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Chapter 507 - Matters Kept Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 507 – Matters Kept Behind Closed Doors

Gu Zuo looked elated.

Gongyi Tianheng also said: “Many thanks, master. Many thanks, Heaven Lord.”

The Blood Transformation Palace Master flung his sleeves: “Tianheng, off you go!”

Following this, Tianheng and Gu Zuo bade farewell to the palace master, turned around, and departed from the Blood Transformation Palace Hall.

Prodigies would be participating in the battles of the Prodigy Monument. While many sects had powerful people going to watch the competition, when it came to the actual journey, the prodigies would go by themselves for their own tempering.

During this trip, apart from Gu Zuo, Tianheng only brought Ying Yu and another powerhouse called Ao Zhan who was originally at the Celestial Realm — And why would the word originally be used?

Ao Zhan had been at the peak of the Celestial Realm. He only needed an opportunity to break through and become a Noble Realm powerhouse! As for this opportunity, Gu Zuo generously gave it to him.

What Ao Zhan obtained from Gu Zuo was a profound-level Realm Breaking Pill. Because he had the metal attribute, once he received this medicinal pill, his entire body was like a sharp sword whose cutting edge had no equal. At the same time, with the help of Gu Zuo’s medicinal pills, Ying Yu smoothly broke through to peak Celestial Realm. Once he stabilized this realm, he could similarly obtain a Realm Breaking Pill from Gu Zuo, allowing him to become a Noble Realm powerhouse.

It was also for this reason that, when Ao Zhan and Ying Yu were treating Tianheng and Gu Zuo, the obedience in the beginning turned into wholehearted acceptance later on. And now, they were already die-hard loyalists.

There were only a few people, so their group kept a low profile. They were indistinguishable from ordinary travelers. Along the way, they rode on wild birds, and passed through countless teleportation arrays. After five days, they successfully arrived at the location of the Prodigy Monument.

This was a seaside city.

Outside of the city, there was a gigantic ocean that spread as far as the eyes could see. Due to the existence of the Prodigy Monument, this originally empty and desolate place developed into a huge seaside city. Merely, because of the special nature of the Prodigy Monument, there was no city lord presiding over this city. There were only many gold-ranked and veteran silver-ranked organizations that dispatched and garrisoned their elders. Everyone maintained the order in this seaside city.

And the name of this city was Prodigy City.

Tianheng pulled Gu Zuo out of the teleportation array. Billowing into their faces, they smelled an oceanic and fishy scent. Contained within this scent was an incredibly frightening power. It rushed forward, and seemed as though it could destroy one’s willpower.

Gu Zuo sensed it: “Eh?”

This kind of impact force was a little scary, but it couldn’t do anything to a pharmacist at the Nurturing Psyche Realm like him.

Tianheng also felt as if there were several steel needles piercing his brain. He softly harrumphed, and the invisible impact immediately disappeared. It was incapable of affecting him in the slightest.

Gu Zuo curiously said: “How strange. Where does that oppressive force come from?”

Tianheng considered for a moment: “This place is at the seaside, and the pressure comes with the scent of the ocean. Although it’s strong, it’s quite scattered. It must come from the origin beasts in the sea.”

Gu Zuo thought about it and felt convinced.

Shortly thereafter, the group of four went to Ten Ultimates Sect’s garrison in the city. Very quickly, a Noble Realm powerhouse came over to welcome them. This was an elder stationed here. His figure was tall and robust, his looks were resolute and stalwart, and the expression in his eyes was extremely determined. Compared to other commonly-seen martial artists of the same realm, he seemed even more steady and unbreakable.

After seeing Tianheng, this elder carefully looked at him and his expression faintly changed.

Naturally, he had acquired the image of the all-star prodigy in the sect long ago. It was just that the blood fiend’s aura that suffused his body right now appeared too monstrous and strange, which made him somewhat concerned.

Prodigies each had their own personality quirks. In addition, there were many who were moody, arrogant, and obstinate. Who knew what kind of temperament this prodigy had? Although it was said that he was graceful and elegant, there wasn’t much of a resemblance at this time…

Fortunately, while Tianheng looked a little strange and his tone of voice was somewhat odd, he didn’t show too much of an evil inclination, which was inconsistent with his bloodlust. This made the elder feel reassured.

Afterwards, the elder wanted to guide them into the rear courtyard to rest.

And as for Tianheng?

He always took Gu Zuo’s matters to heart. Just a while ago, Gu Zuo was puzzled over something, so now, he opened his mouth to ask: “Elder Liu, when we first arrived, I didn’t know what was that suppressive might in the sea breeze… What’s the matter with that?”

