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Chapter 510 - Big Brother’s Results

Chapter 510 – Big Brother’s Results

It was just that, when all was said and done, the auxiliary tablets had heights of 300 meters. Merely reaching heights approaching 260 meters couldn’t really leave these top-level prodigies completely satisfied.

Gu Zuo continued to watch. The prodigies with qi emissions that were slightly stronger than these people were taking action. They attained scores as high as 267 meters. It could be said that such a position was above and beyond many prodigies!

At this time, a rather tall young man suddenly emerged from the crowd. His figure abruptly shot upwards like a cannonball. After that, he delivered an explosive palm strike!

Upon the stone tablet of the Atomic Realm, he reached 276 meters!

Unlike those highly-anticipated prodigies before, although the young man was also a favored son of heaven, no one had ever heard of his name or reputation. One could say that he was a new face.

And once this young man landed on the ground, he let out a sneer: “All of you are trash!”

Right away, a number of prodigies were outraged: “What did you say?!”

The young man ridiculed: “All of you are said to be famous prodigies, but you can’t even reach a mere 270 meters. What else are you if not pieces of trash? You should quickly give up the resources the sects provided you, and hand them over to others who aren’t garbage!”

This kind of ability to incite hatred and such a foul mouth — Even in Gu Zuo’s whole life, this was a rare sight.

Nothing else had to be mentioned. After this person made such a mockery of them, all of the prodigies on the scene would remember him. Following this matter, it was even more likely that countless prodigies would look for him and take action!

One ought to know that, even though the heights of the names left behind on the auxiliary tablets were different, having the highest name didn’t mean that someone was the strongest. They just had to wait until the battles later on!

As one could well imagine, when this young prodigy entered the arena, he would be targeted by attacks from all sides. He definitely wouldn’t be able to get his desired outcome.

However, at this time, everyone could only suffer in silence and swallow their anger.

Besides, whose fault was it that the achievements of the current prodigies couldn’t surpass 270 meters? Being unable to suppress this young man, it was only natural that they had no choice but to accept the other party’s ridicule.

At this moment, several prodigies with slightly inferior willpower looked to the few who hadn’t struck the stone tablets yet.

Almost all of these prodigies were at the Atomic Realm.

The fact of the matter was that the Atomic Realm martial artists were always the most numerous in every competition of the Prodigy Monument.

Just when Gu Zuo wanted to let his family’s big brother go next, a quiet and exquisite girl gracefully walked out from the other side. Her complexion was stunning, her temperament was clear and cold, and the pupils of her indifferent eyes seemed to be eternally frozen… Who else could this proud daughter of heaven be if not that roach-like Ice Phoenix Goddess?

Gu Zuo was looking at the Ice Phoenix Goddess, and loathing flashed in his eyes.

This woman’s behavior was vile, the Cuckoo Body was despicable, and it was suspected that there was a huge conspiracy behind her. Previously, he and big brother handed this matter to the Blood Transformation Palace Master to handle. The palace master naturally wanted to conduct an investigation before doing anything else, but they didn’t know the results of this investigation.

Though, it could be assumed that the results were unsatisfactory. Otherwise, this woman would’ve been exposed long ago. How could she have been allowed to live freely and break through to the Atomic Realm?

After suppressing many trains of thought, Gu Zuo watched as the Ice Phoenix Goddess walked out and faintly nodded her head to everyone: “This little sister will give it a try.”

As these words fell from her lips, her body was like a white crane as she floated up. Then, she rose into the air at great speeds like a billowing cloud. The elegance of her posture and the smoothness of her qi emissions were rare sights.

Before long, the Ice Phoenix Goddess was already approaching the summit of the auxiliary tablet. After that, she her palm was as light as a feather as she patted the stone tablet. Then, her entire person gracefully landed. Standing quietly, she really looked like a celestial fairy of peerless charm&#k2026; Among the numerous beauties present, only her immaculate chill and Tantai Lianxing’s enigmatic mystery could attract the attention of outstanding prodigies the most.

Seeing this, Gu Zuo felt even more disgusted.

Showing off in this way, the thoughts in this woman’s heart couldn’t have been seen through more clearly by him!

He only hoped that the other prodigies didn’t fall for it.

And yet, when Gu Zuo looked at the stone tablet, the pupils of his eyes constricted.

285 meters!

Unexpectedly, she was able to climb to this height!

In other words, based on the stone tablet of the Atomic Realm, there would be many twists and turns during the battles ahead.

For the stone tablet of the Immortal Realm, the highest that people reached was 267 meters. The same was true for the stone tablet at the Ascendant Realm.

While there were more twists and turns for the Atomic Realm, it seemed that it would also be more interesting.

After the performance of the Ice Phoenix Goddess, the gazes of the young prodigies looking at her became burning hot.

Indeed, the young lady, whose appearance had been stolen by the Ice Phoenix Goddess, possessed amazing looks that had no equal. Even though this Mu Baizhi was nothing more than counterfeit goods, she was still brilliant and beautiful, which caused others to admire her.

Then, there was this woman’s stolen aptitude. The moment she appeared and showed off, those prodigies felt that she was worthy of marriage. One day, they would dual cultivate with her, and both sides would certainly be able to advance their realms. In the future, breaking through to the Cosmic Realm and even the Lesser Emperor Realm seemed like only a matter of time!

That young prodigy, whose mouth was filled with mockery just a while ago, furrowed his brows.

