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Chapter 506 - Ling Su’s Way of Thinking

Chapter 506 – Ling Su’s Way of Thinking

Gu Zuo suddenly clenched his fist — He could save Qi Tianyou’s life!

He quickly calmed the restlessness in his heart, and slowly said: “Of course, I’m willing.”

How couldn’t he be willing? They were relatives connected by blood. This was a teenager who lived such a hard life, but was still so pure and kind-hearted.

It was no wonder. When Gu Zuo obtained the memories of this teenager, he was upset that the other didn’t put up a fight. Moreover, the anger that arose on behalf of Qi Tianyou’s circumstances far exceeded what should’ve happened from “watching a movie.”

As it turned out, it was because they were twins. As a result, it felt as though everything happened to himself…

Gu Zuo calmed down. Yet, he realized that Ling Su seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when she heard he was willing to bring his biological brother, Qi Tianyou, back to life.

All of a sudden, a thought came to mind: “Ling Su, if Tianyou had the Double Heavenly Beads, would you have hoped that he could become your master?”

Ling Su’s body faintly shook.

After that, she slowly nodded her head: “Qi Tianyou’s personality resembles that of my former master.”

Gu Zuo was stumped for words.

Ling Su didn’t continue to speak.

However, Gu Zuo didn’t take offense to this.

To be honest, although the system had been following him for a long time, Ling Su was still unfamiliar to him. He could also understand that, as the spirit of an emperor weapon, she would want to be with a new master who was like her old master. Besides, this matter allowed him to come up with another line of thought.

Hence, Gu Zuo asked: “As the spirit of an emperor weapon, you should be able to leave the emperor weapon and act on your own once you get better, right?”

Ling Su didn’t know why Gu Zuo wanted to ask this, but she still nodded: “If master permits it, I can.”

Gu Zuo smiled: “In that case, after Tianyou is brought back to life, are you willing to stay by his side and protect him?”

This time around, it was Ling Su’s turn to be taken aback.

A good while later, she softly nodded again: “I am willing.”

This was a load off Gu Zuo’s mind.

Because of their innate talents, the experiences these two brothers went through were worlds apart. It wouldn’t have mattered if he didn’t know. But after finding out, he naturally felt pity for Qi Tianyou.

In any case, he also wasn’t too fond of Ling Su staying inside the Divine Medicine Great Palace. Moreover, after he refined Ling Su, he could control the Divine Medicine Great Palace by himself. Unless there was a special situation, he didn’t particularly need Ling Su’s help. As such, letting Ling Su follow Tianyou served two purposes. It would give Tianyou an additional safeguard, and it would make everyone happier.

Gu Zuo said: “Since it’s like this, you can pick a side hall around here and tidy it up. After that, make arrangements for Tianyou. You’ll keep Tianyou company in that side hall. Ordinarily, there’s no need for you to come to the main palace hall or the attached side halls.”

Ling Su’s gaze lit up: “Yes, master.”

Seeing that Ling Su wished to be excused, Gu Zuo quickly called out to her and asked one last question: “Back then, why were Tianyou and I separated in two worlds?”

Ling Su shook her head: “Master’s scope of authority is insufficient, so it is better not to ask.”

Gu Zuo sighed: “Okay. You have been with me for so long, and you should know me well. You said I don’t have sufficient authority, but I don’t know whether it’s because you’re unwilling to tell me, or because I’m not capable enough. But if it’s the latter, I hope that one day you’ll feel that I’m capable enough and take the initiative to tell me.

“As for the familial origins of Tianyou and myself… Maybe you know a little bit. However, you don’t even want to tell me how Tianyou and I were separated, let alone our origins. The reason why we were separated may have a lot to do with our past. Of course, it’s also possible that I’m overthinking it.”

Ling Su wasn’t someone who liked to talk. Once she paid her respects to Gu Zuo, she set forth. Her figure was like a shadow as she quietly came to the storage compartment, and carried out Qi Tianyou’s corpse.

Immediately following which, she departed from the main palace hall.

After Ling Su left, Gu Zuo sensed the arms tightening around his waist, and smiled: “Big brother?”

Gongyi Tianheng rubbed his chin on Gu Zuo’s shoulder: “She’s…” A flash of cold light streaked across his eyes, “Ah Zuo, she’s an unstable factor.”

Gu Zuo nodded: “I know.”

Tianheng faintly sighed: “I don’t like her being around us.”

Gu Zuo nodded again: “I know…” Speaking up to here, he comforted, “That’s why I’m having her stay in the side hall. Furthermore, if Ling Su isn’t disconnected from the Divine Medicine Great Palace, I won’t refine it into my natal spirit weapon.”

Tianheng’s mood seemed to improve: “Ah Zuo, one day I will find the best treasures and materials and refine a unique and unrivaled natal spirit weapon for you. This Divine Medicine Great Palace will only be used for the time being.”

Listening to this, Gu Zuo’s heart inexplicably warmed up, and he bubbled with laughter. However, he still resolutely promised: “Okay. I’ll wait for big brother to refine a spirit weapon for me.”

