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Chapter 512 - The Main Body Awakens

Chapter 512 – The Main Body Awakens

Currently, it was probably inevitable that the asura incarnation would be injured during the battles. Once the main body returned and if Gu Zuo still had this idea in mind, then there wouldn’t be any harm in refining the Sense Connecting Pills when the time came.

Thinking up to here, Gongyi Tianheng slightly closed his eyes.

At the same time, his consciousness had already got in touch with his main body.

Immediately following which, Tianheng revealed a subtle expression.

This was…

In the endless void.

A nude human figure floated in the middle of this land of deathly stillness. Under some kind of pulling force, large areas of flesh and blood were growing back layer by layer on the originally skeletal frame. This allowed him to gradually become muscled and well-developed, revealing an almost perfect physique.

It didn’t take long for most of his body to fully grow. The surface layer of skin seemed to contain a luster of the primal chaos, which would give others an extremely mysterious feeling.

Astonishingly, behind this human figure was the corpse of a colossal ferocious beast. Its length and height were unknown. It had the body of a goat and the face of a human. At the top of its head, there were two horns. It was malevolent and frightening.

However, as the flesh regrew on the human figure, the gigantic beast’s corpse slowly withered. The abundant flesh and blood became shriveled as through it was being drained away by something. The color and luster of the originally undamaged fur, which overflowed with a metallic glow in the void, was also darkened somewhat.

At first, there was a wisp of radiance pulsing within the gigantic beast’s eyes, but at this moment, that radiance dimmed until there was practically only a trace remaining… As for the upper portion of skin on that human figure, it was already completely repaired. All that was left was the head, and flesh also began covering it.


It was like a muffled sound coming from the depths of the void — The light in the gigantic beast’s eyes was completely extinguished.

At the exact same time, the face of that human figure gained a clear silhouette. In just a few breaths of time, it was revealed to be an extremely handsome visage.

His temperament was clear and bright like a moon god.

Soon after, this human slowly sat up. In the void, it was like he couldn’t feel any other pressures as he quietly sat in front of this gigantic beast’s corpse.

No one could perceive that this man’s dantian was linked to that gigantic beast’s body. In the wake of this connection, the power and essence in the beast’s body flowed through this link and entered his body. Not only was his flesh and blood completely repaired, the surplus of that enormous amount of energy rushed into one of the man’s transparent qi oceans.

In the blink of an eye, the qi ocean turned pure black, and the manifestation of this qi ocean was instantly produced. Within this qi ocean, there seemed to be a huge whirlpool, spinning slowly and rhythmically with a terrifyingly powerful attractive force. It possessed an unquenchable thirst and a hunger that would never be filled… This was a transformation of the power of devouring. This was the power of the path of the hungry ghost!

And in the depths of this whirlpool, there was a type of faint life force being nurtured. This was naturally another incarnation. It was just that it still couldn’t separate from the main body yet.

Without a doubt, this figure was the main body of Gongyi Tianheng, who had been unconscious in the void.

He had sat up at this moment, but it wasn’t necessarily because he woke up. However, the state of his body was already gradually recovering to its peak.

At the same time, the qi emissions of the main body were constantly increasing.

Mid Atomic Realm… High Atomic Realm… Peak Atomic Realm!

Within the main body, only a thin layer of misty light remained from the fragments of primal chaos above the qi oceans. This power of chaos had penetrated his flesh, bones, and internal organs long when he was reconstructing his body. This strengthened his physical body to an unimaginable degree.

A large portion was incorporated into his qi oceans, further imbuing his internal qi with the aura of the power of chaos. The quality had undergone several mutations, and were by no means comparable to ordinary internal qi. Moreover, when performing martial skills and utilizing ultimate knowledge, the amount consumed was also smaller.

In addition, he had a total of six qi oceans. If he engaged in a protracted battle with someone at the same or lower realm in the future, he would be able to sweep across the world and dominate in all directions!

The six qi oceans were continuously broadening and deepening. The internal qi contained within them also possessed different colors and countenances. Some were strange and others were treacherous. Some where as brilliant as the noon-day sun, and others were as glittering as the sea of stars.

