I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1116 - 1116 The President’s Tragic Victory

1116 The President’s Tragic Victory

These were the experts of the two races who were guarding the teleportation array. They were shocked when they saw Chu Yunfan.

After all, the teleportation array was in the depths of the endless monster army. They had never thought that someone would be able to launch a surprise attack here.

However, they immediately pounced on Chu Yunfan. More than twenty Divines with astonishing momentum sealed off all the space around Chu Yunfan.

However, they underestimated Chu Yunfan’s strength. In the face of these people’s joint attack, Chu Yunfan’s hand burst out with a terrifying sword light. The sword light swept out like a storm.

These Divines seemed to be no different from the ordinary monsters that Chu Yunfan had killed before. They were all quickly killed.

In Chu Yunfan’s eyes, tier seven of the Divine Abilities Stage was nothing.

After killing these Divine monsters, Chu Yunfan casually destroyed the teleportation array. The monster tide that was constantly rushing out was finally contained.

Chu Yunfan flew back into Capital City. At this time, the Federation’s real counterattack had finally arrived. The missile base in Capital City had been completely destroyed by the God and had not played any role.

However, Capital City wasn’t the only one with a guided missile base. One after another, guided missiles with the symbol of a nuclear bomb flew across the sky and bombarded the monsters.

Boom, boom, boom!

Along with a series of deafening booms, huge mushroom clouds rolled up and brought up boundless heat waves, devouring all the monsters.

Even a Divine would die if they were hit by a nuclear bomb, let alone an ordinary monster. Even if they were swept by the aftermath of the nuclear bomb, they would still die.

Every nuclear bomb that fell could take away millions of monsters. Although it was outside Capital City, the Federation had been forced to this point. They began to act ruthlessly and used siege nuclear bombs to wipe out hundreds of millions of monsters on a large scale.

All kinds of terrible explosions were heard. The mushroom clouds were like small suns, devouring almost everything. The densely packed monsters were the best targets. As long as the nuclear bomb exploded on the monsters, the shockwave would kill millions of them.

Hundreds of millions of monsters were completely annihilated just like that. The terrifying shockwave blew at Chu Yunfan’s face, causing his clothes to flutter loudly in the air.

This was the true ultimate power of the Federation.

It wasn’t convenient to use them in their own city, but the Federation was very decisive in using them in the wild. Without their Divines, the monster army was simply powerless in the face of these nuclear bombs.

Soon, this sudden battle ended. The endless monsters outside the city were finally annihilated under the bombardment of the Federation. The aerial monsters in the sky were also killed under the countless defensive fire and the joint clearing of many Divines.

At this time, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief, especially the experts of the Holy Land. This scene that involved hundreds of millions of monsters attacking the city was something they might not be able to encounter in their entire lives back in the Holy Land.

Many people looked at Chu Yunfan. Fortunately, he acted in time and stopped the advance of the monster army. If the monster army had broken into Capital City, it would not be so easy to use the nuclear bombs. They might even not use it because they were afraid of the consequences.

After all, Capital City was not Binhai City. If it was flattened by a nuclear bomb, one could completely imagine how much of an uproar it would cause.

As for Chu Yunfan, he didn’t think too much about it. His eyes were looking at the depths of the sky. There was an astonishing battlefield at a place that had almost surpassed the atmosphere and entered the edge of the universe.

And this battlefield was the key to victory and defeat. If the president lost on that battlefield, even though Chu Yunfan had won, it would be meaningless.

Compared to an expert of that level, Chu Yunfan was far too weak.

The others also realized this immediately, and they all turned their eyes away from Chu Yunfan and looked at the edge of the universe.

However, their vision couldn’t reach that far, so they couldn’t see the situation above. They could only occasionally feel the residual energy of the battle above sweeping over to the nearby area.

All of a sudden, a deafening boom was heard. It was as if a nuclear bomb had exploded in the depths of the sky.

Everyone understood that the victor had been decided, but it was not certain who had won.

Then, everyone saw the president stagger down from the sky on a beam of light. Compared to the high-spirited way he had attacked earlier, the president now looked extremely pathetic.

To be more precise, it was extremely tragic. His entire body was soaked in blood—the blood of his enemies and his own.

There was a huge wound on his chest. It started at his chest and ended at his lower abdomen. It was a wound that had almost cut his entire body into two halves. Blood was dripping, and the wound was so deep that his bones could be seen. It even made people wonder if his body would fall apart in the next moment.

One of his arms had been cut in half and almost the entire palm had been cut off. There was a crack on his head so deep that his skull could be seen.

The president must have gone through an astonishing battle.

At this moment, countless people in Capital City had tears in their eyes. The president had almost died for them.

With such a serious injury, it was almost certain death. There was no possibility of survival.

However, the president persevered.

“Sir, are you all right?”

In a flash, Chu Yunfan had already arrived beside the president and supported him. He could feel that the president was at the end of his life, and a gust of wind could blow him off the stage.

Soon, his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, also appeared in the air and held up the president from the other side.

“I’m fine. Hahaha, I thought I was dead for sure. I didn’t expect your Heavenly Heart Protection Pill to be so useful. I thought I couldn’t hold on and was surely going to die.” The president was still in the mood to laugh, but it affected his wounds and he couldn’t help but grimace.

The president was extremely shocked. He thought he was dead for sure. After suffering such a heavy injury, even a Divine of the great all-embracing heaven would die.

However, it was under such circumstances that a burst of vitality emerged from the depths of his body, forcefully supporting his body.

It was the Heavenly Heart Protection Pill that Chu Yunfan had prepared for him that had saved him from dying on the spot.

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