I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1117 - 1117 Dispatch the Army and Annihilate Infinite Demon Mountain

1117 Dispatch the Army and Annihilate Infinite Demon Mountain

Originally, he didn’t have much confidence in the Heavenly Heart Protection Pill that Chu Yunfan had given him. He was just trying to make a last-ditch effort, so he swallowed the pill at the most critical moment.

Originally, his internal organs were about to be shattered and he felt that his life force had been cut off. Who knew that after his life force was cut off, a life force was forcibly derived from his body and held onto him.

Although this life force wasn’t much, it was very strong. Unless one’s entire head or heart was shattered, one wouldn’t die.

This reminded the president of what Chu Yunfan had said before. No matter how serious the injury was, it could be treated. However, at the same time, the price was that his cultivation would be reduced to nothing. He could already feel his power was gradually disappearing. To be more precise, the energy in his cells was gradually turning into life force, hanging on to his injuries.

He was able to survive in such a situation.

With Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level, he could see the president’s true condition. The president’s life force was still present, and it was obvious that the Heavenly Heart Protection Pill had taken effect. He out a sigh of relief.

“Sir, what about that old man?” Jeang Yuanbin asked after making sure that everything was fine.

“I didn’t manage to kill him. He ran away.” The president suddenly sighed.

Not being able to kill the God was probably the thing he regretted most. He had prepared so long for this battle, even risking his life to kill the God. Chu Yunfan even exhausted all his inner energy to shoot an arrow at him, severely injuring the God. It was a good start.

Even so, the God managed to escape. This made the president deeply realize the gap between them. The gap between the Core Stage and the Divine Abilities Stage was too big.

He had forcefully raised his combat strength to that level, but it was not the true Core Stage. If Chu Yunfan had not injured the God in the beginning, the consequences would have been unimaginable. It could even be said that he had no chance of winning at all.

“But I’m sure that if I’m not feeling good, he isn’t faring much better either. I almost killed him.” The president’s face revealed a depressed expression, and then he looked at Chu Yunfan. “No matter what, you have a long time. He shouldn’t appear again for at least three months.”

“Understood,” Chu Yunfan said.

The president had almost used his life to buy Chu Yunfan three months.

With the president risking his life and severely injuring the God, this sudden battle finally came to an end.

The result of this battle shocked the Federation. As it was during the Divine Conference, many media outlets had gathered in Capital City, and the terrifying scene of countless monsters attacking the city was unintentionally broadcasted live.

This was by far the second largeest attack by the demons and the marine folks, and their target was Capital City.

If it weren’t for the countless masters present, and if it weren’t for Chu Yunfan and the president’s astonishing strength, the city would have been killed by the teleportation array. The city would have been captured before the Federation Army could react.

Everyone panicked, and then they were extremely angry. The demons and the marine folks were really planning to exterminate the humans. There was no longer any doubt about this. For the first time, the people of this era felt the aura of destruction approaching.

In an instant, the Internet was in an uproar.

“Revenge! My heart won’t rest easy until the demons and marine folks are dead!”

“We can’t be so passive anymore. We have to launch all our nuclear bombs. Since they want to destroy us humans, we’ll show them the bloodthirstiness of us humans!”

“Kill these b*stards!”

For a time, the public’s emotions were stirred up. As more and more details were revealed, although most of the monsters were blocked out, there were still many casualties.

After that, news of the president’s death spread. With the president’s status within the Federation, one could imagine what kind of commotion this caused.

Countless people roared and wanted revenge. Since the demons and marine folks were going to exterminate the human race, they didn’t have to worry about anything.

“We’ll take revenge on them. Since they’ve invaded Capital C, we’ll kill our way up the Infinite Demon Mountain!”

Countless people were roaring in anger.

In Capital City’s presidential palace, the president was dressed in white and sitting in the back garden. If not for his pale face, no one would have thought that he had just been through a life and death situation and had just escaped from hell.

The person beside him was none other than Chu Yunfan.

“If I hadn’t experienced it personally, I wouldn’t believe that I could have survived,” the president said with a smile.

Although it had been three days, it was still a novel experience for him to be able to survive. “This Heavenly Heart Protection Pill is really powerful. I’ve read some information about you before. You’ve made many different kinds of pills. If I’m not wrong, you obtained an alchemy inheritance.”

Chu Yunfan just smiled and did not say anything.

At this moment, the president’s body had no cultivation power at all. His cultivation power had been crippled. However, if others thought that the president was a soft persimmon, they would be gravely mistaken. Even if his cultivation power had been crippled, his body’s many years of tempering had made him extraordinary.

While his combat power was incomparable to when he was at his peak, killing ordinary Divines was still as easy as eating and drinking for him.

If they were deceived by his appearance that seemed to have no cultivation at all, then they would not be far from death.

The president didn’t ask any more questions and just confirmed his initial judgment.

“Although the effects of this pill are powerful, sir, I’m afraid your cultivation is now crippled,” Chu Yunfan lamented.

“I’m already satisfied that I’m alive. After all, I thought that I would not be able to escape death.”

The president was very open-minded.

In just three days, his injuries had completely healed. If not for the fact that he had lost all his power, one would not be able to tell that he had experienced life and death.

Then, the president raised his eyebrows and said, “”Is the army ready?”

Chu Yunfan said, “It is. We must pacify Infinite Demon Mountain this time around. The demons has cooperated with the marine folks many times. If this continues, it will definitely become a thorn in the side of the Federation. Now, while the God is injured, it’s time to wipe out the demons.”

No one knew that Chu Yunfan and the president had agreed to send troops to pacify Infinite Demon Mountain as the Internet had called for. They wanted to solve the problem that had plagued the Federation for many years in one fell swoop and cut off one of the God’s arms.

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