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Chapter 514 - Huang Ji Goes Out to Fight

Chapter 514 – Huang Ji Goes Out to Fight

After hearing what his family’s big brother said, Gu Zuo understood: “Then, we’ll just do as big brother says.”

Soon after, he glanced at the prodigies who were fighting like blazing wildfires on the raised platforms. He couldn’t help but ask: “Now that big brother’s realm has advanced, how will you fight on the platform… Should you go to the platform for the Ascendant Realm instead?”

Ah, this was indeed a problem.

Gongyi Tianheng was originally at the Atomic Realm, and it was normal for him to leave his name at the 299-meter mark on the stone tablet for Atomic Realms. He was ranked so high here, but once he went to the stone tablet for Ascendant Realms, it would be entirely different. It didn’t matter if the incarnation was like this now, but when the main body returned, there would be a problem.

Although, his breakthrough was sudden and unintentional…

Tianheng chuckled: “My incarnation is just at the Atomic Realm. Leaving my name on the auxiliary tablet for Atomic Realms is only to be expected. Once my main body returns, if others don’t think it’s appropriate, I will leave my name on the stone tablet for Ascendant Realms, too.

“As for now, I will first use my incarnation to battle the Atomic Realm prodigies. Once I’ve saved my place in the top three, I can challenge the Ascendant Realms. After my main body returns, I’ll similarly challenge the Ascendant Realm powerhouses. How is this any different?”

Gu Zuo thought about it, and nodded his head.

It seemed…that this was reasonable.

Once the decision was made, the two people’s attention fell on the raised platform.

These prodigies fought with extreme ferocity. The sounds of explosions and rumbles were unending. Every time someone took action, there would be spectacles that were close to collapsed mountains and sundered earth. The countless types of extremely mysterious martial skills being fully put on display left onlookers dazzled.

On the other hand, while the momentum of the Immortal Realm side was much weaker, most of the prodigies of the Ascendant Realm were tyrannical and overbearing. Once several martial skills were used, their movements were too fast and the explosions were so powerful that many people could hardly see anything clearly. When reaching the Atomic Realm and above, the feelings one gave others were different.

Each of the prodigies were rather young. Yet, the common ground between them was their robust accumulation. This was due to their formidable foundations. Furthermore, they didn’t move too fast as to be unable to make out many tricks. This allowed the audience to gasp at the spectacle, which was intoxicating to watch.

Among them were Star Point Temple’s Tantai Lianxing and the other four prodigies who participated in the qi vein fights and went a round with Tianheng. There were also several young powerhouses who seemed to have come from other large forces, and their performances were worthy of praise. If they were to face one another, the battlefield would definitely surge like a gathering storm as they fought to their hearts’ content. However, if they encountered someone with inferior skills, they would only exert themselves a little bit and wouldn’t show much of their abilities — This attitude of soft brush strokes and faint calligraphy was another kind of deterrence.

As such, several days passed without realizing it. The majority of ranks had been determined, and there were very few prodigies who hadn’t fought against each other. If they didn’t go onto the raised platforms, they would certainly be ranked last.

Finally, a figure suddenly appeared and stood upright on the platform.

Their skin was fair and clear, and their complexion was handsome and heroic. However, what attracted people’s attention the most was that their imposing aura was sharp as a blade. In addition, there was a faint, yet frenzied, undertone that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Gu Zuo was stunned.

It was Huang Ji!

After watching for such a long time, this was the first time he took action. Was it because he was interested in challenging the prodigy who was standing on the platform?

At this moment, the one on the raised platform was Prodigy Mu Yefeng of the Sun God Church, who easily claimed victory from someone else just a while ago. His stature was tall and sturdy, his chest was laid bare, and his face, neck, and other places were covered in a dense forest of black hair. His figure was incredibly malevolent-looking. With a single glance, he seemed like a lone wolf, filled with a wild and unruly nature.

Gu Zuo recognized this person. When Mu Yefeng fought over the qi veins back then, he had transformed into an extremely violent and fierce wolf. Though, in the previous match just now, he defeated the prodigy without transforming. It could be seen that he had become stronger, and his fighting strength had grown more impressive.

After recognizing him, Gu Zuo knew why Senior Sect Brother Huang chose this prodigy. It was because this person could transform into a wolf. Senior Sect Brother Huang had the Heavenly Beast Body, which naturally had a reaction. Maybe it was like a case of old enemies?

The facts weren’t outside Gu Zuo’s expectations. After Huang Ji went on the platform, that Mu Yefeng didn’t care much at first. But when Huang Ji released a trace of qi emissions, Mu Yefeng’s pupils suddenly changed into that of a beast. His head quickly snapped towards Huang Ji, brimming with hostility!

