I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1338 - 1338 Destroying the Jinzhanghan Warriors With One Slash

1338 Destroying the Jinzhanghan Warriors With One Slash

The entire battle formation shook violently, and everyone felt a huge force sweeping down. And this was after the battle formation had dispersed most of Chu Yunfan’s strength. If one of them were to take Chu Yunfan’s attack head-on, he would probably be cut in half by Chu Yunfan’s saber.

Everyone looked at each other and immediately saw the shock in each other’s eyes. It was as if they were completely in disbelief. They did not understand how Chu Yunfan could be so powerful.

When everyone joined forces to face Chu Yunfan, they were actually at such a disadvantage.

“Argh! Die!”

The saber in Atela’s hand slashed toward Chu Yunfan like a shadow. Wherever the saber light passed, the air collapsed visibly, and a terrifying shock wave swept out in all directions.

However, his blade simply passed through Chu Yunfan’s body. He failed to hit Chu Yunfan.

‘What kind of movement technique is this?’

Atela was shocked!

However, at this moment, Chu Yunfan’s next attack had already condensed, and he swung his sword downward.

“Fight it out! Stop him!” one of them shouted. They were forced to this point. They had no choice. If they could not block Chu Yunfan’s attack, they would all be finished.

They didn’t believe that they couldn’t stop Chu Yunfan. They didn’t want to live anymore.


Chu Yunfan’s saber came as expected and slashed at the battle formation. On the saber light, lightning dragons were instantly released. Countless lightning dragons raged and instantly blasted into the battle formation.




These warriors all spat out mouthfuls of blood as if they had been hit hard. The electric dragons wreaked havoc and severely injured them.

These experts hastily retreated, and some were even sent flying. Their faces were extremely pale. Chu Yunfan had only used one move, but he had severely injured them.

When they looked at Chu Yunfan again, their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Even if Atela’s strength was far above theirs, it was impossible for him to injure more than ten Cores with one move. It was simply a miracle.

“This is the last slash. All of you are about to die!” Chu Yunfan shouted. The long saber in his hand swelled with the wind and grew to hundreds of meters long. He suddenly slashed down.

The Core Jinzhanghan warriors quickly reacted.

These experts roared and burned the divine power in their bodies. At this point, if they could not block Chu Yunfan’s saber, they would surely perish.

At this moment, a terrifying aura was released, turning into a phantom that went up against the saber light.


The saber light slashed down and killed the phantom. Then, the light fell into the army formation.




Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, those Core Jinzhanghan warriors were chopped into balls of blood mist by Chu Yunfan’s saber.

Chu Yunfan’s blade light was too terrifying. Even if more than ten Cores joined forces, they were not a match for him. His strength had completely surpassed everyone else and reached another level.

The was dead silence.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Chu Yunfan only used three moves to kill these Cores.

Many people could not help but gulp. They were completely in disbelief.

These were Cores, not cabbages on the roadside. How could they be killed so easily?

This was completely beyond their imagination.

“A person can actually be so strong.”

“Strong… Too strong. I’ve never seen such a powerful expert in my life!”

“How did Chu Yunfan cultivate? He’s simply a monster!”

“I felt like the entire world was split into two by that attack!”

The experts watching from afar had complicated expressions. Chu Yunfan’s attack had completely surpassed their imagination.

There were Cores among them. However, when they put themselves in the middle of it to calculate, they only felt that it was extremely terrifying. If it were them, it would be useless no matter how they dodged. It was impossible to dodge Chu Yunfan’s saber. What was even more terrifying was that if they were cut by Chu Yunfan’s saber, they would die without a doubt.

“This attack has clearly surpassed the ordinary late Void Core Stage. No wonder Chu Yunfan has such confidence.”

“That’s right. If I had such strength, I wouldn’t have compromised with Mi Siyuan or the Core Council!”

“I’m afraid that the council is now in a difficult situation. I thought that Chu Yunfan was just a lucky rookie who was nothing compared to the strength of the entire council. Who knew that he would be so terrifying.”

“That’s right. With Chu Yunfan’s strength, he would at least be the deputy chairman of the council. In the next hundred years, he would definitely become the chairman.”

Many people were discussing animatedly. In their hearts, they were now much more optimistic about Chu Yunfan’s odds than they had been at the beginning. The strength that he displayed was enough to completely change their minds.

Although he couldn’t be said to have the upper hand against the council, at least he had the ability to protect himself. He wasn’t an existence that could be easily crushed.

Atela, who was in the sky, was even more shocked. Chu Yunfan had completely wiped out the Core Jinzhanghan warriors with a single slash.

It was just one slash!

The experts who had followed him all the way here were all dead!

What kind of terrifying strength was this?!

Only now did he truly understand how troublesome the person he was facing was. It far exceeded any opponent he had dealt with before.

“Please end the match. It’s time for us to settle our grudges!” Chu Yunfan withdrew his saber and looked at Atela. “It’s your turn next. How about it? Do you have any last words?”

When Atela heard Chu Yunfan’s words, he was furious and said, “Chu Yunfan, do you know what kind of existence you have provoked? You have offended the most powerful country in the world. Even if you escape with your life today, Jinzhanghan will hunt you down to the ends of the earth!”

Chu Yunfan sneered and looked at Atela. “Do I need to escape? Besides, what’s so great about the Jinzhanghan Kingdom? Do you believe that I’ll be able to take over the royal tent of Jinzhanghan within ten years?”

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