I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 308 Ferris Wheel

"Little Shin purposely didn’t join us, right?" Davi asked and Sei could only admit it.

"Mm. Why? Are you unhappy?" Sei replied and Davi immediately shook her head.

"It’s not like that... I’m just..." Davi paused and she gazed at Sei. Her eyes suddenly turned emotional as though she was having mixed feelings, both extreme happiness and also a faint feeling of sadness.

Watching her, Sei’s brows creased a little and he was about to ask what was wrong when Davi suddenly wrapped her hands around his neck and gently bumped her forehead onto his.

"Sei... our son is very sweet and clever... he’s so considerate and kind... he’s extremely adorable and the cutest in the whole world... Sei... thank you... thank you for raising him well. He has grown up rightly even without me... I... I’m..." Davi paused again and she bit her lip hard, as though she was having a hard time to voice out what she felt. Her eyes were welling with intense emotions that Sei couldn’t help but cuddle her in his embrace. Her words and voice just now were sweet yet a bit of a sad melody in Sei’s ears and he understood why she was feeling that way.

"He grown up sweet, clever, considerate, kind and cute because he is your child. He inherited your qualities." Sei gently replied but Davi shook her head.

"No, he grew up well because he had you. You nurtured him so well. That’s why I’m so thankful... very much relieved that you are his father. You don’t know how glad am I, Sei." Davi said as she gripped him hard and Sei could only caress her head down to her back. Truth be told, Sei actually didn’t realize that Little Shin grew up like this in his care. Sei was busy and he barely had time to spend an entire day with him. He was always anxious that he was lacking too much as his father. That was why, it was such an amazing feeling for him to hear what she said even though he honestly believes that it was all because of her genes.

"Thank you. I’m really glad to hear that." Sei replied with a smile and Davi pulled away from his embrace.

"For me, you are the best father in the world." She said as she looked at him with twinkling stars in her eyes and Sei smiled proudly. Well, every affirmation from his wife will always be the greatest achievement for him.

"Then, can I ask you for a reward?" Sei asked mischievously and Davi’s eyes slightly widened.

"Uhm... w-what kind of reward do you want?" She replied and Sei’s lips curved up again. He pulled her and made her sat on his lap as he answered.

"I want you to reward me with the best kiss you can give." He said and Davi blushed intensely.

"A-are you trying to test my kissing skill?! I also improved you know?" Davi retorted as she puffed her cheeks upon seeing how mischievously he smiled and Sei chuckled.

That moment, Davi immediately fell in daze as she watched this cute man chuckling before her eyes.

Noticing her reaction, Sei bit her lip sexily and pinched her cheek gently. He was about to tease her again when Davi spoke first.

"Sei... are you always chuckling like this in front of everyone now?" She asked and Sei curiously looked at her before he answered.

"You’re the only reason why I’m chuckling like this, so why would I do it in front of others?" he replied honestly and Davi’s face brightened.

"Sei... can I be greedy and... I want you to be this cute only in front of me and our son." She said with a firm voice and gaze filled with intensity and Sei just chuckled again.

"I didn’t know my wife had the tendency to be possessive too." Sei replied and his heart was struck with a strong blow as soon as he uttered the word ’wife’. Thankfully, he manage to recover in a flick of an eye, consoling himself that it’s okay since she will soon be his legal wife again.

"Don’t worry, no one can make me laugh like this but you." Sei continued and Davi who was struck with countless of cupid’s arrows held Sei’s face as she was about to kiss him when Sei stopped her.

"Can you wait for a bit? Our son actually requested that we’ll only kiss when we reach the very peak." Sei said and Davi was surprised.

"Our Little Shin s-said that?" she exclaimed unbelievably and Sei nodded.

"It looks like he heard some superstition." Sei replied and Davi gasped.

"Does that mean, we will only kiss while we’re at the peak?" Davi asked again and Sei’s forehead creased a bit.

"Err... i don’t think... s---"

Sei couldn’t finish his words because Davi’s lips suddenly slammed onto him. However, it wasn’t because of her haste to kiss him. It was because the ferris wheel suddenly stopped moving the moment they reached the very peak.

"It stopped." Davi uttered but Sei just smiled.

"Don’t worry. This is obviously our son’s doing." Sei said and Davi widened.

However, just as when Sei thought that this was the end of Little Shin’s plan, a loud bang caught their attention.

The next moment, a romantic firework display appeared before their eyes and Davi fell in daze. She was surprised and mesmerized with the magical view that her mouth just hanged open.

Watching her reaction and gazing at the reflections of fireworks in her eyes, Sei couldn’t help but smile.

’Ah... my son is going overboard.’ He could only utter within him when Davi spoke.

"Sei... is this little Shin’s doing as well?" she asked without averting her gaze from the enchanting fireworks.

"I believe it’s definitely him." Sei replied and Davi’s grip on Sei tightened.

"Sei, it’s so beautiful." She uttered in a daze while Sei remained gazing at her.

"Mm. You’re so beautiful." He said and Davi finally turned to him.

"So, can you give me my reward now?" Sei stated with an obvious impatience and Davi reddened before she took a deep breath. The look in her eyes turned determined. It was as if she was saying the words, ’my dearest son is doing his best so I should definitely do my very best too’, and Sei’s heart could only bounce with happiness.

Davi then raised her hands and held his face as she gazed at him. Afterwards, she slowly moved her face closer as she closed her eyes until their lips finally collided.

Sei didn’t move as he let Davi took control. Her kisses were still a bit sloppy like before but he could tell she was trying her best and Sei found it very sexy and irresistible. The way she tried entangling her tongue with his was too much for Sei. Thus, in the end, Sei could only manage to restrain himself not to return her kisses for mere few seconds. It was impossible for him to resist her after all.

That moment, feeling like they were on top of the world, throwing cautions in the wind, Davi and Sei kissed wildly like never before. Until Sei found himself pinning her down the seat, as the sparks of the fireworks kept on shining on them.

It was a kiss so passionate and seemingly endless that they both knew that from here on, this kiss will always be the reason of their smile every time they will see a ferris wheel for the rest of their lives.

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