I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1337 - 1337 Clearing the Area

1337 Clearing the Area

When Jinzhanghan warriors heard Chu Yunfan’s words, their expressions changed. Chu Yunfan was not only arrogant, but he also looked down on Jinzhanghan.

In Great Wei, even the most confident expert would feel nervous when they encountered Jinzhanghan.

But Chu Yunfan was completely different. He was different from any other Wei expert. He had no fear of Jinzhanghan.

He no feelings for Jinzhanghan.

Even though the Great Wei experts hated Jinzhanghan to the core and hated the Right King to the core, they still respected him.

Unlike Chu Yunfan, who had no respect for the Right King, he didn’t have the respect that came from the bones of the people of Wei.

They could all tell that the Right King was not a demonic existence to Chu Yunfan. He was just a person who was more powerful than him now. Sooner or later, he would come to seek revenge.

Chu Yunfan had killed three people in a row, which made the expressions of these people become extremely solemn. Everyone arranged themselves into a military formation and surrounded Chu Yunfan.

Everyone’s aura was connected, forming a whole. Unknowingly, their strength had increased greatly. They understood that if Chu Yunfan seized the opportunity to attack, they would not be able to hold on for long.

The efficiency of killing one person in one move was too shocking.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t be too arrogant. Do you think you can escape today?” Atela looked at Chu Yunfan coldly and released his aura.

The late Void Core Stage.

He suppressed everyone.

Such strength, even from far away, was enough to make the Great Wei experts tremble in fear.

Atela’s strength had clearly surpassed Mi Siyuan’s, one of the five great masters of the empire, and it was far beyond that. He was a true top-notch expert, one of the top experts in the entire Jinzhanghan.

Now that he had completely unleashed his strength, it was truly terrifying.

The others were not bad either. The weakest among them were existences who had entered the Void Core Stage for a long time. There were even a few intermediate Void Cores among them.

Such a lineup was even enough to sneak into the Imperial Capital and kill the emperor of Great Wei.

However, such a lineup was used to deal with Chu Yunfan. One could imagine how shocked everyone was.

“Attack!” Atela roared. In an instant, he made his move. His body was like a mountain as he flew toward Chu Yunfan.

A long saber appeared in his hand. This saber was like an antique that had been around for a long time. It was rusted and had an ancient aura.

However, there was an incomparably terrifying baleful aura. As soon as it danced, the entire world was swallowed by the overwhelming baleful aura.

Suddenly, the entire world turned into endless thunder, and Chu Yunfan was like a powerful thunder god standing in the world.

Many people were shocked. How powerful was Chu Yunfan’s divine power? If it were them, they would need to use all their strength to release one of the lightning dragons, let alone Chu Yunfan who had released it so casually.

Before Atela could react to Chu Yunfan’s words, he saw Chu Yunfan disappear from where he was. The murderous aura from his saber could not lock onto Chu Yunfan.

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Chu Yunfan was too fast. His figure was like a bolt of lightning. In this place that had completely evolved into a home ground, his speed had really reached a terrifying realm.


Chu Yunfan appeared in front of a Core. A lightning dragon appeared around him and flew toward the Core at lightning speed.


This Core was hit by Chu Yunfan, and his entire body was charred. The terrifying strength that he was proud of was so weak in front of Chu Yunfan.

The other experts in the formation also felt a huge force coming over. Their qi was connected, and now they were also implicated by him. They could only watch Chu Yunfan kill him.

“Stop, Chu Yunfan. Do you dare to fight me fairly?” Atela spoke crazily.

Chu Yunfan had killed another one. It was a great humiliation for him, especially after he stopped hiding his strength.

“I’ll kill you after I take care of all this trash.” Chu Yunfan sneered and disappeared again, leaving Atela with nothing.

He had already pounced on the other Core Jinzhanghan warriors.

When those Cores saw Chu Yunfan pouncing over, they were shocked and angry.

Chu Yunfan was treating them like pushovers and killing them first.

They had been on the battlefield for countless years. When had they ever suffered such a huge loss?

“Join forces and kill him!” a warrior of Jinzhanghan shouted, hating Chu Yunfan.

The Jinzhanghan warriors were telepathically connected. They did not need to communicate. Their intuition on the battlefield had given them enough tacit understanding.

The battle energy on their bodies boiled and connected into a blurry shadow. This shadow was fierce and rushed toward Chu Yunfan. The huge axe in its hand slashed down at Chu Yunfan.

This was an attack that combined everyone’s strength. It was even more terrifying than any one of them. It even surpassed the intermediate Void Core Stage and charged into the late Void Core Stage.

“Just in time!” Chu Yunfan laughed out loud. At this moment, he felt his blood boiling, and he could fight without holding back.

In his hand, a ball of lightning energy transformed into a two-meter-long saber. As he waved the saber, he casually slashed it down, splitting the world into two halves.


The long saber and the battle axe collided with each other, but there was no earth-shattering collision as many people imagined. On the contrary, Chu Yunfan’s long saber instantly slashed the battle axe into half.

The shadow that had condensed into a monstrous flame was split into two by Chu Yunfan. It could not affect him at all.


Then, Chu Yunfan’s terrifying blade light ruthlessly slashed at the battle formation formed by many Cores.

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