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Chapter 513 - Leaving the Void

Chapter 513 – Leaving the Void

It was unknown what happened afterwards. Perhaps, because it was difficult for the taotie to reproduce or due to some other reason, as the long river of time slowly flowed by, the taotie race disappeared without a trace. However, there was a corpse of an adult taotie in the void, which was also quite strange.

Though, there was no need for doubt. This corpse was Gongyi Tianheng’s opportunity.

All of the essence in the taotie corpse had been absorbed by Tianheng, but the rest couldn’t be wasted. The fur, horns, bones, and even eyeballs could be utilized.

In fact, if the taotie hadn’t stayed in the void for so long, and thus depleted most of its origin, and if Tianheng had unconsciously absorbed the entirety of its power, he would have burst from the overflow! It was on the basis that this was an adult king taotie, whose imposing aura was estimated to be close to the Lesser Emperor Realm when it was alive. That’s right. Golden-colored horns were indicative of a king of the race.

Presently, less than one-third of the origin remained, but it was enough for Tianheng to reconstruct his body and evolve his qi oceans. The rest was stored in his body. This also wouldn’t cause any problems and would allow him to slowly digest it.

Tianheng peered at the corpse, reached out, and made a grabbing motion. A pitch-black bangle swiftly flew over, and was worn on his wrist.

As a product of Human King Yan Ruo, it was something she couldn’t bear to throw away until her death, so it was used as an item of inheritance. The quality was indeed extraordinary. Although this bangle had been eroded on many occasions and was almost on the brink of danger, Tianheng had nevertheless woken up early enough. The bangle was just slightly deteriorated and could still be used.

Without the slightest hesitation, Tianheng waved his hand and stored the enormous corpse inside the bangle.

The corpse of a True Spirit Ancestor Race was too precious. Even if only a bundle of bone and skin was left, it would’ve been sufficiently valuable. If this was exposed, the powerhouses of the Cosmic Realm, and even the Lesser Emperor Realm, would all covet it. It would be for the best that he properly concealed the matter, and waited until he was strong enough to take it out.

After putting away these good things, Tianheng looked at his own palms. Immediately following which, he grabbed a robe from inside the bangle and carefully put it on.

At this moment, standing in the void was a young prodigy, handsome without compare and temperament without equal.

Tianheng took a single step. A beam of silvery-gray radiance suddenly appeared under his foot, and his figure promptly vanished from sight.

Originally, Gu Zuo had been watching from the sidelines, but he was a little absent-minded at this time. No matter how exquisite and abstruse the moves of those prodigies up above, they no longer held Gu Zuo’s attention.

The only things that preoccupied his thoughts were&#k2026; What was happening to big brother? Was his main body really about to return? And was he really safe and sound?

The simultaneous excitement and nervousness in his heart truly made it difficult for him to concentrate.

All of a sudden, Gu Zuo realized that the wrist he held made a soft twitch.

He was slightly startled, and realized that the palm had flipped over to clasp his own hand, a person’s tongue lightly danced over the hollow of his neck, and the head nestled against his shoulder lifted up: “Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo felt as though he had been relieved of a heavy burden, and couldn’t help showing a smiling expression: “Big brother, you scared me to death just now!”

The asura incarnation gave a soft smile: “No need to worry. My cultivation had reached a critical juncture, and relying on instinct wasn’t enough. As a result, I had to pull my consciousness back to cross that important junction.”

Gu Zuo breathed a sigh of relief: “Big brother, your main body…”

He felt that refining to a critical juncture probably meant that big brother’s situation hadn’t improved completely, so he was somewhat disheartened.

Unexpectedly, Tianheng’s incarnation responded: “My main body has already awakened. I have left the void, and I’m heading here now.”

Gu Zuo was overjoyed: “Really?!” After that, he was still concerned, “But big brother, your consciousness has returned, so how is your main body going to come back?”

How could one feel reassured when there was only a shell and a little bit of instinct and consciousness left?

Tianheng chuckled: “Ah Zuo, don’t worry. After leaving the void, the closer the distance between my main body and incarnation, the stronger my consciousness becomes. My main body is riding on a wild bird to return to Ah Zuo’s side.”

When he left the void, he made a decision and found a place closer to here. Then, he purchased a wild bird and rode on it.

Following that, it was going to take about five to six days to arrive.

