I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 306 Its Melting

The day was bright and lively. The family of three simply enjoyed roaming around the park like what every ordinary family does. They tried few of the rides little Shin chose and it was a great experience, even though to Sei, the park and rides weren’t the ones which were entertaining to him. He was just enjoying the sight of his wife and son spending their time together happily in such a lively place.

Sei was overjoyed. He could finally see the brightness and energy coming back in Davi’s eyes, moreover, his longing to see her smile and chuckles again like she used to be was slowly intensifying. He badly missed those smiles, sweet chuckles and laughter that were once like the sun that warmed his once cold frozen world. Sei wanted to hasten things because he wanted her to be smiling at him on their wedding day. That was why Sei was still a bit troubled about what happened back then. He knew now wasn’t the right time to upset her and yet it he felt he acted carelessly enough and it’s making him mad at himself.

The entire time, Sei’s eyes were locked only to her that even bystanders couldn’t help but notice that he seemed as though, she was the only person in his eyes. Girls who were watching them were dying with jealousy while lots of them couldn’t restrain themselves from taking photos of this excessively adorable and gorgeous family.

Until time passed, they finally rested in a certain bench under a beautiful sleeping willow.

Sei was eagerly anticipating for little Shin’s plan to materialize that would he give them privacy so he could finally settle the trouble he caused. He badly wanted to snatch her away for a moment but Sei already promised to his son that he will not interrupt whatever his plans were, leaving him no choice but be a man of his word and wait. Well, Sei was pondering that Davi might still be upset with him. Not knowing that Davi was just actually avoiding his gaze because she doesn’t want to fall in daze and space out while little Shin was watching.

Gladly, when Sei finished talking to Kir, little Shin finally approach his father. Sei faced the little guy right away, expecting him to tell him to take Davi away.

However, what little Shin said made Sei scratched the back of his head.

"Dad, you want to coax mommy right? She said she likes ice cream so you should go buy for us." His son said and Sei who remained the third wheel all these time could only ruffle his son’s hair before he looked at Davi sitting on the bench.

"Okay, I’ll go. But don’t you forget about what we talked about, okay?" Sei replied before he left while the boy just smiled as he walked back to his mother.

After a while, Sei was looking around alone in the busy street when few brazen girls approached him, trying their very best to flirt with him. They were pretty ladies and they obviously have their eyes on him.

"Hello gorgeous. What are you looking for? Do you need help?" One of the girl asked seductively while another girl pulled her away and she loudly speak in front of him.

"Gosh! You’re so darn cute, so perfectly handsome. Words alone can’t describe how gorgeous you are. My god! You’re even much more handsome than celebrities! What’s your name?" the other one said as she swoon like crazy when another one pulled her away.

"C’mon baby boy, don’t hesitate and tell us. We will help you loo---"

The girl who was about to cling on Sei paused due to shock when Sei suddenly glared coldly at her.

"I don’t need your help." He coldly replied and he left the three frozen girls looking at each others in disbelief. Like a robot, their gazes followed the gorgeous man who went and approached a male staff in uniform and they gasped.

"A-are you serious? He ignored us pretty girls yet he went and asked to that male staff?!"

"W-wait, don’t tell me its because he doesn’t like girls?"

As the girls gossipped to themselves, Sei walked away and he was now standing in front of a certain café. Then another man, who seemed to be an undercover bodyguard approached him.

"Boss, let me help you about buying the ice cream." The man politely offered when Sei declined him.

"No, i’ll buy it myself." Se said looking determined and the man was taken aback. Well, he was among Sei’s special body guard for five years now and he was sure that this boss of his never go and buy anything by himself before. He knew that their second boss, Zaki, does his errands for him. Moreover, he was positive that Sei never experienced buying anything in this kind of food store.

"But boss, this is not a Micheline star restaurant. There’s no well trained waiter here to serve you." The body guard anxiously reasoned out but Sei still didn’t listen to him.

"This is for my wife so i’ll buy it myself." Sei said and he entered the store, leaving his body guard scratching his head as he secretly followed him.

Inside the store, the gorgeous man was obviously surprised with the line of people buying ice cream. The body guard in the corner was watching this certain feared multi billionaire quietly standing in line to buy ice cream. He almost wanted to laugh because of his boss’s determined expression as though buying ice cream was an honorable and important task he needed to fulfill at all cost.


