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Chapter 504 - Many Doubts

Chapter 504 – Many Doubts

After struggling for a short while, Gu Zuo continued to ask: “In that case, when will my level of authority be enough? After I refine you?”

Ling Su said: “No.”

Gu Zuo: “Then?”

Ling Su replied: “This is a secret.”

Gu Zuo: “…”

As a result, all that stuff about authority was complete nonsense. On the contrary, you just don’t want to tell me, right?!

Thinking as such, Gu Zuo couldn’t help turning his gaze toward Gongyi Tianheng.

Tianheng smiled: “Ah Zuo, don’t worry. Even if Ling Su refuses to talk about it now, this might not necessarily be the case in the future… No matter what, you must first refine this emperor weapon and acquire this inheritance. Only then can you follow the right path. For the other matters you want to explore, wait until your strength improves. After a long time, you’ll be bound to find a way.”

He said this in Ling Su’s presence, but the spirit of the emperor weapon didn’t refute anything.

Gu Zuo was comforted, and wasn’t that impatient anymore.

However, before the refinement, he still had doubts and wanted to know: “Alright. I won’t ask about that secret. Let’s change the question. You said I met the conditions for being selected, but what are these conditions?”

This time around, the spirit of the emperor weapon didn’t refuse to answer. Instead, it was forthcoming: “Innately sensitive psychic power and Great Medicine Double Heavenly Beads.”

Gu Zuo stared blankly.

Innately sensitive psychic power was something he knew about. Although the qualifications of a pharmacist were mainly judged by the location of one’s medicinal beads, the psychic powers of a small number of people were inherently more sensitive. With the addition of one’s medicinal beads, it would be even more advantageous — After all, the sensitivity of psychic power had a lot to do with the placement of the medicinal beads.

However, he had never heard of Great Medicine Double Heavenly Beads…

Gu Zuo was puzzled, and asked about it.

Ling Su responded: “There is a pair of medicinal beads in each of the host’s palms.”

Gu Zuo was startled: “The pretext you had me make before was actually true?”

Ling Su said: “Yes.”

Gu Zuo paused: “…Was it your doing?”

At that time, when he was brought away, he remembered that the system once produced a corpse that was an exact copy of himself. This corpse took his place, where it was crushed under the wheels of that truck and given a burial.

Perhaps, as the spirit of an emperor weapon, it could also utilize strange powers to shape a pair of medicinal beads for him?

However, Ling Su denied: “No.”

Gu Zuo hesitated for a moment: “Can people in the modern world develop medicinal beads in their palms?”

Ling Su responded: “The ambient qi of heaven and earth is too sparse to produce medicinal beads.”

Gu Zuo remained silent.

If the spirit of this emperor weapon didn’t shape these medicinal beads for him, and pharmacists only appeared in this world, and he was adopted by his dad and father as a child, then didn’t that mean…he wasn’t from the modern world at all?

Gu Zuo spoke with some difficulty: “Am I…from this world?”

Ling Su didn’t say anything.

In Gu Zuo’s view, this was a silent acquiescence.

Afterwards, he closed his eyes: “Qi Tianyou was also a child adopted by the Qi Family. When you brought me over, the place I happened to land was the Qi Household, and the identity I happened to replace…was Qi Tianyou’s.” At this time, his eyes suddenly opened again, “As such, can you tell me what’s the relationship between Qi Tianyou and myself?”

Gu Zuo didn’t believe that the spirit of this emperor weapon would’ve brought him to any other location except for straight to Qi Tianyou’s side. He wasn’t convinced that he had nothing to do with Qi Tianyou.

In addition, their names… He had the Zuo character and Qi Tianyou had the You character. Could it really be that there was no connection at all?

Gu Zuo waited with bated breath for an answer, hoping that he wouldn’t hear any more words about insufficient scope of authority.

Ling Su didn’t disappoint him, and immediately said: “The host and Qi Tianyou are twin brothers. The host was nearing death and it would have been inconvenient to be resurrected on the spot. Therefore, I used the remaining power of the Divine Medicine Great Palace and the positioning of Qi Tianyou, the person who shared the closest bloodline connection to the host, to send the host to the Tianwu Continent. In this place, the host would be able to slowly grow up.”

Gu Zuo’s fingers suddenly clenched into the hollow of his palms.

As it turned out, he had a biological brother… Originally, this should’ve been his closest blood relative, but he only had enough time to see his dead body.

Although the people who bullied and let down Qi Tianyou got what they deserved, Gu Zuo was just repaying him for borrowing the other’s identity at that time. But now, the feeling was different.

If he had known earlier that this was his brother… Perhaps, he would’ve thought of a way to make those two suffer even more?

Gu Zuo’s eyes reddened slightly.

Fortunately, because he never knew where the best place would be to bury Qi Tianyou, Gu Zuo had solely kept Qi Tianyou inside one compartment of the storage space the entire time. So far, this also prevented his corpse from decaying.

Now, it seemed that Qi Tianyou’s destination would be by his side.

