I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1115 - 1115 A God on the Battlefield, Annihilating the Demon Fleet

1115 A God on the Battlefield, Annihilating the Demon Fleet

All of this dazzled everyone. In almost an instant, everything had already happened.

The First Divine Servant, who seemed to be invincible and could sweep the battlefield, was killed by Chu Yunfan so easily.

Facing Chu Yunfan, the First Divine Servant had no power to fight back, which was completely beyond everyone’s expectations.

No one had thought that Chu Yunfan would be so powerful after his combat strength had reached the half-step to Core Stage.

The First Divine Servant, who had been able to fight him to a standstill before, now had no power to fight back against Chu Yunfan.

When everyone saw this scene, they began to shout crazily.

“Mighty Chu!”

“Mighty Chu!”

“Mighty Chu!”

Although the people who were shouting were ordinary people, they all had powerful cultivation, especially in Capital City, which was the best area in the world and the place where the world’s elites gathered the most.

Many of the aerial monsters that swooped down from the sky were fish that slipped through the net. They were able to fly down through the layers of defensive fire power.

However, they were facing the elite masters of Capital City. Many masters were eager to try and flew into the air to kill these aerial monsters.Now that they had seen Chu Yunfan kill the First Divine Servant with lightning speed, their confidence suddenly increased.

After killing the First Divine Servant with one strike, Chu Yunfan was relieved. With the dense defensive net of firepower in Capital City, even a Divine would not be able to break through it easily.

Only an expert at the level of the First Divine Servant could ignore this firewall.

Martial arts and technology were like two spiraling lines. Places with powerful technology were like nuclear bombs that could easily kill powerful martial arts experts.

However, when a martial arts expert was powerful enough, they would have a way to ignore these technological weapons.

And it was obvious that Chu Yunfan had already reached the critical point of these two spiraling upwards lines.

After killing the First Divine Servant, Chu Yunfan immediately began to clear out the endless number of aerial monsters in the sky. After his combat strength had reached the half-step to Core Stage, his killing efficiency had also reached a whole new level.

The control of his mana had also reached the peak of perfection as if he could control his hands and feet.

This time, the people of Capital City witnessed Chu Yunfan’s methods for the first time, which were different from all the previous Divines.

Chu Yunfan waved his hand and countless thunderbolts surged out of his body, turning into a sea of thunder. Behind him, the thunderbolts turned into weapons one after another, forming a dense wall of weapons. Then, the countless weapons swept out like a storm with lightning speed.




The thunderbolts directly pierced through the aerial monsters, and a large number of them exploded in mid-air. Wherever Chu Yunfan’s gaze landed, a large number of aerial monsters were cleared out.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan discovered a Divine monster among them.

Chu Yunfan just let out a loud shout and grabbed at the air, pulling out a thunder spear. Wherever the spear passed, hundreds of aerial monsters were vaporized. The Divine aerial monster was directly pierced by the thunder spear, and its huge body fell to the ground. It was nailed to death, and after struggling for a while, it stopped moving.

It was as if Chu Yunfan had turned into a huge mobile arsenal, and his extremely rich divine power had become his greatest support.

Wherever they passed, the attacks of the aerial monsters immediately collapsed. Coupled with the defense network of Capital City, they carried out an amazingly efficient killing.

Those Divine aerial monsters were the focus of Chu Yunfan’s attack, and under Chu Yunfan’s special care, the Divines among these aerial monsters were all killed not long after.

They were not Chu Yunfan’s match at all. They were not even able to last one round.

After clearing out more than half of the aerial monsters, Chu Yunfan flew out of Capital City. Outside the city, a huge fleet of demons was being teleported over through the teleportation array.

Many ferocious cannons were aimed at Capital City. Once they were allowed to attack, they would definitely pose a huge threat to the city.

Chu Yunfan didn’t hesitate. A pair of thunder wings formed on his back and he flew directly into the fleet of demons.

The demon fleet discovered Chu Yunfan’s presence almost immediately. One by one, their main cannons with the power to destroy a city swept toward him.

However, it couldn’t hurt Chu Yunfan in the slightest. He pointed out a finger and a thousand-meter-long sword light swept out, slashing down along with Chu Yunfan’s falling arm.


A huge warship was cut in half and exploded violently.

But Chu Yunfan wasn’t done yet. He continued to slaughter, and one battleship after another was cut in half. The hard metal shell couldn’t stop Chu Yunfan’s sword light.

The commander of the demon fleet was furious, but he couldn’t stop Chu Yunfan. Those Divine monsters tried to stop him, but the result was the same.

Chu Yunfan was able to single-handedly stop the assault of the demon fleet, and they were forced to retreat again and again.

In their eyes, Chu Yunfan had become a terrifying god of death. Their main cannons could not lock onto him, who was flying through the fleet like a bolt of lightning. Even the dense crossfire net that they usually used against Divines could not even touch the corner of Chu Yunfan’s clothes.

Even if they were willing to pay any price to attack Chu Yunfan, even if they hit their allies, it still proved useless.

In just fifteen minutes, the entire demon fleet had been defeated.

Chu Yunfan had easily destroyed the fleet of hundreds that was originally intended to bombard Capital City. In terms of technology, there was still a big gap between the demon and the Federation.

After taking care of this fleet, Chu Yunfan went deep into the hundreds of millions of monsters. He ignored the endless monsters and killed them wherever he went as if he was walking on flat ground. He killed hundreds of millions of monsters and made them tremble in fear.

The endless waves of monsters couldn’t stop Chu Yunfan’s advance, and he finally killed his way to the teleportation array.

There were more than twenty Divine marine beasts and monsters around the huge teleportation array. They were all top experts above tier seven of the Divine Abilities Stage.

When they saw Chu Yunfan approaching, they quickly flew forward to intercept him.

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