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Chapter 511 - The Great Battles Begin

Chapter 511 – The Great Battles Begin

One would only see that he was less than three meters away from the summit of that stone tablet. Then, a blood-red palm print astonishingly appeared. As the palm print entered the auxiliary tablet, it burst forth with a surge of power and suddenly transformed into large, molten-gold characters — Gongyi Tianheng!

At this time, the Tiandu Body ascended above of many prodigies in the form of an incarnation!

A look of excitement flashed in Gu Zuo’s eyes: “As expected of big brother!”

Though the incarnation was powerful, it had its flaws. Even the incarnation was capable of climbing up 299 meters, so if the main body arrived and merged with the incarnation, big brother would certainly be able to ascend to the very top of the Prodigy Monument.

Numerous prodigies couldn’t help but reveal shocked expressions.

They made attempts, so all of them knew that the higher one went, the more challenging the climb. This especially went for those prodigies who got close to the 270-meter mark. Later on, they discovered that there was an enormous barrier at 270 meters. Higher than that, there would be another barrier every three meters. As for the space between 297 and 300 meters, it was considered a forbidden zone.

Tianheng reached 299 meters, which was already the extreme limit in their eyes… He far surpassed the prodigies of the three auxiliary tablets, and was the one with the greatest potential and talent.

Numerous prodigies were incredibly shocked, especially those who had crossed paths with Tianheng. While they recognized that he was powerful and understood that the all-star prodigy was out of the ordinary, they were all prodigies. They never anticipated that Tianheng’s talent would be so amazing.

Right away, some people silently thought: Judging from Gongyi Tianheng’s strange appearance, he has probably mastered a frightening martial discipline. It’s also likely that his fighting strength is considerable. But in the end, he isn’t that old and his experience isn’t necessarily sufficient. When the real battles begin, we might not lose.

Naturally, there were others who were thinking that, if they defeated such a young prodigy, they could become famous and so forth.

This only extended to those prodigies who were very confident in themselves. Even though their name-engraving performances on the stone tablets were somewhat inferior, they all had boundless fighting spirit and wanted to compete with Tianheng.

Nevertheless, Tianheng obeyed his teacher’s order. He restrained his expression, and walked to Gu Zuo’s side.

His appearance remained unhurried. It was as though what he did just now was nothing more than an insignificant and trivial matter.

Gu Zuo smiled at Tianheng: “Big brother did great!”

Tianheng looked at him with a gentle gaze. The bloody light in his eyes rippled like water: “As long as Ah Zuo likes it.”

At this moment, the results of the prodigies were already out. The one who stole the limelight was naturally Tianheng. Although there was that young man and the Ice Phoenix Goddess who engraved their names above the 270-meters mark, once Tianheng’s record of 299 meters took place, their scores lost any splendor.

A hint of coldness flashed in the Ice Phoenix Goddess’ eyes.

Meanwhile, that young man showed some resentful jealousy — Although he was quick to curb himself, it was still discovered by Gu Zuo’s keen psychic power.

Gu Zuo slightly furrowed his brows, and memorized this person’s face.

If this person participated in the battles of the Prodigy Monument later on, he needed to let big brother pay close attention to this fellow. People’s hearts were dangerous and sinister. They couldn’t be careless around anyone who showed hostility!

Soon, the young man standing at the top of the mountain spoke again: “Those below 90 meters are in one group, those below 180 meters are in another group, and those below 270 meters are in the last group. For the time being, those at 270 meters and above are in the top three ranks.”

Once these words were uttered, numerous prodigies were in an uproar, especially those whose name-engraving performances on the auxiliary tablets weren’t good. All of them felt that this was extremely unfair. If it was a life and death battle, it probably wouldn’t have turned out like this.

But the young man didn’t care about these outcries, and staunchly continued: “The Prodigy Monument is 300 meters tall, and the name of one person can be etched every three meters. Among these, there will be 33 Immortal Realms, 33 Atomic Realms, and 34 Ascendant Realms. Now, in this competition, each realm is divided into three groups. From the Immortal and Ascendant Realms, 11 people will be selected from each group. If there isn’t enough people, the numbers will be filled in from other groups. As for the Atomic Realm, ten people will be selected from each group.

