this time, she had the look of a soldier ready to protect her man and her country with her life. Making Sei recognized that her, devoting herself in the military for five years had a drastic effect on her. She might not be aware but the aura of a soldier was now engraved in her, making her cool as hell that Sei can’t help but fall in love to this new side of her as well.

However, the thought of her being the one who will protect him will always be a big ’no’ to Sei, no matter how good her skills might be.

"Listen. I am happy that you grew stronger but I won’t let you be the one to protect me. Yes, you are a soldier, but you are not ’my’ soldier. You are my wife so I’ll be the one to protect you and our son. Do you understand? I will never risk anything bad to happen to you." Sei explained and Davi fell silent for a while.

"I understand. But if you’re in danger right before my eyes, don’t expect me to just stay still and watch again." Davi replied and Sei could only hide his smile.

"You’ve became a bit stubborn too, my wife." He could only utter when Davi immediately retorted.

"You’re the one who told me that I’m not your soldier. So I don’t have to obey your orders." She replied and Sei was lost for words for a moment. He raised his hand and rubbed the back of his neck before he could speak.

"But if it’s not an order, you’re always willing to listen, right?" He said and this time, Davi was the one who was lost for words. Causing Sei to smile as he gently pinches her cheeks again.

"Okay, let’s leave this place but give the gun to me first. It’d be bad if they see you holding a gun in public." Sei continued and Davi obediently hand over the gun to him, making Sei feel ecstatic with his wife’s obedience to him. Secretly saying the words ’good girl’ within him.

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