As it turned out, this Mu Yefeng also had a special constitution. The physique he possessed was called the Heavenly Wolf Body!

It could be said that the Heavenly Beast Body and Heavenly Wolf Body could restrain one another. The former could intimidate groups of beasts and had an animalistic nature. However, it also bore the enmity of wild beasts. The latter was capable of transforming into an origin wolf. By devouring the blood essence of other origin wolves, it could increase the rank of subsequent transformations. However, after turning into an origin wolf, the Heavenly Wolf Body would become uncontrollably ravenous for the Heavenly Beast Body. Like a real origin wolf, it coveted the blood essence of the Heavenly Beast Body — It was only because this type of blood essence had a stronger impact on his advancement than that of the blood essence of other origin wolves!

As one could well imagine, the Heavenly Beast Body viewed the Heavenly Wolf Body as an adversary, and the Heavenly Wolf Body wanted to devour the Heavenly Beast Body to complete itself… Thus, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they were old enemies.

Gu Zuo couldn’t help but feel nervous for Huang Ji from the bottom of his heart.

Between old enemies, Senior Sect Brother Huang was only at the low Atomic Realm, but Mu Yefeng’s strength was already at the mid Atomic Realm. In a battle, Senior Sect Brother Huang’s realm was inferior. He was worried that it would be somewhat dangerous…

Just when he was thinking this, the two people on the raised platform had started fighting.

As Huang Ji turned into a ghostly afterimage, he appeared by Mu Yefeng’s side with a slightly arched body. Palms like knives and hands curled into fists, he launched dozens of attacks in the span of a split-second. This speed was so fast that it almost always left behind an afterimage, making it difficult for the prodigies to see things clearly.

Mu Yefeng gave a cold scoff. He didn’t have the slightest intention of lying low. His entire body leaped high into the air. When he dropped back down, he had already transformed into a gigantic wolf with a pair of wings on his back. His wolfish jaws opened and blew out a stream of air that completely swept away these fist blasts and palm waves!

Shortly thereafter, the wolf’s maw let out a deep and low voice: “Skills of no high order.”

Huang Ji was calm and unhurried. After using those moves to sound out the opponent, he abruptly twisted his body. Before that airstream was about to rush in front of him, his body turned and shot out both fists — Boom!

The airstream was blasted away. Huang Ji opened his mouth again, and unleashed beastly roar—

This beastly roar appeared to contain a marvelous power that unexpectedly caused Mu Yefeng’s body to stiffen momentarily.

Huang Ji seized this chance. He slightly hunched down, and his form seemed like a ferocious beast. Using outrageous strength, he slammed into the wolf with explosive force!

Following a loud bang, the enormous wolf known as Mu Yefeng was knocked back. The inside of his body let out cracking sounds.

The beastly roar from the Heavenly Beast Body could intimidate the origin wolf transformed from the Heavenly Wolf Body!

If Huang Ji’s strength was just at the Immortal Realm, he probably would’ve only been able to faintly destabilize the Atomic Realm Mu Yefeng. However, since he was in the same major realm as Mu Yefeng, this deterrent force was naturally somewhat stronger.

Mu Yefeng didn’t recognize that Huang Ji possessed the Heavenly Beast Body. He previously turned into an origin wolf only because he felt an instinctive hostility from the bottom of his heart. This gave him an intense desire to attack. Now that he was caught off guard by Huang Ji’s roar, he retreated again and again. For a moment, he couldn’t think of much else.

This was because Huang Ji didn’t give Mu Yefeng any time to ponder. His attacks were like a tempestuous rainstorm, and every time he struck, it was like peals of thunder and bolts of lightning. He wanted to completely defeat Mu Yefeng with the fastest speed!

What happened next was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Every time Mu Yefeng showed signs of striking back, he would be momentarily stunned by the sound of Huang Ji’s beastly roar. As for Huang Ji, he seized these instances to wildly attack, leaving Mu Yefeng powerless to resist.

Progressing in this way, Mu Yefeng’s internal qi was completely exhausted by Huang Ji. In the end, even the origin wolf transformation couldn’t be maintained, and he was knocked off the raised platform by Huang Ji!

It was frustrating, incredibly frustrating.

This magnificent prodigy, who clearly had an impressive record after leaving his name on the stone tablet, was beaten under Huang Ji’s hands.

