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Chapter 505 - Resurrection?

Chapter 505 – Resurrection?

Soon, this drop of heart’s blood fell into the white light. At that moment, it was like some violent chemical reaction had occurred. One would only see that dark-red splash of color turning into countless strands of blood. In an instant, the ball of white light was dyed a faint red.

At the same time, Gu Zuo sensed a vague connection between himself and that ball of white light. The entire Divine Medicine Great Palace seemed to develop a strong sense of closeness to him.

This was completely different from when he simply borrowed the Divine Medicine Great Palace and listened to the system’s instructions…

But it wasn’t over yet.

The emperor weapon wasn’t that easy to refine. As the blood-red color continued to seep into the white light, although it allowed Gu Zuo to feel that his connection to the other party was constantly deepening, he still released his psychic power to envelop the ball of white light.

At this time, Gu Zuo clearly felt a trace of rejection.

He faintly furrowed his brows: “Ling Su, what’s the meaning of this?”

However, that trace of rejection vanished right after Gu Zuo’s words fell.

Gu Zuo suddenly understood. This trace of rejection should’ve come from Ling Su. Apparently, because it wasn’t one hundred percent willing, there was an instinctual resistance. Later on, it reacted and lowered its own guard.

Immediately following which, Gu Zuo’s psychic power proceeded to dive deeply, continuously searching for the core of this ball of white light.

Slowly, his psychic power filled the white light and combined with the blood-red color. It didn’t take long for another type of closely-connected feeling to arise within Gu Zuo’s heart.

Innumerable strands of psychic power and internal qi were pouring into the Divine Medicine Great Palace! Almost instantly, he felt that his own internal qi was nearly used up. As for his psychic power, it was also on the verge of drying out!

Gu Zuo subconsciously took out many medicinal pills that could replenish one’s qi, and swallowed them. At the same time, he brought out wondrous medicines that could restore one’s psychic power, and likewise consumed them. There was even a steady flow of medicinal qi emerging from the storage space. These strands of medicinal qi were divided into two streams, which converged into his psychic power and internal qi. The connection between Gu Zuo and the white light deepened at incredible speeds!

In this way, seven days and seven nights unwittingly passed by.

All the while, Gongyi Tianheng had been standing guard beside Gu Zuo. Watching Gu Zuo slowly losing weight over these seven days, the bloody light in his eyes became more and more intense.

But even if the asura incarnation had personality defects, it was ultimately controlled by Tianheng’s consciousness. At such a critical juncture, he naturally wouldn’t willfully interfere. He just strenuously repressed and forcibly restrained the emotions that were about to explode. However, suppressing these kinds of emotions day after day caused the qi emissions around Tianheng to become even more terrifying. It made him look like a real blood asura, showing a ferocious appearance.

At last, on the seventh day, that ball of white light was brimming with Gu Zuo’s qi emissions. Then, a shadow peeled off from the white light.

Gu Zuo’s eyes were still tightly closed.

Tianheng flashed ahead and launched an attack on that streak of shadow!

&#k2014; “What are you?!”

That shadow hastily retreated, but didn’t confront Tianheng at all.

The qi emissions within the white light became clearer and clearer, and the shape of the shadow also became more and more distinct.

After Tianheng unleashed dozens of moves and that shadow dodged dozens of times, Gu Zuo finally opened his eyes. At the same moment, his pupils flashed with white light. This made his temperament seem pure and holy&#k2026; Of course, when he opened his mouth to speak, this sense of holiness dissipated.

Gu Zuo happened to see two figures clashing, and his heartbeat quickened: “Big brother, Ling Su, don’t fight!”

That clear streak of shadow rapidly retreated a dozen or so meters. Meanwhile, Gu Zuo’s thoughts moved, and his entire person suddenly appeared behind the blood-colored silhouette. He reached out, and hugged the other’s waist: “Big brother, that’s Ling Su!”

Tianheng felt the strength in Gu Zuo’s arms. He abruptly turned around, clutched Gu Zuo’s waist, and raised him up. Sealing their mouths together, Tianheng’s lips brazenly sucked and his tongue wantonly entangled with their partners. Intense possessiveness and fierce emotions alternated in his eyes. His strength heightened even more as though he wanted to rub Gu Zuo completely into his body… Such vigorous moves were unlike every moment of intimacy in the past. Although Gu Zuo didn’t need oxygen right now, he still had a breathless kind of feeling. His body felt hot all over.

Nevertheless, Gu Zuo still obediently submitted to Tianheng’s intense nibbling.

Now that he thought about it, he realized that he might’ve spent too much time refining. As a result, big brother’s personality defects were even more aggravated. Unable to endure this lengthy neglect, Tianheng had pressing concerns for him.

Thus, so long as he complied, he ought to be able to pacify big brother.

He was also happy to pacify him.

Sure enough, after Tianheng nibbled on Gu Zuo for two hours, he was finally willing to loosen up.

Gu Zuo took a few hurried gasps before he had enough time to explain: “Big brother, I have successfully refined it. But in the end, it’s still an emperor weapon, so it took a little longer. Now that the whole Divine Medicine Great Palace belongs to me, although it hasn’t been fully restored and all of its functions haven’t been entirely developed, it’s still very convenient to use.”

Under Gu Zuo’s gentle push, Tianheng finally let go of him. Afterwards, his gaze fell upon the figure on the side: “This is Ling Su?”

