I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1339 - 1339 Atela's Death

1339 Atela’s Death

Great Wei had an imperial capital, but Jinzhanghan did not. Jinzhanghan itself was a country made up of nomadic people. They did not have the concept of an imperial capital. Every year, their Khan lived in the royal tent by a river.

The location was different every year.

And the royal tent was equivalent to Great Wei’s imperial capital.

Because of this, everyone who heard Chu Yunfan’s words couldn’t help but gasp.

This was no different from someone claiming to break into the Imperial Capital to kill the emperor of Great Wei.

It was completely unbelievable. Ordinary people would not even dare to think about it.

The Imperial Capital of Great Wei was filled with experts, and even a top-notch expert like the Right King of Jinzhanghan would not dare to barge into the Imperial Capital alone.

That was tantamount to courting death.

Not to mention that Jinzhanghan was even more powerful than Great Wei. There were many experts in the royal tent. No matter how strong a person was, he would be surrounded by countless experts and eventually die.

Not to mention the Khan of Jinzhanghan, who was one of the top experts in Jinzhanghan. It was impossible for him to take down the royal tent.

For Chu Yunfan, this was nothing. After all, he had done similar things before. If it was in the Human Federation, there was still room for it to be realized. After all, countless nuclear bombs could destroy the royal tent in minutes.

Even a Core would not be able to withstand the power of a nuclear bomb.

When Atela heard Chu Yunfan’s words, his eyes immediately turned red. He gritted his teeth and looked at Chu Yunfan. “I want you dead!”

After saying that, Atela rushed at Chu Yunfan with lightning speed.

In the next moment, he had already appeared in front of Chu Yunfan. His ancient saber blade light spread out, and it was as cold as winter.

The light of this saber seemed to absorb all the vitality in the world. Countless spirit energy condensed into a terrifying long stream and slashed fiercely in Chu Yunfan’s direction.

At this moment, a black inner armor appeared on Chu Yunfan’s body. It turned into a long black dragon around him and instantly coiled up, protecting him.


The saber slashed down and hit the black dragon. It couldn’t move an inch and couldn’t hurt Chu Yunfan.

“You think you can hurt me?” Chu Yunfan sneered. “You haven’t seen what true power is!”

Atela suddenly saw the scene and thought, ‘Sh*t!’

He had never expected Chu Yunfan to take his attack without even dodging. This had disrupted all his plans.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Chu Yunfan had already arrived in front of him and threw a punch at him.


Atela was hit directly, and he flew back hundreds of meters in an instant before he barely managed to stabilize himself.

“Huff, huff, huff!”

Atela’s breathing quickened. He had been severely injured by this attack. It was not obvious on his face, but the left side of his body was completely numb.

With a slight tremble, pieces of inner armor fell from his body. If it wasn’t for the armor that helped him block the attack just now, he would have been smashed into half by Chu Yunfan.

It was too terrifying.

He had never seen such a terrifying physique cultivator.

Even in Jinzhanghan whose citizens were famous for their strong physiques, there was no one who could cultivate to Chu Yunfan’s level.

Atela had never thought that such a terrifying existence would appear among the Wei people whom he had always looked down on.

At this moment, he completely understood what Chu Yunfan’s true trump card was. It was his terrifying strength.

It was laughable that he had thought that Chu Yunfan was trying to stall for time until the Great Wei experts arrived to help.

After all, no matter how much those people disliked Chu Yunfan, it was still an internal conflict between the ten Wei Kingdoms, and they were mortal enemies.

However, he finally understood how ridiculous his previous thoughts were. Chu Yunfan had only wanted to lure them away from Conglong. He had never thought of waiting for reinforcements.

With his strength, would he still need reinforcements?

A bitter smile appeared on Atela’s face. Before he came, the Right King had even told him that if there was a possibility of capturing Chu Yunfan alive, it would be best to do so. There was a secret technique in Jinzhanghan that could brainwash people and turn them into puppets.

With Chu Yunfan’s talent, he might soar to the sky in the next ten or twenty years. If such a person could be used by the Right King, he would be more confident in fighting for the position of Khan.

After all, in Jinzhanghan, the Left King was the first heir to the throne, while the Right King was second.

Now that Atela thought about it, the arrangement the Right King had made back then was simply laughable. With Chu Yunfan’s monstrous strength, unless the Right King personally made a move, it would be useless no matter how many people Jinzhanghan sent.

What made him feel even more ironic was that such a result was obtained by using so many of their lives for experiments.

At this time, Chu Yunfan didn’t give Atela any time to react. He flew up and slashed down with his saber as if he was splitting the world.


Atela instinctively raised his saber to block, but he was no match for it and was sent flying.




Under Chu Yunfan’s attack, Atela was in a sorry state. In a short while, his entire body was covered in blood.

That was because Chu Yunfan’s strange strength had shaken him into that state.

“Again!” Chu Yunfan shouted, and the lightning saber in his hand cut the long spirit saber in Atela’s hand into two halves.

Although Atela tried his best to block it, he was cut in half by Chu Yunfan’s blade.


Blood splattered everywhere. Before Atila’s corpse could fall to the ground, it was grabbed by Chu Yunfan’s large hand. Then, it was shoved into the Mountain and River Diagram, crushed into a bloody rain, and poured onto the Brahma Tree.

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