I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1118 - 1118 Thousands of Troops Locking on to Infinite Demon Mountain

1118 Thousands of Troops Locking on to Infinite Demon Mountain

To the current Federation, they had to face the demons and the marine folks at the same time, which proved to be an extremely troublesome situation.

This was especially so when there was a mysterious God standing behind the marine folks. This made the situation of the Federation even worse.

Now, the president had finally managed to buy three months for the Federation. Within three months, the Federation would be able to completely wipe out Infinite Demon Mountain.

The Federation’s basic strength was already above that of the demons. Now that their high-end combat power had the addition of the Holy Land experts and the 200 Divinity Nourishment Pills that Chu Yunfan had produced, it was now time to harvest.

More than 200 Divines emerged one after another. Although they were all elementary Divines, they were enough to sweep away ordinary monsters.

There were more than 600 Divines in total. It could be said that the Federation was unprecedentedly powerful. This was a good opportunity to completely eliminate the demons.

Infinite Demon Mountain was different from the marine folks. The marine folks was a clan that was scattered and had been in a state of disunity all these years. It was only when the God united the marine folks that they truly posed a fatal threat to the Federation.

And Infinite Demon Mountain was opposite of that. It was the true core and royal court of the demon race. There were billions of monsters in the Kunlun Realm, and it was impossible for the Federation to kill all of them with its strength.

It was meaningless. The development of human martial arts could not do without those monsters. However, Infinite Demon Mountain was a malignant tumor to the Federation. Without it, the demons would be like a plate of loose sand, just like the marine folks. It was impossible for them to gather so many monsters to attack human base cities.

Without the interference of Infinite Demon Mountain, it would be impossible for them to pose a threat to the Federation.

Now was the best opportunity to wipe them out—while the God was not around.

“That’s right. I’ve long had the idea of subduing Infinite Demon Mountain. Unfortunately, my strength was not enough to completely subdued them. However, you are different. Your current strength is above mine. Unless there is Core Stage expert within the demons too, no one will be your opponent.” The president sighed. “Compared to us, the strongest in the demons are of course Divines, who far surpass us. But now, we are stronger than them, and it is time for Infinite Demon Mountain to be destroyed!”

“Yes, sir!” Chu Yunfan nodded. He didn’t feel anything in his heart. This was a species war. The Federation could dominate the Kunlun Realm with this move.

As the military orders were passed down, elite troops of the Federation began to mobilize. Tens of millions of elite troops were mobilized from all over the world and gathered in Capital City.

In the city, a huge teleportation array had been set up. The demons were not the only ones who knew how to use a teleportation array. The Federation was definitely not weak in this aspect.

However, the energy consumption of the teleportation array was large. Under normal circumstances, the Federation would not be willing to use a teleportation array to teleport troops. After all, the transportation speed of battleships was very fast.

However, this time was different. It was a battle to destroy the demons, and the purpose was to catch them off guard, just like how the demons and the marine folks had joined forces to attack Capital City.

It was only when they were about to set off that everyone was told that their target was the Infinite Demon Mountain. Only the marshal-level soldiers knew about the target beforehand. The others had only received military orders to assemble.

“Today is the day we suppress Infinite Demon Mountain. For hundreds of years, countless ancestors have fought for us and won us a large territory. But in the process, many ancestors have stained the battlefield with their blood. Now, the demons has dared to attack Capital City. This is a disgrace to us soldiers. Now, we will use the blood of the demons to wash away this shame. Let them all tremble and show them who the master of the Kunlun Realm is!”

The military was in the midst of their final mobilization. Capital City had been attacked, and the president had been severely injured. It was undoubtedly a disgrace to the military, not to mention how many people had been killed or injured by the demons over the years. Now, they were finally going to launch a war of revenge against the demons.

They didn’t even need to mobilize much of their forces. Everyone knew about the blood debts that the demons had committed over the years, and many of their ancestors had even been killed by the demons.

One by one, the battleships entered the ancient teleportation array and disappeared from Capital City. No one spoke, but they all felt their blood boiling. A world-shaking battle was about to happen.

These were the best of the best in the Federation Army, so they were naturally not afraid of battle. A major battle with tens of millions of troops, and that was only the number of troops sent by one side. This would have been an unimaginably terrifying number in the Common Era.

In the Kunlun Era, this too was a rare battle, not to mention that they were all elite soldiers. The best of the best.

In the depths of the vast Kunlun Realm, there was a mountain chain among the mountains. They were not formed naturally, but were carved out by a powerful cultivator using divine power. This mountain chain was the base camp of the demons, Infinite Demon Mountain.

Countless monster tribes lived in these mountains. Unlike what many people imagined, there were tall buildings everywhere on Infinite Demon Mountain, and many demons who had taken on human form lived in them.

In the depths of Infinite Demon Mountain, there were countless humans working in shackles, and even more were imprisoned in underground chambers. However, their memories had been removed and they had been raised in cultivation chambers like walking corpses. When they reached the age of eighteen, they would be sent to the tables of the powerful demons on Infinite Demon Mountain and become their delicious food.

This was the purgatory of the human race, where countless people lived in misery. No one had ever been able to reach this place, and no one had ever thought that this place would be invaded.

However, at this moment, a battleship appeared out of thin air outside the mountain chain. Then, more battleships appeared one after another. The hatch of the battleships opened, and countless mechas came swarming out like bees leaving their nests, covering the sky and earth.

These battleships were like giant war beasts that covered the entire sky.

This was a blood-red world. The entire mountain chain was desolate and the boundless demonic energy was so dense that it could be seen with the naked eye. Everyone who came here felt extremely uncomfortable.

Immediately after, hundreds of Divines appeared out of thin air. Each of them had an overbearing aura. The Federation had mobilized all its troops and decided the outcome of the battle.

Chu Yunfan appeared, with Tang Siyu beside him, riding Ebony Dragon King. The Thunder Winged Beast on his other side also spread its wings and shot out as fast as lightning.

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