The mother and son were cuddling on the bench as they talk when the errand boy, Sei, arrived.

Davi raised her face and was startled the moment she saw him walking closer to them with two cones of ice creams in his hands. He was like a bright sun approaching her and Davi couldn’t help but gaze at him because of his irresistibly excessive cuteness. Sei with those pink cat’s ears on his messy ink black hair, holding two cones of ice creams as he walked with a seemingly accomplished and proud expression was just so adorable that Davi can’t help but imagine him in his Chibi version once again.

Little Shin ran towards Sei and took his ice cream as he cutely winked meaningfully at his dad before he turned towards his mother on the bench.

"Mommy, I’ll go buy something with uncle Kir. I’ll be back later." He said and upon Davi’s approval, Little Shin ran towards Kir and they left.

As soon as the two were left alone, Sei smiled and all of a sudden, he squatted in front of her leaning his elbow on top of his knee as he gaze at her.

"Here’s your ice cream." Sei uttered with such a sexy voice and Davi bit her lip to stop her mouth from hanging open.

"T-thank you." She replied as she took the cone of ice cream from his hand.

Davi was gravely distracted with this cute creature looking up on her intently that she hastily licked the ice cream as though she’s been craving for it.

"Is it good?" Sei asked and Davi nodded like a rattle.

"Uhm... Sei, you can come up here and have a seat." Davi said when Sei remained squatting in front of her. However, the man didn’t move. He instead suddenly turned somewhat gloomy, causing Davi to feel alarmed. She was about to ask what was wrong when Sei spoke first.

"I’m sorry. I didn’t know that doing those upsets you." He suddenly uttered with an apologetic look and Davi blinked her eyes.

"Why are you saying sorry? What do you mean by upsetting me?" She asked with a clueless eyes and Sei’s eyes widened.

"You mean, you’re not mad at me?!" Sei exclaimed and Davi went even more confused.

"Why would I get mad at you?" She asked and Sei fell tongue-tied for a while before his shoulders felt as though a huge weight on it were finally lifted.

Sei bowed his head as he rubbed the back of his neck before he looked up again.

"You slammed the door after i kissed you in the car, and you kept on avoiding my gazes so... i thought you’re upset." Sei’s eyes wandered as he explained when Davi suddenly pinched his cheeks hard before she bent and kissed his brow.

Sei was astonished and when Davi back off and gazed at him gently, he realized that he misunderstood her.

"I was flustered so i guess i failed to control my strength. And... i... i was avoiding looking at you because you’re... too... cute." Davi uttered and Sei’s eyes sparked wildly. He was surprised and extremely happy.

’This only means that she liked my advances, right?!’ Sei exclaimed inwardly before he decided to shamelessly confirm it.

"I thought my kisses made you mad." He said and Davi shook her head.

"No, it’s not like that---" Davi protested when Sei cut her words.

"So you mean, you like it?" Sei asked and Davi blushed as she could only nod. Well, she doesn’t like him to misunderstand again and she doesn’t want to lie and make him say sorry again.

However, her nod was like a salvation to Sei that before he knew it, he already embraced her tight.

"I’m sorry for the misunderstanding." Davi uttered as she caressed Sei’s head when Sei softly answered.

"No, you don’t have to apologize. It’s my mistake. I... i just want to ask you if i’m making you uncomfortable with my advances." Sei replied before he pulled away and looked intently at Davi’s eyes, while the girl was once again flustered with his words.

"I... i’m... it’s not uncomfortable... as long as Little Shin is not around." Davi shyly replied and the sparks in Sei’s eyes blasted. His heart was just so excited and extremely happy hearing her words that he immediately moved to kiss her when suddenly, Davi yelled.

"Ahh!!! It’s melting! The ice cream is melting!" she exclaimed and when Sei saw the melted ice cream flowing on her fingers, he suddenly held her wrist and the next second, Davi gasped as Sei started licking her hand.

Davi was stunned and unable to react for a while until she remembered Sei’s condition towards cold food.

"S-sei... I-it’s alright... i’ll go wash... you can’t... that’s cold---" Davi was stammering as she talked but the man didn’t stop.

"It’s okay, it’s not cold. You’re skin had warmed it up." Sei said before he continued licking her hand and Davi’s fuse blasted like a mini atomic bomb.

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