I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1120 - 1120 Killing Their Way Into Infinite Demon Mountain and Crushing Everything in Their Path

1120 Killing Their Way Into Infinite Demon Mountain and Crushing Everything in Their Path

The Federation and Infinite Demon Mountain had shown a certain degree of restraint against each other before this. They had not completely fallen out with each other. Otherwise, it would have been a situation where both sides would have suffered.

However, at this point, there was no way out for either side. If the Federation could not destroy Infinite Demon Mountain in one go, the demon’s revenge would probably cause heavy human casualties.

The battle of species extermination was earth-shattering, and the sounds of fighting rang out.

From the depths of Infinite Demon Mountain, countless angry roars could be heard. The loud roars sounded like the roars of powerful beasts.

In the endless depths of Infinite Demon Mountain, powerful monsters rose into the air. These were all aerial monsters. On the ground, there were many monsters galloping. Although they couldn’t fly, they could jump up forcefully with the help of their strong bodies. They flew into the air and stopped for a short while to fight with the human mechas in the sky.

The densely packed monsters were all at the Innate Stage, which made people’s scalps tingle. One should know that on earth, an ordinary satellite city’s monster swarm only had a few Innate monsters, and that was enough to give the defense forces a headache.

But now, all of them were Innate monsters, which clearly showed how terrifying Infinite Demon Mountain was.

A Divine monster pounced out, but before it could show its might, a light arrow streaked across the sky like a shooting star, instantly piercing it.


Blood splattered everywhere as the arrow pierced through its throat. Its huge body instantly fell to the ground.

In the distance, Chu Yunfan was holding a bow made of thunder energy. He was the one who had shot the arrow. His control over the thunder energy in his body had become smoother. Even now, he sighed in his heart. A special physique like the Thunderclap Physique was indeed extraordinary.

He was now able to control the thunder energy in his body as if he was born with it. It was as easy as moving his arms and legs.

It was just like how Tang Siyu’s control and usage of ice and snow energy were far beyond the imagination of ordinary people after she had cultivated the Arcane Sky Spirit Physique.

Next to him, Tang Siyu took a step, and an ice lotus appeared. Her figure was extremely fast, and she rushed into the group of monsters and began to kill.

One after another, astonishing sword lights transformed into a storm, sweeping away these monsters that were at least at the Innate Stage.

Chu Yunfan smiled. He was not worried at all. During this period, Tang Siyu had mastered her own power, especially after the battle with the First Divine Servant. She had even figured out some of the mechanics of the Core Stage. It was only a matter of time before she entered the half-step to the Core Stage.

The Arcane Sky Spirit Physique was indeed a special technique that had been famous since the Ancient Zenith Civilization era. There was once an empress with this extraordinary physique.

On this battlefield, Tang Siyu’s combat power was the mightiest. As long as she was careful, she was invincible.

If one were to look down from the universe, one would be able to see that the two sides were like a terrifying torrent that had collided.

The flood of steel and the flood of monsters collided in the air.

The millions of mechas were the elites of the human race, but the countless monsters were also the best of the demon race. In an instant, beautiful blood flowers burst out, and blood splattered everywhere.

On the battlefield, all kinds of terrifying killings broke out. In an instant, thousands of people from both sides died tragically.

The Federation’s arrival was too sudden, and they intended to take revenge. Therefore, even though the demons on Infinite Demon Mountain were the elites of the elites, they were caught off guard and were instantly penetrated.

The monsters tried to stop them, but they were quickly trampled by the flood of steel.

Infinite Demon Mountain had been peaceful for too long and was protected by countless barriers. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible to attack it even if millions of troops besieged it. They had never thought that the Federation’s revenge would come so quickly.

After all, it wasn’t the first time that Infinite Demon Mountain had plotted against the Federation, and the Federation had always swallowed their anger. This time, it was different. The Federation really wanted revenge and launched a war to exterminate their entire race.

The human mecha army quickly rushed past the edge of Infinite Demon Mountain. The monster army was simply too weak to withstand a single blow. Wherever the mecha army passed, the monsters were trampled into a bloody paste. In the face of such an amazing army, even Divines had to avoid them.

Chu Yunfan was also in the army, and he could feel that the blood and qi of the entire army gradually merging into one with the battle, and a terrifying aura was erupting.

Ordinary people could only feel that the momentum was overwhelming, but powerful cultivators could clearly feel it. It was like a fishbone in their throat, and the Divines in the ordinary military formation did not take this fishbone seriously.

Even if tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people came, Divines would kill them every time.

However, the millions of elites at this level were enough to drown any Divine who dared to charge at them.

The battle’s murderous aura rose and it bombard the primordial spirits of the Divines. Even Cores would have to temporarily avoid the sharp edge in the face of such an army.

This was also the reason why even though there were nuclear bombs, Star Destroyers, and extremely powerful martial arts experts, the ultimate deciding factor was the elite troops of both sides.

Chu Yunfan’s divine will could even sense a faint layer of blood-red energy boiling over the bodies of these bloodthirsty elite soldiers.

Fortunately, the large army was on their side. The elites that the Federation had accumulated over the years exploded in one move.

And under Chu Yunfan’s feet was Ebony Dragon King. At this time, Ebony Dragon King was flying at full speed, so those attacks couldn’t land on him. They would be easily blown away by Chu Yunfan, and it wouldn’t even hurt him.

Clang, clang, clang!

On Infinite Demon Mountain, alarms went off. The sound spread for thousands of miles. The real bloody battle was coming. The monsters in Infinite Demon Mountain generally had high intelligence, but they had never thought that one day they would be killed and wounded.

How could the defense line that they had temporarily gathered be able to stop the Federation’s Army that had long planned for this? Wherever the front line went, the defense lines were completely destroyed one after another.

The Federation wanted to beat the slow with speed. Before the other monsters in the vicinity could come to rescue, they would take down Infinite Demon Mountain in one fell swoop. The demons had been a thorn in the side of the Federation for many years.

With Chu Yunfan and the other Divines as the arrowhead, they charged into the depths of Infinite Demon Mountain. Chu Yunfan could clearly see the blood pools, in which countless human corpses floated, becoming the blood food of the monsters.

Chu Yunfan stared with wide eyes. He was extremely angry, and his killing intent boiled.

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