When Elder Liu heard this question, he was happy to answer it, and said: “Prodigy City is located on the shore of this sea region. That suppressive might naturally comes from the depths of the sea region…”

It was rumored that there were countless origin beasts in the sea’s depths. Moreover, many of those origin beasts were extraordinarily talented and blessed with long lifespans. Thus, in the deep sea, through an unending competition where the strong preyed upon the weak and under the accumulation of many years, their ranks became incredibly high and the number of races reached monumental proportions.

Some people even said that there were rank eight origin beasts in the sea region’s depths — In other words, origin beasts that were comparable to the Greater Emperor Realm. Even now, there were plenty of rank seven origin beasts, which corresponded to the Lesser Emperor Realm, roaming about.

In order to prevent the origin beasts in the sea region from going ashore and wreaking havoc, the deep sea’s rank seven origin beasts and the Lesser Emperors on the continent reached a stalemate. Thus, a Sea-Land Accord was proposed. The origin beasts wouldn’t secretly climb ashore and the people on land wouldn’t secretly enter the sea. Otherwise, they only had themselves to blame if they lost their lives.

Speaking of which, some people probably thought that the suppressive might in the sea breeze came from the origin beasts in the deep sea. However, the reason why the deep sea was called the “deep” sea was naturally because it was so deep that one couldn’t see the bottom at all. Since that was the case, unless there were many origin beasts lurking in front of the coastline, how could it be possible for everyone in this seaside city to feel this suppressive might? As for the powerhouses in the city, they wouldn’t allow origin beasts to stay near the coast.

As a result, there was more to the root cause of this suppressive might.

And this origin…was also related to the reason why the Prodigy Monument was recognized as an emperor weapon.

According to legend, exceptional powerhouses at the Greater Emperor Realm once appeared on this continent. However, because their lifespans gradually ran out, those Greater Emperors perished. Afterwards, no new Greater Emperors rose again. Even among the current gold-ranked organizations, there were only Lesser Emperor Realms.

In the era when all of the Greater Emperors had fallen, the Lesser Emperors reached an agreement with the rank seven origin beasts. But during a certain generation, an origin beast in the sea region broke through to rank eight, becoming the sole exceptional powerhouse comparable to a Greater Emperor on the continent.

With such a powerhouse in the ocean, it was only natural that the origin beasts weren’t willing to occupy just the sea region. Although the sea region had innumerable treasures, the fertile and abundant land still stimulated the greed of the sea region origin beasts.

Back then, the rank eight origin beast unified the sea region and one-sidedly tore up the accord, wanting to launch an attack on the continent!

Under the onslaught of these origin beasts, the continent’s forces naturally suffered defeat after defeat. On land, the dead and injured were uncountable, the blood of the fallen turned into rivers, and corpses piled up into mountains. Untold numbers of powerhouses gathered together to resist the origin beasts — Even those nonhuman races that lived within the Great Wilderness formed an alliance and opposed the origin beasts of the ocean!

However, this was still of no use. The strength of the rank eight origin beast was simply incomparable to that of the Lesser Emperor Realm powerhouses. Many Lesser Emperors perished because of this, but they couldn’t stop the footsteps of the rank eight origin beast. The continent’s races clearly understood that once the origin beasts won, all of the races would be reduced to bloody food-scraps for the origin beasts — They wouldn’t even be able to survive as slaves.

This was because origin beasts had no sentimental feelings. Their only purpose in living was their own evolution and the slaughter and devouring of other races.

Later on, at the most critical moment, the natal spirit weapon of a fallen Greater Emperor appeared. It was an emperor weapon that once followed its Greater Emperor who quelled all directions and whose might was unmatched!

The spirit of this emperor weapon proposed a feasible method. The essence blood of a hundred formidable Lesser Emperors would be gathered and offered to the emperor weapon. Then, the emperor weapon would suppress that rank eight origin beast so that it would never be able to free itself again.

After the rank eight origin beast was sealed away, the remaining rank seven origin beasts would no longer pose as much of a threat. Meanwhile, the Lesser Emperors on the continent would have the capital to stand against the origin beasts, and renew the accord.

The races on the continent were in desperate straits. They staked everything on this last-ditch effort, and did as the spirit of this emperor weapon said. Sure enough, the spirit of the emperor weapon didn’t disappoint them. Using the essence blood of the Lesser Emperors to temporarily raise its capabilities to the maximum, the emperor weapon suppressed that rank eight origin beast in one fell swoop!

It went without saying that the rank eight origin beast was unwilling. However, the emperor weapon restrained the origin beast’s physical body. At the same time, the spirit of the emperor weapon used its own soul energy to grapple with the origin beast’s beast soul. In the end, it achieved a hard-fought victory.