Gu Zuo also looked over, and nodded his head: “Yes, that ball of white light is the origin of the emperor weapon. Ling Su is the spirit born from this origin, and therefore, is the spirit of the emperor weapon.”

At this time, the appearance of that nearby figure was revealed. Merely, because it wasn’t a complete restoration, the figure was translucent and hadn’t taken a solid form.

Once Gu Zuo refined the Divine Medicine Great Palace, he already knew that the spirit of the emperor weapon could take a solid form when at its peak state. The reason why Ling Su wasn’t able to do so was because it was too weak.

It was just that…

The features of Ling Su, who appeared in front of Gu Zuo, were that of a graceful and elegant woman. She was dressed in plain white, and her long hair was tied into a high bun like a court lady. Though, her expression was clear and cold, which carried an unapproachable type of feeling.

When Gu Zuo saw Ling Su like this, he blinked his eyes: “Ling Su, do you dislike me?”

Ling Su faintly shook her head, but her voice was disaffected: “Not really.”

Gu Zuo thought of something: “Then, you didn’t want to be refined by me?”

Ling Su shook her head again: “It is not that either.”

Gu Zuo pondered for a short while: “Then… I’m not your most ideal master?”

This time, Ling Su didn’t say anything else.

Gu Zuo knew that, even though he had refined the emperor weapon, his control over Ling Su was already quite strong. However, Ling Su had helped him a lot over the years. Now that she had a heart knot, he didn’t want to turn a blind eye.

As a result, he said: “In that case, can you tell me what your ideal master is like?”

Ling Su remained silent.

Her gaze was distant. It was as though she was reminiscing for a very long time. Her tone carried a trace of longing: “The master in this Ling Su’s heart should be like my last master. It is not that you are bad, but your temperament is too different from that of my last master. Because of that, it is a little…strange.”

Gu Zuo understood.

In fact, in Ling Su’s heart, her only master should’ve been the one from before. To be capable of gaining such deep reverence from Ling Su, their character ought to have been quite good. Of course, that master also wouldn’t have taken the initiative to abandon Ling Su. As such, there was only one reason why Ling Su left with the inheritance — Her previous master had already fallen.

One always cherished the memories of the dead more than the living. Ling Su never forgot her former master, which was a sign of her nostalgia for the past. Gu Zuo wasn’t unhappy after realizing this reason.

Spirits of emperor weapons who remembered kindness were always better than those whose natures were cruel and headstrong.

Gu Zuo nodded: “Since it’s like this, it’ll be up to you.”

Ling Su lightly nodded in return, and didn’t continue to speak.

Following this, Gu Zuo went to the back of the Book Repository Hall.

This place had countless ancient records about medicine refinement. It was all embracing and all inclusive. There were no fewer than ten thousand books, which dazzled the eyes at a single glance. Now, he knew that all of the ancient books Ling Su used to reward him for missions actually came from this repository. This included the subsequent content for the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method that he hadn’t obtained yet. There were also numerous medicinal ingredient introductions and innumerable pieces of knowledge that could be found here.

Gu Zuo’s thoughts moved, and the ancient books in his storage space swiftly flew out and were inserted into the corresponding bookcases based on their respective categories.

In addition to the Book Repository Hall, there was also the Medicine Repository Hall. This place had been empty for a long time, but Gu Zuo knew that this was originally where the previous master of the emperor weapon stored medicine.

For any medicinal pills the previous master thought were adequately refined, some were left here to serve as a collection of their works.

Gu Zuo had refined lots of medicine, too. He didn’t want those pills to crowd the storage space, so his thoughts moved again, and he put them into the medicine cabinets one by one according to their respective product grades.

Thus, while the Medicine Repository Hall was still far from being filled to capacity, it wasn’t as empty as before.

After the refinement, Gu Zuo had a clear understanding of the original functions of many palace halls. He also tried to make use of them to their greatest extents. When all was said and done, the Divine Medicine Great Palace had gradually gained Gu Zuo’s qi emissions. In the future, it would be further imbued, and would completely belong to him.

Once everything was finished, it was time for Gu Zuo to go out.

He arrived in front of the first storage compartment, and silently looked at the teenager’s corpse inside… These facial features were the same as his own. He had already grown up, but the person inside would never get that chance.

At this time, Ling Su suddenly opened her mouth: “Master.”

Gu Zuo leaned into Tianheng’s embrace, and responded: “Yes?”

Ling Su said: “If Qi Tianyou can be resurrected, but the method is very difficult, would master be willing?”

Once these words were uttered, Gu Zuo abruptly turned his head: “What did you say?” His expression froze, “Tianyou, he can be resurrected?!”

Ling Su faintly nodded her head: “Master can gather the medicinal ingredients first. Once you have become an earth-level pharmacist, it is possible to refine the Nine Revolutions Life-Returning Pill. Coupled with some heavenly materials and earthly treasures, on the basis that this corpse has not lost its vitality, Qi Tianyou can be brought back to life.”

Gu Zuo took a deep breath: “Tianyou’s soul…hasn’t been reincarnated yet?”

Ling Su quietly looked at Gu Zuo: “On this landmass, unless one uses unconventional means to take another person’s body, one cannot reincarnate naturally.” She added, “When master arrived in the beginning, I preserved Qi Tianyou’s soul.”

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