Gu Zuo heard something extraordinary from Tianheng’s words: “Big brother left the void… Can you choose to do that on your own? That’s not right. Big brother can leave the void?”

In this world, only when someone reached the Royal Realm or higher would they barely be able to use the void for travel. When they reach the Cosmic Realm, they would be able to accurately determine their spatial positioning. However, they would only be able to utilize the void in a small range. With big brother’s current realm, how was he capable of coming and going through the void unobstructed?

If he could come and go freely, then…

Tianheng knew that Gu Zuo would have such questions, and softly said: “After my main body merged with the origin of a taotie in the void, I gained the ability to travel through the void. I was able to smoothly leave this time because of the pull of the power of chaos and due to the assistance of the surplus origin in my flesh. However, a lot of it has been used up. If I want to enter the void again in the future, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to break open the void barrier…”

This was all a coincidence. No matter how much the Tiandu Body was envied by the heavens, under the situation that he hadn’t borrowed any treasures, it was impossible for Tianheng to elevate himself to the Cosmic Realm in one fell swoop.

The void was actually the space that formed the gap between a continent and the primal chaos. After breaking through this space, one could enter the primal chaos. However, because the void was very close to the primal chaos, there was a small amount of the power of chaos in this space. And this power of chaos was precisely the fragments inside Tianheng’s body.

This power of chaos, which had assimilated into his internal qi, was within Tianheng’s tolerance range. All of the injuries he sustained were due to the void turbulence. But with the fragments of the power of chaos protecting him, the turbulence couldn’t take his life.

When that adult king taotie was alive, its strength was comparable to that of a Lesser Emperor, and its origin naturally had the ability to traverse the void. Tianheng absorbed that origin and only had this ability for a short duration. Nevertheless, this required a huge consumption.

It was also because Tianheng’s comprehension was exceptionally good. At first, this origin was intended to allow him to step into the Cosmic Realm more smoothly in the future and make it easier for him to understand the method of walking through the void. As it happened, after the origin poured into his body and at the moment of his recovery, he used that moment of enlightenment to successfully escape from the void!

Had this not been the case, even if Tianheng woke up, he would only be trapped in the void. The final outcome would probably have the Blood Transformation Palace Master taking action and asking the Blood Transformation Heaven Lord to search the void for several years and find him.

So to say, luck and other such things were really important… Tianheng’s luck was truly in defiance of the natural order.

After hearing Tianheng’s explanation, Gu Zuo wiped away his sweat with some lingering fear: “How dangerous.”

Tianheng faintly nodded his head: “One is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster. My present realm had a breakthrough, and I have already reached the Ascendant Realm.”

Gu Zuo’s words were sincere and heartfelt: “Congratulations, big brother!” But when he looked at the raised platforms, his brows furrowed, “Big brother’s incarnation is still at the Atomic Realm, but the main body is already at the Ascendant Realm. Since the main body is coming over, how can you directly replace the incarnation?”

Originally, although the appearance of the incarnation was a bit strange, so long as the incarnation went out for a stroll when the main body arrived, they could naturally switch places upon his return. By then, so long as he said that the residual effects of the body cultivation method had subsided, it would’ve been fine.

Now that the strengths of the main body and incarnation were different, the incarnation couldn’t be replaced in a natural manner when the main body came back. Suppose that the incarnation was the main body after concealing his strength. In this place, who knew how many top powerhouses were hidden all over to observe the battles? To say that an Ascendant Realm martial artist had concealed himself in front of that many people, wasn’t that a little too outrageous?

Tianheng smiled and said: “Ah Zuo, there’s no need to make things complicated. At that time, I will just say that I refined a clone.”

He pondered for a moment, and continued: “Many people probably know about the matter of Yang Hu and that Ah Zuo placed a world-wide bounty for my sake, so why don’t we just admit that I acquired the cloning technique from Yang Hu?

“Because the condition of my injuries was extremely heavy, I had been recuperating the entire time since my rescue. In addition, because my wounds were troublesome, and it wasn’t known when I would completely recover, I hastily refined a clone using that technique, asked my master to nurture it on my behalf, and had the clone participate in the battles of the Prodigy Monument in advance.

“And now that my main body will arrive, it’s naturally because my injures have completely healed. Moreover, as a blessing in disguise, my strength greatly advanced.”

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