Tianheng was finally satisfied. He gathered Gu Zuo into his arms, carried him to the bed in the attached side hall, and laid him down.

A sparkling, translucent, and jade-like stone ovum was peacefully nestled on this bed. Although it appeared to be silent, Gu Zuo and Tianheng could sense a type of flesh and blood connection to it.

Hence, while Tianheng embraced Gu Zuo, Gu Zuo was holding this stone ovum to his chest.

Two people and one ovum quietly rested…

Gu Zuo also sank into a rare, deep sleep.

No matter what was said, there were too many things he had found out today. Even though Gu Zuo’s psychic power was formidable, he still felt a little exhausted from this.

This exhaustion came from his heart.

However, when he was held in his dear big brother’s embrace, his heart was slowly soothed.

Upon learning that the system was actually an emperor weapon, Gu Zuo had a better understanding of spirit weapons. And after this, he didn’t have to take any more missions. This was because he could already receive everything left behind by the previous master. He could also make arrangements for his own future cultivation process.

Within his Tianfu Acupoint, the emperor weapon Divine Medicine Great Palace was the closest to his psychic core, which was in the middle of nurturing a spirit body. Slightly further away was that black cloak and the Void-Breaking Shuttle — They were floating side by side, one on the left and the other on the right, with neither falling behind.

After Gu Zuo completely refined the Divine Medicine Great Palace, he basically knew that this great palace was actually like a mobile residence that could be carried with oneself. There were all kinds of things inside, but of course, there were two functions that were the most special.

Firstly, if Gu Zuo hid within it, the Divine Medicine Great Palace would transform into an unobtrusive speck of dust that not even a Greater Emperor could easily perceive. It could be said to be an effective tool for escaping. In addition, it could store people inside based on Gu Zuo’s intent.

Secondly, if the Divine Medicine Great Palace was revealed, its defensive capabilities were top-notch. Even if it was currently like this and was discovered, so long as there were sufficient quantities of medicinal qi and psychic power, the situation would be the same. Not even a Greater Emperor could break through this defense.

Apart from this, Gu Zuo also gave Tianheng access privileges.

In the past, Tianheng needed to stay close to Gu Zuo and could only enter with Gu Zuo’s permission. Now, if Tianheng wanted to enter the great palace, although he still couldn’t move too far away from Gu Zuo, there wouldn’t be any problems within five thousand kilometers. Also, he could flash inside without needing Gu Zuo’s permission.

If the two of them stayed together, Tianheng’s life would have another layer of protection.

During this period of time, Gu Zuo had been studying the purpose of the Divine Medicine Great Palace. At this point, he knew that the sculpture on the altar in the back was the previous master of this great palace. Unfortunately, Ling Su wasn’t willing to talk about the identity of this master, and Gu Zuo didn’t make any guesses.

As for Ling Su, she really did as Gu Zuo instructed, and placed Qi Tianyou inside a cozy, small palace hall. As for herself, she would sit upright and cross-legged on a prayer mat in front of the window for long stretches of time. She quietly sat in meditation, and watched over the corpse.

The present Ling Su never stepped foot outside of this small palace hall, and hardly appeared before Gu Zuo anymore.

While Gu Zuo somewhat cared about Ling Su’s strength as the spirit of this emperor weapon, he didn’t go to investigate further because Ling Su wasn’t an irksome presence.

On the contrary, it was Tianheng who showed thoughtful expressions from time to time.

In the blink of an eye, a little more than a month had passed.

Soon, the battles of the Prodigy Monument would begin.

It was also time for Tianheng to leave the sect and rush to the Prodigy Monument.

Before leaving, Tianheng naturally wanted to pay a visit to his master. This time around, though Gu Zuo originally didn’t have to accompany him, the asura incarnation couldn’t stray too far from Gu Zuo. Likewise, Gu Zuo wouldn’t leave his family’s big brother. Thus, he followed along.

The Blood Transformation Palace Master had already been waiting for a long time.

After seeing the two, the palace master directly tossed out several tokens, and threw them to Tianheng: “Apprentice, put these things away.”

Tianheng accepted them, and took a look. These five talismanic tokens were blood-red, and the shape of their surfaces were like blood palms. These tokens were filled with intent.

Tianheng had seen something similar before. It was a bloody hand with one strike from a Heaven Lord sealed inside. He had just received five tokens, but the sense of danger in each piece was no weaker than that of the bloody hand he saw last time. In other words, contained within each talismanic token was the power to destroy heaven and earth. It was the strongest blow of a Heaven Lord!

Back then, it was precisely because of the trump card bestowed by the Blood Transformation Heaven Lord that Tianheng conveniently wiped out that group of lowlives. This time around, he obtained as many as five trump cards. To put it another way, unless he encountered a situation of certain death that involved the strength of a Lesser Emperor or above, no one would be able to take his life!

It could be said that these were life-saving tools. Moreover, these were five more chances…

The Blood Transformation Palace Master smiled and said: “When this apprentice goes to the Prodigy Monument’s battlefield, you’ll be carrying the prestige of our Ten Ultimates Sect and the graceful bearing of the Blood Transformation Palace Hall. Naturally, you need to have a few more means to protect yourself.”

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