The matter ended with the origin beast’s physical body sinking into the deep sea forever. The spirit of the emperor weapon practically took down the beast soul in mutual destruction. At that time, the place where the emperor weapon fought the rank eight origin beast to the death was this coastline. The location of that origin beast’s physical body was also in the nearby deep sea.

The remaining power of the beast soul mixed into this sea region, and after countless years, these waters carried a faint suppressive might. No one knew whether the beast soul had truly shattered to pieces. And no one knew whether there were any traces left of the spirit of that emperor weapon.

However, there was no need for doubt. From that moment on, balance was restored between the sea and land. Furthermore, a rank eight origin beast or Greater Emperor never appeared again.

Listening up to here, Gu Zuo couldn’t help but show a hint of reverence on his face: “That senior emperor weapon spirit sacrificed itself for the continent’s races. It’s truly admirable.”

When Elder Liu heard this, his expression softened. He was similarly respectful: “I’ve heard that the original body of that senior emperor weapon spirit was a Demon-Suppressing Obelisk, which belonged to a Greater Emperor of our human race. When the human race was in decline, Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk once followed its Greater Emperor into bloody battles that spanned all directions, saving countless people. Moreover, the Greater Emperor it followed didn’t perish due to an exhausted lifespan, but died fighting for the human race in an ancient battle.

“After that Greater Emperor fell, Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk suffered grievous injuries, and had been recuperating for many years. Later on, when the continent was met with a calamity, just as Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk recovered to its full glory, it went back out into the world for the sake of the human race. Just like those Greater Emperors of yore, it gave up its life for the continued existence of our race.”

Gu Zuo took a deep breath: “Then, Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk’s original body is…”

Elder Liu’s expression was dignified. He nodded his head and said: “That’s right. It’s the Prodigy Monument. At the last moment, Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk sent a message to the Lesser Emperor powerhouses. It mentioned that, if it perished, an arena would be opened near its original body to establish a monument to prodigies. Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk also requested that the Prodigy Monument had to be activated every fifty years for prodigies to do battle. Reportedly…”

He paused: “Reportedly, when prodigies battled and honed themselves in this place, the spiritual will emitted by these prodigies could help Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk, who had fallen long ago, to continue suppressing the corpse of that rank eight origin beast. This would prevent the sea region origin beasts from finding it and causing harm to the races of our continent.”

The author has something to say:

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  1. Anyone who can blacken is not a real saint. Qi Tianyou is a real saint.
  2. If he was constantly being pursued by a gay guy and felt that this fellow was just being a good brother, it’s not that he’s slow. He’s just as straight as a flagpole. And at this time, the author arranged for him to be protected by a beautiful girl as his personal bodyguard… As a result, the conclusion can only be that he’s straight!
  3. A corpse has been staying low-key in the storage compartment the entire time. For the protagonist, there hasn’t been any chance to bury it. For the author, he is going to be resurrected.
  4. When an author is preoccupied with pure relationships, they won’t let other creatures getting in-between the gong and shou. The weapon spirit is a “threatening” existence hidden in the Tianfu Acupoint, so she cannot be a handsome man who’s always thinking about her former master. Moreover, because the former master and the current master have totally different personalities, she doesn’t approve of the current master’s behavior and method of handling things. However, the author had to expand the essential roles for the sake of the plot. In order to not cause too much trouble for the current master, the author will have Ling Su display her “residual heat” to safeguard the resurrected, saintly brother for the current master.
  5. Everyone’s imagination is really rich, which makes me feel flabbergasted. There is indeed a puddle of melodramatic dog’s blood in their past, but no one has grasped the right direction of the melodrama. Let me say it this way. There are so many melodramatic tropes in the world, but this will not be an interloper or scapegoat trope. It will be another commonly-seen trope, which often appears within normal xuanhuan novels.
  6. Qi Tianyou’s existence is very important. This guy plays a big role in Gu Zuo’s past, and he’s one of the key plot points I determined before writing this story.
  7. If an emperor weapon with a recognized master attempts to rebel, at most it will prevent the master from using the emperor weapon’s full strength. There is no such thing as revealing the master’s secrets, betraying the master, and so on. It would suffer a backlash. Don’t take refining for granted! After refining, one has complete control over the spirit of the emperor weapon!

Speaking up to here, I believe the direction of everyone’s imagination can be put on the right path…

Think of it in the direction of a danmei novel or a xuanhuan novel, okay? In this world, the protagonist and a small minority of people are danmei, but the majority are still xuanhuan.

Wipe away your sweat!

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