After Huang Ji defeated Mu Yefeng in combat, his figure glowed with a type of ruthless, berserk-like aura. A pair of golden-yellow beast pupils seemed to vaguely appear in his own eyes. As his gaze swept over, his qi emissions rose and his might was awe-inspiring.

Among those few prodigies, Mu Yefeng was originally ranked behind them. When Huang Ji defeated him, those in the higher ranks naturally wouldn’t challenge him. As for those lower in the ranks, they felt it was strange when Huang Ji prevailed over Mu Yefeng just a moment ago. Afraid that they would also be controlled in this manner, hesitation took hold in their hearts and they didn’t step forward.

Consequently, starting from Mu Yefeng, everyone’s positions in the ranks moved down by one.

Mu Yefeng quickly adjusted his breathing and rested his body. There was a hint of insatiable hunger as he looked at Huang Ji, but there was also a trace of coldness.

Gu Zuo noticed this look, and secretly frowned: “Big brother…”

Tianheng’s fingertips gently brushed over Gu Zuo’s neck, and the corners of his lips slightly curved up: “Senior Sect Brother Huang knows what he’s doing, so you and I should just keep watching.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head.

It could only be like this. However, the Sun God Church, which Mu Yefeng hailed from, was a gold-ranked organization. Although its foundations were shallow, the rank of gold was self-evident. A lot of caution was needed. Fortunately, Senior Sect Brother Huang defeated him in this Prodigy Monument competition. In the future, he would certainly be valued even more in the Ardent Earth Palace Hall. When the time came, the palace hall would arrange more than enough battle slaves to protect him… Naturally, he would also remind those senior brothers from the Ardent Earth Palace Hall, and ask them to pay more attention.

Thinking as such, Gu Zuo looked to the side.

Those couple of men from the Ardent Earth Palace Hall had just witnessed Huang Ji displaying his extraordinary might. While their faces showed great joy, Huang Ji’s performance was truly barbaric and unreasonable, and they increasingly felt that “she” looked even less like a junior sister.

With these thoughts going through their heads, their gazes fell onto that raised platform. They simultaneously sighed, and said: “Other people’s junior sisters…”

Following their gazes, Gu Zuo’s line of sight was cast onto that platform again.

As it turned out, because no one went up to fight Huang Ji within ten breaths of time, he had no choice but to get down from the platform. And since his rank was decided, it was time for the next challenge.

While Gu Zuo’s mind was wandering just now, someone had already gotten onto the raised platform and issued a challenge. And coincidentally, the two people competing on the Atomic Realm Platform were quite familiar.

Gu Zuo could see things clearly. One of them was Prodigy Huo Li who had gotten into a conflict with big brother during the competition for the qi veins back then. As for the other person, it was that deceitful woman, Mu Baizhi. Two people, one of fire and the other of ice, were standing on opposite sides of the platform. Because their powers were overflowing, the surrounding environment was almost altered. The battle would be extremely fierce.

However, as far as Gu Zuo was concerned, one was domineering and arrogant, and the other was despicable and disgraceful. They were a match made in heaven. Now that there was a dogfight on the raised platform, it would be for the best if both sides suffered.

…Having said that, Gu Zuo was still amazed by the exquisiteness of the martial skills displayed by both parties on the platform.

The strength of Prodigy Huo Li had improved greatly compared to back then. When those palm winds burst forth, a torrent of lava flooded out with reckless abandon, making it difficult for others to resist. On the other side, Mu Baizhi’s entire body was encased in frigid ice. The coldness was also wrapped in boundless power, colliding unyieldingly with the torrent of lava!

If he hadn’t known Mu Baizhi’s character earlier and only observed this battle, Gu Zuo might’ve praised her a little. Indeed, the strength of her performance was out of the ordinary.

When Huo Li challenged Mu Baizhi, he naturally regarded her as a soft persimmon. But now, not only had Mu Baizhi’s strength advanced to the Atomic Realm, her methods had also become brilliant and wondrous. Unexpectedly, her fight with Huo Li was a close one. What’s more, her posture was extremely aesthetically pleasing, which drew in those who didn’t know the truth — Just like those senior brothers from the Ardent Earth Palace Hall who were sighing in admiration.

For the men of this world, unless they only loved one person like Gu Zuo, or they were attracted to masculine men and not feminine women, they would always spare a few more glances when encountering a beautiful lady.

Gu Zuo saw this, and faintly shook his head.

Back on that raised platform, for whatever reason, the longer Huo Li and Mu Baizhi fought, the stronger Mu Baizhi’s powers became. In contrast, Huo Li’s moves kept getting weaker. And this degree of weakening didn’t seem normal at all…

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