A good while later, Gu Zuo slowly calmed down.

The deceased had already passed on, but nevertheless, he avenged him.

Once his mood was alleviated, Gu Zuo asked the spirit of the emperor weapon: “Since Tianyou and I are twin brothers, why were you with me and not him? He should meet the requirements, too, right?”

Ling Su said: “Qi Tianyou possesses one pair of Great Medicine Heavenly Beads, but the Divine Medicine Great Palace’s condition for the preliminary selection is to possess the Great Medicine Double Heavenly Beads. Thus, he does not meet the requirements.”

Gu Zuo was stunned.

Weren’t twins who originated from the same egg genetically identical? How could the amount of medicinal beads be different?

Ling Su didn’t miss a beat, and said: “During the process of fetal development, any alterations to the internal environment will cause the fetus itself to change in different directions. This is true even for identical twins. As early as when the host had two pairs of heavenly beads, Qi Tianyou only had one pair. The physiological states of the host and Qi Tianyou were completely different. The only similarity between you two is your outward appearance.”

Gu Zuo understood in a flash.

Also, when all was said and done, this world was still different from that world.

There were…too many variables.

Ling Su continued: “The Divine Medicine Cultivation Method was created by my previous master based on her own physique. Anyone who possesses the Great Medicine Double Heavenly Beads like her can practice this inner cultivation method and have a certain probability of incrementally transforming their body into a Divine Medicine Sacred Body. However, if there is only one pair of heavenly beads, then it cannot be achieved.”

Gu Zuo gradually made sense of this.

When people had medicinal beads in their Yangchi or Daling Acupoints, their potential was judged to be at the heaven level. The medicinal beads that resided within these two acupoints were called Great Medicine Heavenly Beads.

But there was another type that was like a myth among legends. From hundreds of millions of pharmacists, not even one could be found.

It was when a medicinal bead formed inside both pairs of these opposing acupoints. At this time, these pairs of medicinal beads were called Great Medicine Double Heavenly Beads. One’s potential was so great that it was naturally far above that of the heaven level!

Indeed, the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method was a top-notch inner cultivation method that was extremely suitable for pharmacists, but if the conditions weren’t met, practicing it would be incomparably difficult and wouldn’t be as fast as other inner cultivation methods. The reason why Gu Zuo practiced the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method so easily was because his constitution was compatible.

After resolving this doubt, Gu Zuo switched to another question: “I want to know what’s going on with the Divine Medicine Great Palace. Back then, if I didn’t successfully complete that first mission, would I really have been obliterated by you?”

That ball of white light appeared to stiffen.

Shortly thereafter, Ling Su said: “At that time, the Divine Medicine Great Palace could not be activated. It could only barely support the operations of the storage space compartments, and it urgently needed the replenishment of large amounts of medicinal qi. However, because the emperor weapon had not been refined yet, the host and the great palace only made a verbal agreement. The connection was superficial. Unless the host permitted it, I would not have been able to easily obtain the medicinal qi possessed by the host.

“As for obliteration, this was only an intimidation tactic that imitated the likeness of a system to lower the host’s vigilance. You would not have really been obliterated. However, if the host did not complete it, then the mission would naturally fail. At the same time, the preliminary inheritance test for the host would also fail. Moreover, with the host’s strength at that time, if you did not find a contracted path protector as soon as possible, you would not have been able to survive on that landmass. Since my capabilities had not recovered, I would not have been able to ensure the host’s safety.”

Gu Zuo’s mind was spinning quickly: “Then, with regards to the choice of my guardian…”

Ling Su said: “The target I chose at that time was also Gongyi Tianheng. Only by using each other can two strangers gradually build trust in one another. It just so happened that the host picked Gongyi Tianheng, too.”

Now that Gu Zuo thought about the series of decisions he made back then, he felt that he was incredibly lucky. He knew that with big brother’s temperament, if he hadn’t behaved like that in the beginning, the bond established between them might’ve never became intimate lovers, but regular business partners.

Although he didn’t know whether Ling Su would’ve made him choose again or listened to his way of thinking had his choice not been big brother, if he really selected someone else, his life probably wouldn’t have been so relaxed and easy.

As such, it was destined that he and big brother could meet and fall in love.

It was a type of destiny that was seldom and serendipitous.

Shaking his head, Gu Zuo asked the spirit of the emperor weapon a few more questions, and roughly understood certain matters he should’ve known a long time ago. Of course, there were still some things he hadn’t been able to figure out at once, but there was ample time for that in the future.

Currently, the most important thing that Gu Zuo needed to do was refine the emperor weapon.

Now that his Divine Medicine Sacred Body was ready, and he possessed some achievements in the Divine Medicine Cultivation Method, the situation was just right.

Gu Zuo looked at the white light: “Ling Su, are you prepared?”

The white light flickered: “I am.”

Immediately following which, Gu Zuo touched his chest with one hand and force out a drop of dark-red, translucent blood.

This was a drop of heart’s blood!

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