I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 305 Cuteness is Not Enough

Sei didn’t stop kissing Davi. He kissed her deeper as though he didn’t plan to let go of her any time soon. He simply couldn’t get enough of her. Her kisses, her soft lips and her warm mouth were like drugs that were quickly drawing Sei into addiction.

Davi, on the other hand felt like her heart was being enveloped with fluffy marshmallows. She just couldn’t repel this cute yet irresistibly shameless Sei, that before she knew it, she was already returning his kisses.

The two continued kissing passionately until their lips finally parted to take a breath. Sei gazed at her and as he was about to kiss her again when Davi bumped her forehead onto his.

"S-sei, Litle Shin is waiting." She said as she pants but Sei still didn’t let go of her. His hand remained at the back of her neck.

"Just once more." He uttered as he gazed at her with a cute yet sexy look, causing Davi to almost break her little resistance again and she blushed intensely as she fell speechless. She couldn’t believe that Sei will beg for more even though they were already kissing for quite a while now and despite her reminding him that their son was waiting. Additionally, Davi doesn’t want to grant his request because she knew that she can’t pull away once they kiss again because she knew that Sei’s ’once more’ will surely be a long one.

Thinking about it, Davi was about to decline when Sei suddenly moved and kissed her lower lip. He sucked it lightly and Davi was taken aback. Her brain started to spin as her fuse was about to overheat when Sei suddenly pulled away and quickly kissed her cheek before he let her go.

Davi froze in place but the moment she saw him smiling as though he was enjoying her flustered expressions, Davi jolted and she realize that Sei was definitely teasing her.

That moment, Davi felt like this shameless Sei is leveling up again and she wasn’t ready to handle it and wasn’t sure how to retaliate that all she could do was puffed her cheeks and quickly stepped out of the car, red as tomato. She didn’t even notice that she actually closed the car’s door with a bang as though she was mad.

Her unexpected reaction of course stunned the man inside the car. Well, this is the first time Davi slammed a door on him so Sei was completely thrown off that he could only speculate that she was definitely upset. He never want to displease her and yet he seemed to have actually ended up making her mad unintentionally.

Greatly troubled and worried, Sei hastily stepped out of the car. He didn’t even notice how the people around gasped and that some almost fainted the moment they saw his out of this world gorgeousness and those cute cat ears on his head.

He immediately walked towards Davi and their son and when Davi quickly avoided his gaze, he felt like a powerful lightning struck him to death.

Gladly, Little Shin noticed his father’s gloomy state and anxious expression and he thought that he was being like this because of his headband so little Shin walked towards him and tugged his shirt for him to bend. Causing the stunned man to snap.

"Dad, I never thought that you were a shy person." The little guy whispered and Sei could only fall speechless.

However, Sei who was much more troubled about Davi getting mad swooped little Shin up and carried him in his arms.

"Little Shin, I think your mother is upset with me." He softly uttered and little Shin’s brows immediately knitted in a knot.

"Dad, what did you do to upset her?!" the little guy asked with an extremely displeased expression.

"I’m not sure why but I think she doesn’t like me..." Sei paused and he purposely didn’t voice out the continuation of his words which were ’making her flustered with kisses’. He was saying this to his son so he could ask him to give him space to coax and woo her. Well, Sei couldn’t possibly endure it if Davi will get mad at him for long. He wanted to settle it as soon as possible.

"H-huh? But isn’t she fine just now? She even called you cute." Little Shin replied and Sei looked at Davi’s back as he talked.

"I think, cuteness is not enough. So, can you let me talk privately with her? I promise, I will solve this quickly." Sei said and his formidable ally nodded like he was ready to help his father in whatever way he could.

"Got it dad. Put me down first." The little guy replied and Sei bent and placed him down.

Little Shin then held Sei’s hand and he dragged him towards his mother.

"Mommy." He called out to her and Davi who finally recovered from Sei’s attack looked at her son. The boy was reaching out his hand and Davi immediately took it before the little guy lead them towards the entrance.

That moment, the family of three, wearing matching cat ears in different colors and wearing same white plain t-shirt and blue jeans, holding each other’s hand while walking towards the entrance and they garnered everyone’s attention as though they were a family of supermodels who were walking in a runway.

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