I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 304 Cute Yet Shameless

In no time, the family of three finally reached the infamous amusement park. Little Shin was smiling and excited the entire time as he interacts with his mother while Davi felt like she was currently rolling over the fluffy clouds because of the extreme cuteness of the two men beside her. She was in ecstasy as she kept squeezing her fluffy baby while her eyes were locked onto the man wearing pink cat ears, looking outside the window as though he wasn’t comfortable at all.

Davi couldn’t help but giggle inwardly as she watched him being silent the entire time, glancing at her from time to time as though he wanted to say something yet he seemed to be restraining himself to say it.

"Yey! We’re here!" Little Shin exclaimed as soon as the car stopped. He stepped out of the car holding his mother’s hand and when they both stood in front of the park’s entrance, every head turned towards them, attracting numerous admiration .

"Gosh! Look at those two. Are they celebrities?"

"I don’t think so. Never seen them before. But yeah, that lady is pretty. She’s an absolute goddess."

"And look at that little boy. God, who is he? Is he a prince from somewhere?"

"Are they here for a magazine photoshoot?"

"Don’t you think their eyes were kinda similar? I think they’re mother and son."

"Yeah, I think so too. Even though that lady looks so young, they really look like they’re related by blood."

"Let me take a photo. They’re definitely not ordinary."

"But look at their clothes. They’re just wearing plain t-shirts and jeans."

"Are you an idiot? Some billionaires now a days wear ordinary clothes if they don’t want to attract attention and are you saying people who stepped out from such a luxurious Maybach Exelero are ordinary?!"

"W-well, now that you mention it. T-that car is... gosh, who are they?"

As the people around continued murmuring like busy bees, Davi and Little Shin stared at each other because Sei was still inside the car.

"Wait here, mommy." Little Shin said and when Davi nodded, the little guy entered the car again. His eyes were knitted into a knot as he looked at his father.

"Dad, let’s go." He said and Sei reached out his hand and gently pinched his son’s cheek with a serious gaze.

"You asked me to give you this day to spend one more day with her before you give her to me, so I’m wondering why you want me to join you two. Are you planning something?" Sei replied nonchalantly and Little Shin puffed his cheeks, looking disappointed that he couldn’t hide anything from his father.

"D-dad, don’t ask and just come out." The little guy pleaded before he hastily stepped out of the car, causing Sei to just raise a brow. Well, little Shin actually asked Sei to give him one more day before he will completely back off so Sei thought that Little Shin will spend the day with his mother alone. Yet to his surprise, his son actually included him. Causing Sei to realize that his son was planning something.

Sei doesn’t really mind and he decided to go with the flow and see what his son was up to. However, because of the pink fluffy cat ears on his head, somehow, Sei felt like he was being bullied by his son. If Davi wasn’t here and if it wasn’t her who put the headband on his head, Sei might have already thrown it out of the window a long time ago.

"Kir... how do I look?" Sei asked seriously and Kir could only clear his throat.

"Er... you always looked good, boss." The man replied, avoiding looking at him and Sei was obviously not pleased with his answer at all.

"I’m asking about this thing on my head." Sei asked again and Kir fell silent for a long while.

"Uhm... well, I think people will not recognize you. So you don’t have to worry. No one will believe that the infamous Chen Seiji and you wearing pink cat ears are the same person. They will think you are just his doppelganger. I suggest you just change your hairstyle a bit. Like, make it a bit messy so you will be out of character." Kir tried to explain and Sei could only scratch the back of his neck.

Meanwhile, little Shin was getting impatient waiting for his father to come out so he gestured at his mother to bend so he could whisper something to her.

Davi immediately bent and little Shin murmured .

"Mom, actually, dad is being shy. I think he doesn’t like the headband I bought for him." The little guy whispered as he pouts and Davi’s eyes widened.

Looking at her son seemed a bit disappointed, Davi embraced the little guy and caressed his back.

"Don’t worry, okay? I’m sure he’s just sulking. Wait here, okay?" She said and she walked around the car. The driver stepped out as soon as he saw Davi opening the car door beside Sei.

Sei, on the other hand who was about to open the door was surprised when Davi opened it for him. He raised his head and looked at her when Davi suddenly bent forward towards him and grabbed his wrist.

"It’s okay, Sei. The headband doesn’t really look weird. It’s really cute on you." Davi said as though she was trying to coax him and Sei couldn’t help but feel pleased. Well, he doesn’t really care about what other people say if they saw him wearing such a thing. What he only cares about was Davi’s opinion. Her, telling him that it wasn’t weird was already more than enough for him.

However, Davi was actually thinking that Sei was being shy and she understood it. She knew what kind of person Sei was in the eyes of the public and she was also aware about his reputation as a well-respected business man. That was why it crossed Davi’s mind to ask little Shin to spare his father from wearing the headband. At the same time, Davi actually doesn’t want to show to other people this cute and adorable side of Sei. However, when little Shin pouted in disappointment, she quickly raised her white flag. She just couldn’t bear to make her son unhappy. Thus, she could only try her best to coax this man.

"Besides, I think, people won’t recognize you. Ah... how about we mess your hair a bit?" She said as she raised her hands.

"Is it okay?" She asked again and Sei smiled.

"Mm. I don’t mind." He replied and Davi removed his head band. She started gently combing his slick hair using her fingers and Sei was feeling ecstatic. He really likes the way she touches his hair that he couldn’t help but close his eyes and savor her every touch.

After a while, Davi tilted her head and stared at Sei. His messy bangs somehow, turned him into a gorgeous pretty boy and Davi could only bite her lip. She thought that this person really is too much. She wanted to mess his hair to make him not recognizable but it made him even more eye catching. However, as she stared at him, she was sure that they couldn’t tell that this man was actually the same as the Mr. Multi Billionaire who always had a cool formal hairstyle.

Davi then returned back the hairband on his head and as expected, he looks quite different. And looks a bit too cute for his own good that Davi couldn’t help but instinctively pinch both of his cheeks. Causing Sei to feel quite pleased again, seeing her looking at him in a daze.

"How is it?" Sei spoke and Davi snapped.

"Y-you’re so cute." She uttered as she looked at him with such eyes filled with admiration, making Sei feel like his son was indeed right when he said that Davi doesn’t have the resistance against cuteness. Thinking about it, Sei smiled and his hands suddenly caught her face.

"I won’t mind wearing the cat ears if... you give me a kiss." Sei said and Davi was stunned. She came back to reality and stared at the cute shameless Sei striking her heart again.

However, knowing that little Shin was waiting for them, and the fact that she can’t resist this cute yet shameless creature, Davi quickly made up her mind and she kissed him. It was a brief kiss on his lips but as soon as Davi pulled away, Sei’s hand quickly slipped around the back of her neck and he pulled her again.

The next second, Sei kissed her.

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