I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 307 As Expected With My Son

Davi’s brain started swirling and she couldn’t think straight due to Sei’s shameless advances. She could have easily stopped him even if he’s attacking her using his shamelessness and cuteness right now, but because she can’t stop imagining him in his chibi self wearing pink cat ears headband as he licked her hand like he was a real cat, Davi could feel blood almost bursting out of her nose. At the same time, feeling Sei’s warm tongue brushing against her skin was giving Davi tingly sensations that she couldn’t help but blush intensely and got tongue tied for a long while before she could manage to speak.

"S-sei, it’s alright now. Little Shin might comeback." Davi uttered apprehensively and thankfully, Sei immediately stopped . He looked up and when he let go of her wrist, Davi hastily lifted her ice cream and licked it fast as she could as she was afraid that it would melt again.

However, Davi slowed down the moment she noticed that Sei didn’t move at all. He remained rooted on the ground and looking up at her, quietly watching her lick the ice cream. His line of sight was obviously locked onto the ice cream in her mouth, and it made Davi feel bad that she was the only one eating. Not knowing that Sei wasn’t actually craving for any food at all but desiring only her lips.

"I’ll go buy something for you to eat." Davi said, as she was about to stand when Sei stood up to stop her.

"No need, I’m fine. This park doesn’t sell what I want." Sei said and Davi was speechless as Sei continued talking.

"What i want is a warm ice cream." He added and Davi blinked. And before Davi could begin to process what he just said, Sei held her hand which was holding the ice cream before he suddenly brushed the ice cream on her lips.

Davi’s eyes widened on what he just said and done, making her instantly remember the memories from five years ago. And as she was about to reminisce the past, Sei’s lips were already onto hers.

The kiss was deep and sweet like warm ice cream. It was so passionate that it made Davi forget about the ice cream in her hand. The level of Sei’s kissing skill, the way he moves his tongue with hers and the way he delved in her mouth were just a bit too high level for her to cope with and it overwhelmed her. She was completely mesmerized and under his control.

By the time their lips parted, the two of them breathed heavily as they were lovingly gazing at each other when the magical moment was interrupted. Little Shin’s voice suddenly rang, causing Davi to jolt and immediately pushed Sei.


Like a flash, Davi stepped away from Sei and she immediately looked at her son running towards her. She quickly moved and bent down as her son reached her as though nothing had happened.

"I’m back. I bought this for you, mommy." The sweet little guy said happily as he showed her a cute yellow hair clip.

Davi wowed and she embraced her cute and super sweet son tightly.

"Thank you... my baby is so sweet." Davi replied and little Shin immediately asked her to wear the hair clip. While the little guy was putting the clip on her hair, a certain man at the back nonchalantly walked closer to them.

"Mommy, it looks cute on you!" Little Shin exclaimed and Davi could only say ’thanks’ as she hugged her son again when Sei spoke.

"The ice cream is melting." Sei said and the mother and son both looked at the liquified ice cream in Davi’s hand.

"Ahh, mommy! Your hand!" Little Shin exclaimed when Davi patted his head.

"It’s fine. I’ll go wash okay? Wait for me. I’ll be right back." Davi said and when little Shin nodded, Davi immediately walked away.

"I’ll go follow her. You wait with your uncle Kir, okay?" Sei said when Little Shin stopped him. The little guy tugged his shirt and Sei halted.

"What is it?" Sei asked and little Shin smiled.

"Dad, the sun is about to set. I want to ride that huge ferris wheel, so uncle and I will go there first. Go get mommy. We will wait for you there." The little guy said and Sei nodded as he ruffled his son’s hair before he hastily followed suit.

Time passed and the couple wearing cute cat ears finally reached the infamous tallest ferris wheel in the country. Little Shin was waving his hand so Davi immediately spotted him.

Upon reaching them, Davi took little Shin from Kir’s arms.

"Mommy, let’s ride this one." The boy said and Davi of course agreed.

However, when it’s their turn to enter a cabin, little Shin spoke.

"Mommy, me and uncle Kir will wait here." Little Shin said and Davi was surprised.

Sei, on the other hand could only smile secretly.

’So this is your plan, huh. As expected with my son.’ Sei uttered to himself, feeling extremely proud. He already anticipated this when little Shin told him to come to the ferris wheel so he wasn’t really surprised anymore.

After the little boy convinced his mother, Davi finally gave Little Shin to Sei and kissed his forehead before Sei carried Little Shin towards Kir.

"Daddy, you should kiss mommy when you reach the top, okay? Remember, only when you reach the very top, okay?!" The little guy said firmly. His eyes were strict as though he was ready to punish his own father if he will not listen to him. Causing Sei to only chuckle softly.

"Mm. Rest assured." Sei replied and kissed his son’s forehead before giving him to Kir.

"Daddy, do your best!" The little guy said and the father and son bumped their fists before Sei turned back.

As the ferris wheel started moving, Kir spoke.

"Young master, where did you get this idea?" he asked and the little guy smiled.

"It’s auntie Hinari. When she brought me here before, she said when a girl and a boy will kiss at the very top of this ferris wheel, they will be together forever." The little boy explained and Kir raised a brow.

"I am surprised that you actually believe it." Kir replied. Well, Kir didn’t expect this little boy to believe such things because he knew how smart this boy was that he even questions every superstition he hears, saying things like ’how could that be possible?’.

"Hmm... I don’t know if it’s true or not but I can’t think about anything else. Uncle, do you think this is good enough?" The boy said with a faint worried look in his eyes and Kir smiled.

"Don’t worry, I’m sure your mom and dad are beyond happy. This is not just good enough. This is great." Kir replied and the look in Shin’s eyes drastically improved.

"Anyway, I already contacted the park’s director." Kir added and Little Shin’s eyes sparked.

"Did they agree?!" He exclaimed and Kir laughed.

"Is that even a question? No one will dare reject a request from the son of the king, okay?" The man reassured and the two grinned at each other victoriously.

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