“Except for those defeated in the 90-meter groups, all other prodigies have one chance to issue a challenge. However, the losers of each group can’t challenge the winners of the same group. Within these three major realms, the top three among the 33 finalists of the Immortal Realm can challenge the ranking of the 33 Atomic Realms, and the same applies to the Atomic Realm. The top three ranks can challenge the ranking of the 34 Ascendant Realms.

“Anyone defeated by a lower realm group will automatically drop one place in the ranking. Everyone who is issued a challenged may not refuse the first two attempts.”

After the rules of these competitions were announced, the complaining voices of those prodigies who felt it was unfair gradually stopped. Because it was obvious that if they had the ability, they would still have the opportunity to squeeze out the members of other groups. It didn’t mean that the heights of their name-engravings were lowered, but they would definitely fall behind in the ranking.

With such rules in place, the three people who scored over 270 meters were temporarily ranked among the top three in the Atomic Realm. They didn’t object too strongly because it was unknown whether these three could keep their top spots in the end.

As Gu Zuo listened to these rules, he silently ruminated and felt that the rules were pretty good.

At the very least, this saved his big brother a lot of energy. Moreover, under those challenge opportunities, he would be sufficiently tempered, too. By the time the competition of the Prodigy Monument were over, everyone who participated in the battles ought to have improved greatly.

Following this, numerous prodigies exchanged glances and dispersed.

After the three enormous auxiliary tablets resolutely displayed their existences, they slowly sank back down into the ground.

Then, the entire land along this shore let out peals of intense rumbling. The earth quaked as though the mountains were about to collapse and the land torn apart.

Tianheng gathered Gu Zuo in his arms, carried him, and rapidly rose high into the air.

The other prodigies’ reactions were also extremely fast, and similarly soared into the sky. All of the martial artists on the scene also flew upwards.

Sure enough, the earth below underwent massive changes. Nine incomparably gigantic platforms erupted from the depths of the ground! There were golden, transparent covers on the edges of the raised platforms. These were clearly the restrictions placed upon the structures. Their protective power was so strong that, even if all of the prodigies fought on the raised platforms, the outside world wouldn’t be harmed in the least!

Planted behind these raised platforms, was an enormous iron banner. Written on the iron banner were the names of numerous prodigies.

Down below, Gu Zuo could clearly see that the names were divided into groups based on the methods mentioned previously. Nine raised platforms, three for each major realm, and one for each group.

In this way, nine battles can be watched at once. As such, the duration of the Prodigy Monument’s competition would be shortened greatly, allowing the results to come out faster.

Many prodigies moved.

One would only heard the rustling of fabric in the wind. Everyone had returned to their respective positions and stood near their own raised platforms.

Those martial artists watching from the sidelines didn’t hesitate, and similarly surrounded the platforms. They prepared to observe the subsequent battles between these dragons and tigers.

This grand event where prodigies would fight was also an opportunity for the weaker martial artists to improve their understanding. No one wanted to miss it!

Tianheng carried Gu Zuo, and arrived in front of the first raised platform for the Atomic Realm.

On this platform, the ones about to compete were the rank of prodigies who left their names between 180 and 270 meters on the auxiliary tablet. Huang Ji and the other three prodigies of Ten Ultimates Sect were all at this platform!

Just as several people stopped where they were, a prodigy stood on each of the nine raised platforms. Their expressions were grave and stern. They opened their mouths and said: “Anyone who wishes to fight with me, come up to the stage!”

As it turned out, in such battles between prodigies, no one was assigned someone else to compete. Instead, as long as one had confidence, they could go up and fight. And in the end, because there was an opportunity to challenge, the consumption of strength would be gradually evened out. Basically, there was no unfairness — What’s more, if a prodigy didn’t have the strong perseverance to defeat a crowd by themselves, what kind of a prodigy was that?

Hence, as soon as those nine prodigies made their provocations, nine people immediately stood up and jumped onto the platform.

The next moment, the imposing auras of both sides suddenly exploded. There were saber lights and swords shadows. Power overflowed, and their fists created gusts of wind and their legs bulged with strength. In the split second that the prodigies started fighting in this place, a great storm was set off!