Surprisingly, someone suddenly appeared who could soar to 285 meters?

Though, there still wasn’t too much shame on his face, and the sneering expressions from many other prodigies couldn’t shake him. It was just that, when he looked at Mu Baizhi, he attached a little more importance to her.

Only Gu Zuo raised the alarms in his heart.

Mu Baizhi’s background had become so terrifying. He was afraid that she had devoured at least one prodigy. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for her to break through to the Atomic Realm!

They couldn’t allow her to continue growing!

But despite knowing this, without the evidence in hand, it still couldn’t be done… Speaking of which, the time it would take would certainly be longer.

At this moment, the timber of Gongyi Tianheng’s voice was a low growl that resounded in Gu Zuo’s Tianfu Acupoint: “Ah Zuo, if you hate this woman, I’ll kill her for you once I meet her in the arena battles.”

Gu Zuo hastily said: “With her strength, she must have accumulated a lot by now…”

Tianheng softly chuckled: “What is Ah Zuo anxious about?”

Gu Zuo blanked: “There’s no need to be anxious?”

Tianheng resisted the desire to hold Gu Zuo in his arms, and spoke in a constrained voice: “Ah Zuo, don’t worry.”

Once he finished talking, he also walked out.

— That’s right. Tianheng hadn’t left his name on the stone tablet yet.

Gu Zuo recovered his thoughts, and sincerely said: “Big brother, you can do it!”

Tianheng smiled: “Ah Zuo, rest assured.”

After Tianheng walked out, the lines of sight placed on Mu Baizhi were redirected towards him.

However, even though his graceful bearing was outstanding, the patterns on his face were strange, which formed a bizarre type of charm. And because of Mu Baizhi’s previous performance, although a few people still attached great importance to him, the other prodigies didn’t think his abilities were above that of Mu Baizhi.

Huang Ji and the other three from Ten Ultimates Sect had already gone up. Huang Ji had been able to achieve 222 meters, but the remaining three people only reached between 180 and 210 meters.

Among them, when Huang Ji achieved such a result, there was only a flash of stern light in his eyes and the battle intent in his heart became even stronger. However, the other three were a little ashamed of themselves. At the same time, they were the ones amid the crowd who were looking forward to Tianheng’s performance the most — They only hoped that this all-star prodigy could suppress the others and win face for Ten Ultimates Sect!

At this moment, Tianheng stood beneath the stone tablet of the Atomic Realm. He slightly lifted his head, and looked up.

Many names occupied the tablet’s surface. The lower one went, the more chaotic and disorderly the arrangements became. Likewise, the higher one went, the clearer and sparser the names appeared.

After Tianheng kept a Blood Poison Pill inside his mouth, his body flashed with a bloody light. His entire body was already soaring into the air and dashing straight upwards!

In a split second, an enormous, surging force pressed down. It was almost as though it wanted to push him into the ground so that he couldn’t more anymore.

Sure enough, this ten-times gravity was truly extraordinary!

It was like Tianheng was carrying a gigantic mountain. Every inch was hard-fought.

No wonder so many prodigies could only fly 60 to 90 meters into the air. Even though they were well-prepared, they hadn’t been able to soar up and were dejectedly eliminated.

However, this pressure was nothing to Tianheng.

If it was his main body, it naturally would’ve been even easier for him. And though it was an incarnation, he wasn’t in a difficult situation.

Gu Zuo watched from below. His heart was a little tense.

30 meters, 60 meters, 90 meters…

In just a breath of time, Tianheng already reached higher than 90 meters!

Upon seeing this, the other three Ten Ultimates Sect prodigies could tell that Tianheng still had some strength to spare. Their hearts couldn’t help relaxing, and they praised: “If this continues, our Ten Ultimates Sect will no longer be weaker than the others. He truly deserves to be called an all-star prodigy. He’ll definitely be able to compete against the top prodigies of those gold-ranked organizations!”

Xie Yayun breathed a soft sigh: “It depends on Junior Brother Gongyi’s final results.”

Gu Zuo raised his head, and watched as his family’s big brother continued to ascend.

At this moment, Tianheng had already passed the 150-meter mark.

Shortly thereafter, it was 180 meters, 210 meters, 240 meters!

There were some prodigies who suddenly paid attention to this. They couldn’t help opening their mouths:

“This fellow’s achievements are impressive!”

“His momentum isn’t weak. I don’t think he’s going to stop.”

“He’s at least a top prodigy!”

“When he reaches the 270-meter mark, there will be a degree of danger. Let’s see if he can get through it…”

In particular were Tantai Lianxing and the other prodigies who had besieged Tianheng, but failed to overcome him. With regards to Tianheng’s final results, it could be said that they were filled with expectations.

While they didn’t want Tianheng to surpass them, they secretly hoped that this person wouldn’t let them down — If he fell behind them, wouldn’t it be more shameful to have lost in the first place?

When he was at the 270-meter mark, the enormous amount of gravity that could be tolerated before seemed to be strengthened many times over. However, this was merely the perception of many prodigies who reached their limits.

The corner of Tianheng’s lips curled up slightly. He had already crossed this distance. As he continued to soar upwards, he didn’t slow down at all!

276 meters…

285 meters…

He surpassed that Ice Phoenix Goddess, and went straight to the summit!

At last, Gongyi Tianheng abruptly slapped out —

299 meters!

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