Through the rotations of these qi oceans, the absorption speed of the gigantic beast in the back was quickening. The black-colored qi ocean whirled even faster. Not long after, all that remained of the beast was its golden skeleton. In the void, it shone gloriously with a magnificent radiance!

At last, the main body suddenly opened his eyes. A divine light flashed in that gaze.

Ascendant Realm!

With the addition of various forces and powers, amid the continuous operation of that body shaping method, and after countless energies were poured into him, Gongyi Tianheng’s strength had finally broken through to the Ascendant Realm!

And right now, he was no more than 24 to 25 years old.

In just a few years, the strength of this all-star prodigy had risen again and again. He refined three incarnations, and his own foundations were incomparably firm and vigorous. Nothing else had to be said. He wasn’t afraid of anyone in the same realm!

On the other side of things.

The asura incarnation quietly rested his head on Gu Zuo’s shoulder.

Gu Zuo felt the weight on his shoulders. He originally thought that his family’s big brother was coming to get intimate with him again. Although he was a little embarrassed, he had no intention of stopping him. However, he gradually realized that the warm breath that should’ve been blowing on his neck slowly weakened until it was as soft as gossamer…

He was startled right away: “Big brother?”

Gu Zuo still remembered to lower his voice, and didn’t dare to draw other peoples’ attention.

However, Gongyi Tianheng didn’t respond.

Gu Zuo’s heart was anxious. He quickly turned his head, only to find that his big brother had silently closed his eyes, seemingly asleep or…

His breathing hitched. He hastily moved his finger to the end of big brother’s nose and pressed his hand on top of big brother’s chest. Shortly thereafter, he gave a long sigh of relief.


There was still a trace of breath and a faint heartbeat.

— Eh? That wasn’t right.

Gu Zuo suddenly reacted. This was big brother’s incarnation. Heartbeats and breathing weren’t necessary functions and couldn’t be used as a basis for judgment!

However, after he recalled the matter of the incarnation, he understood a little bit.

Most of the consciousness of this incarnation had probably left this body. Only a small portion of the consciousness remained to control the incarnation to “sleep” and fool other people.

Following this, Gu Zuo remembered something and couldn’t help becoming somewhat excited.

Could it be said that big brother’s consciousness had already returned to the main body? Was the main body about to awaken?

After that, he was concerned. He only hoped that there was nothing wrong with him.

The rest of the people didn’t know what happened. Several prodigies from Ten Ultimates Sect were also completely focused on watching the battles between prodigies and didn’t pay attention to Tianheng’s condition. The same went for even Huang Ji. Because he possessed the Heavenly Beast Body, his animalistic nature broke out and turned into powerful battle intent while watching the fierce fights. Only those competing prodigies were in his eyes.

Gu Zuo silently grabbed one of the incarnations wrists and took a deep breath.

If big brother was awakening, Gu Zuo hoped that he came back soon…

The nude young man, who was comfortably sitting in the void, suddenly opened his eyes. The divine light in his eyes caused the temperament of his entire person to become even more serene, profound, and unmeasurable.

He stood up while floating in the void, and turned around to look at the enormous, mountain-like skeleton.

At this moment, Gongyi Tianheng already understood what had happened to him.

What this corpse contained was a type of devouring energy. It was an insatiable hunger that had no limits, which was extremely compatible with the path of the hungry ghost in his body. After he was drawn into the void, the uniqueness of the qi ocean inside of him attracted the remnant instincts of the corpse. This caused the corpse to mistakenly believe that he was a descendant of its race, so it passed on all of its origin.

At the same time, Tianheng also realized what this gigantic beast was called.

It was a taotie.

Among the primordial myriad races, apart from humans, many were beastly. And the taotie were a type of ancestor race that had vanished without a trace long ago from the primordial myriad races.

When this ancestral race still existed, every member of this race was extremely powerful. It wasn’t to say that this race could dominate the world, but it was due to their talents and capabilities — Namely, it was the terrifying devouring ability that made numerous races to keep their distance. When this talent was cultivated to the extreme, even the most powerful ancestor races had to back away to a degree. In other words, individuals of this race were originally among the strongest races, but their evaluation was lowered because their population was too small. However, despite it being like this, the taotie race was extraordinarily united and couldn’t be easily provoked by outsiders.

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