I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1119 - 1119 The Nuclear Bombs Open the Way, the War Begins

1119 The Nuclear Bombs Open the Way, the War Begins

The Federation Army gathered outside Infinite Demon Mountain at an astonishing speed.

A shocking battle was about to break out, and it was destined to have a far-reaching impact and shake the world!

Even the demons had never thought that the Federation’s revenge would come so quickly. This was because in the history of the Federation, there had never been an attempt to take revenge on the demons.

The Federation was conservative in this aspect. In the beginning, they did not have the ability to take revenge, but later on, they did not have the confidence. For a behemoth like the demons, the consequences would be unimaginable if they were not killed.

But now, everything was completely different. The era had changed. The Federation’s strength had skyrocketed.

For hundreds of years, the Federation had fought against the demons while exploring the Kunlun Realm. The casualties were in the billions, or even tens of billions. The humans had almost been exterminated.

Now, it was time to pay with blood.

Such a big movement naturally attracted the demons’ attention, and the battleships of the demon race also rose into the air.

Suddenly, at this moment, thousands of guided missiles with the symbol of a nuclear bomb flew across the sky, leaving long trails of flames behind them and covering the sky.

“A nuclear bomb!”

A furious roar was heard from the demons. If the previous wave of nuclear bombs was a warning from the Federation to the demons and the marine folks for plotting against the Federation’s Divines, then these thousands of nuclear bombs were more than just a warning.

If thousands of nuclear bombs were to hit the demons, it would be over for them.

Nuclear bombs were great killing weapons, even in the Kunlun Era, because of their terrifying power. Needless to say, the power of thousands sweeping down was terrifying to the extreme.

However, Infinite Demon Mountain was not completely unguarded. It was the core of the entire demon race. In terms of defense, it was even higher than that of Capital City.

Immediately, missiles, lasers, and various experts of the demons took action at the same time to intercept the thousands of nuclear bombs.

Boom, boom, boom!

A series of explosions rang out and the entire sky was engulfed by endless light. It was like the end of the world, and the thousands of nuclear bombs covered the entire mountain in an instant.

Although he was flying high in the sky, Chu Yunfan could feel the air vibrating. The light of the nuclear explosion that countless people didn’t dare to look at was not a problem for him.

This was not the first time that he had led an army in the past few years, so he naturally understood that using nuclear bombs to open up a path was a common method used by the Federation. When they encountered tough opponents, using nuclear bombs to open up a path was the most direct method, which could reduce the number of casualties.

After this wave of thousands of nuclear bombs cleared the way, the rest would be up to them.

In Chu Yunfan’s divine will, he could sense that most of the thousands of nuclear bombs had been intercepted, and only a hundred of them managed to land on Infinite Demon Mountain.

However, just these hundreds of them were enough to shake the demons’ defense system.

There were countless barriers and formations on Infinite Demon Mountain, and it was possible that even those on the mountain themselves didn’t know exactly how many, but they had been constantly strengthening and increasing the number of defensive barriers and formations over the years.

Especially after the humans had entered the Kunlun Realm, the demons had been constantly strengthening its defense system to prevent them from using all kinds of killing weapons.

But even so, when the hundreds of nuclear bombs landed on the defensive barrier, it was unknown how many defensive barriers were instantly destroyed.

Chu Yunfan could even see that above the mountain, many battleships were vaporized into thin air. Even the power of the aftermath swept across Infinite Demon Mountain. Many mountain peaks were razed to the ground, and countless high-rise buildings collapsed. It was a terrible scene of the end of the world.

However, Chu Yunfan knew that this was far from over. If the demons could be destroyed so easily, the Federation would have already destroyed the demons with nuclear bombs.

The real battle was coming up next.

The Federation Army was fully equipped and waiting for the aftermath of the nuclear bomb to dissipate. At the same time, they were waiting for the rest of the troops to join the army through the teleportation array.

Suddenly, a huge ship that was over 10000 meters long appeared in the sky. It was like a huge cloud that blocked out all the light. This was the trump card of mankind. Chu Yunfan had known about it since he was in school.

It was the pinnacle of human technology—the Star Destroyer.

This warship was developed for interstellar warfare, and it fought in outer space all year round. Even Chu Yunfan had only heard of its name and had never seen it in person.

The cost of such a giant warship was over a trillion federal dollars. Even with the strong financial resources of the Federation, they could not afford to produce too of them, so they only had a few.

And now, there was one here!

Suddenly, at this moment, a huge laser beam that was hundreds of meters wide swept out from the Star Destroyer. In an instant, it swept into Infinite Demon Mountain and flattened several peaks.

Many Divines’ faces changed when they saw the laser. If they were the ones who were hit, they would probably die.

After the initial probing, the rest of the firepower on the Star Destroyer was released. Lasers, missiles, and cannons were all fired at the same time. The firepower of a Star Destroyer was comparable to an elite army.

It was a real moving arsenal!

The faces of the Holy Land’s experts turned pale. At this time, they felt extremely lucky. If they hadn’t agreed to Chu Yunfan’s request, they might have been greeted by such a warship.

After the Star Destroyer launched the first attack, the army finally moved out. One by one, the battleships burst out with their strongest firepower. They were going to take down the whole of Infinite Demon Mountain in one go.

With Chu Yunfan’s vision, he could see that although these attacks were terrifying, most of them were blocked by layers of barriers.

In fact, the vanguard’s attack was meant to break through the countless layers of enchantments, and only at the end would it be the time to attack.

After a round of bombarding, all the energy shields of Infinite Demon Mountain were almost completely destroyed, and the fleet and defense system in the mountain began to fight back.

The battle between the two sides had truly begun. the Federation’s Army had truly begun to charge toward Infinite Demon Mountain.

Countless mechas—millions of them—flew through the sky and pounced toward the mountain. Powerful auras emerged from the military formation. The Divines took the lead and attacked first.

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