Gu Zuo couldn’t help but close his eyes due to the impact of those imposing auras. Shortly thereafter, he was carried back by someone, and regained his composure.

The one who was brought him further away was naturally Tianheng. With this buffer, when he looked towards the raised platform again, he could see clearly and no longer withdrew like before.

In fact, there was a cover of light on the platform, so nothing could hurt him at all. It was just that prodigies were prodigies in the end. Their strength was so powerful that he was caught off guard. He only took a glance and was intimidated.

At this moment, Gu Zuo collected his thoughts. So long as those imposing auras didn’t rush out, they would naturally be incapable of affecting him anymore.

After that, Gu Zuo watched the battle carefully.

Tianheng put his hands on Gu Zuo’s shoulders, and his gaze also fell onto the nine raised platforms.

On the Immortal Realm Platform, two prodigies were seen. One was holding a saber and the other was gripping a sword. Whenever their weapons clashed, they constantly let out the sounds of screeching metal. Rays of light shone brightly on the surfaces of the saber and sword. It appeared every attack carried a streak of profound inspiration. With a few more glances, onlookers seemed to be assailed by saber lights and sword shadows.

On the Atomic Realm Platform, palm prints and fist energies burst forth, causing loud roars and rumbling booms. The two prodigies moved as fast as lightning, and their battle intent was boiling. They were practically fighting with their lives on the line.

On the Ascendant Realm Platform, the prodigies were like two gods. Every movement and gesture carried a surging, mighty force, and their attacks were terrifying to an extreme degree. Moreover, their eyes seemed to have a compelling power, which also appeared to be a type of profound inspiration. Compared to what the group in the Immortal Realm revealed, it was a bit more mysterious.

Gu Zuo watched with some excitement.

He wasn’t a martial artist. There was no way he could possess such terrifying strength as to collide head-on with his physical body and punch someone’s flesh like these prodigies. It had to be said that this was a regret, but when he saw these fights right now, it was inevitable that some hot blood would well up in his chest.

After that, Gu Zuo silently made a decision.

He turned to look at Tianheng: “Big brother…”

Tianheng lowered his head to him: “What’s the matter, Ah Zuo?”

Gu Zuo said: “I’m going to refine Sense Connecting Pills. Big brother, how about taking one with me later?”

Tianheng stared blankly: “Sense Connecting Pills?”

He had never heard of this medicinal pill. Because he hadn’t seen Gu Zuo’s cultivation materials since he reached the golden level, he didn’t know what product rank or function this medicinal pill had.

Gu Zuo was a little embarrassed: “I’ll just…use big brother’s blood and some medicinal ingredients to refine the pills and take them. Then, for a certain period of time, big brother’s senses will be my senses…”

As he spoke, he looked at the raised platform with some eagerness in his eyes.

Tianheng understood in a flash: “Ah Zuo wants to share senses with me so that he can experience what it’s like when I battle others?”

He thought about Gu Zuo’s current age, and naturally understood what he was thinking.

Gu Zuo nodded his head: “Once big brother starts fighting, I should be done refining them.”

He checked just a moment ago. Among the medicinal ingredients he previously stored inside the Divine Medicine Great Palace, he had just the ones he needed.

Of course, Tianheng wasn’t unwilling. He merely lowered his head and softly sighed: “But Ah Zuo, what I have isn’t blood right now…”

Gu Zuo: “…”

He actually forgot!

His big brother’s asura incarnation didn’t have blood!

The plan failed…

Gu Zuo was a little dispirited.

It seems that if he wanted to experience the feeling of exchanging blows with an elite, he had to wait until his big brother’s main body returned. Who knew if he could come back in time for the battles of Prodigy Monument?

This whole event only lasted ten days to half a month…

Tianheng didn’t try to comfort Gu Zuo. It was one thing that his main body hadn’t returned, but he himself wasn’t very optimistic about Gu Zuo’s move.

Although the Sense Connecting Pill was good, if he was injured many times during the battle, he would think nothing of it. However, if these sensations befell his little pharmacist, wouldn’t it be too painful?

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