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Chapter 508 - Huang Ji Arrives

Chapter 508 – Huang Ji Arrives

Outsiders only heard rumors about the Prodigy Monument, but those stationed in the seaside city knew very well that this Prodigy Monument was the original body of the Demon-Suppressing Obelisk. As for the suppressive might in the sea breeze, it was the residual power left behind by the rank eight origin beast from back then.

It was also for this reason that everyone who lived in this seaside city would be invaded by the residual power each time they breathed. Compared to stably cultivating in the sect, the environment here was relatively hostile. However, if one persisted here all year round and forcibly resisted the residual might every time they cultivated, then their willpower would be greatly improved.

Moreover, if one left the seaside city and practiced outside for a period of time, their strength would increase by leaps and bounds. The enhancements to their capability in actual combat and their own level of comprehension wouldn’t be small!

— Looking at it from another perspective, wasn’t this a holy land for cultivation?

Originally, Elder Liu’s strength was only mediocre in the sect, but ever since he was sent here, he endured the tempering of the suppressive might and persevered all year round… Currently, apart from those with extraordinary talents, there were very few sect brothers of the same age who were his opponents.

Returning to the matter at hand, Elder Liu had great affection for this seaside city and revered the spirit of the Demon-Suppressing Obelisk even more. As a result, after Gu Zuo and Gongyi Tianheng asked these questions, he gave detailed explanations about all the past achievements of the Demon-Suppressing Obelisk.

Gu Zuo listened to everything, and nodded his head: “I hope there’s still a trace of remnant soul of Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk. Then, sooner or later, a day will come when someone finds it and allows it to return to this world again.”

There was a look of gratitude in Elder Liu’s eyes: “Numerous people have such expectations. And many martial artists have been searching all over the place, hoping that Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk can really have this day come true.”

In Gu Zuo’s heart, he inwardly thought that if someone really found it, so long as there was a heaven-level pharmacist willing to use their own psychic power to nourish Senior Demon-Suppressing Obelisk, then this senior’s spirit body could slowly recover. In the future, if his rank reached the heaven level, and that senior really left behind a trace of remnant soul, he would be willing to do this…

Afterwards, Elder Liu looked at Tianheng and said to him: “The battles of the Prodigy Monument are in ten days. During this period of time, Prodigy Gongyi can rest here and wait for the other prodigies to arrive.”

Gu Zuo curiously asked: “Who are the prodigies coming to participate in the battles of the Prodigy Monument this time? Could it be that the prodigies of all forces and organizations are coming over?”

Elder Liu said: “According to conventional reasoning, this ought to be the case. However, not every prodigy is willing to come. There is also the matter of some top aristocratic families. Because of ancient inheritances, there are countless treasures in these clans. The descendants and offspring are exceptionally gifted, and they’re like dragons and phoenixes among the common folk. They definitely wouldn’t pay attention to other organizations.

“Thus, as far as they’re concerned, they already have a set of inheritances and methods of practice. The battles of the Prodigy Monument aren’t attractive. On the contrary, some competitions within the clan are more tempting to them. These kind of people won’t come here.

“In addition, there are two apex gold-ranked organizations on the Central Continent. One place is the Chongwu Academy of Venerable Martial Arts. Though, the students in the academy are usually the disciples of other sects and organizations, so they can’t represent the academy in battle or competitions. As for the academy itself, it has a history of more than a million years. It’s said that many Greater Emperors studied in this academy countless years ago, which grants the academy a transcendent status. Even the descendants of people in the academy won’t come to participate in the battles of the Prodigy Monument.

“On top of that, the other place is the Dragon Sparrow Imperial Court. This force’s inheritance isn’t as ancient as that of Chongwu Academy, but its accumulated power is overbearing and formidable. It controls an enormous territory and is located at the core of the Central Continent. The status of the imperial family’s children seem higher than those of other organizations. Moreover, the strength and talent of the princes and princesses are extraordinary. Likewise, the people from the Dragon Sparrow Imperial Court rarely come to participate in the battles of the Prodigy Monument.”

At this point, there was a slightly emotional look in Elder Liu’s eyes: “The continent is too vast. Besides these prodigies out in the open, many organizations have hidden prodigies as part of their backgrounds. In those two apex gold-ranked forces, there are many young powerhouses, and few people are able to get glimpses of their strength… Apart from the two apex gold-ranked organizations and a small number of superior aristocratic families, most of the other gold and silver-ranked forces will still send people over.”

Moreover, they were all young people. How could one be willing to let others become famous while they remained unknown and obscure? Some prodigies, whose sects wanted them to stay out of sight, wouldn’t necessarily remain hidden. Instead, they would compare notes and spar with powerhouses of the same generation on the battlefield!

Consequently, there would certainly be plenty of prodigies coming to participate in the battles of the Prodigy Monument. Furthermore, unexpected things would happen from time to time. Perhaps, several dark horses would make a killing or a single person completely suppressed the entire venue.

It could be said that the competition of the Prodigy Monument was one of the most eye-catching events for the young powerhouses on the Central Continent!

After Gu Zuo finished listening, his heart also felt somewhat overwhelmed with emotions.

Merely, he wasn’t a martial artist. He could only cast his expectant gaze toward his own big brother.

Tianheng reached out his hand.

Gu Zuo nervously stared at this hand…

After that, Tianheng placed his hand onto Gu Zuo’s shoulder, lowered his head, and spoke softly: “Ah Zuo, rest assured. I’ll definitely do my best to let you see the most exciting battles.”

Gu Zuo’s heart warmed. His face also showed a great, big smile.

The brilliance in Tianheng’s red pupils shined like magnificent cuts of blood jade. But at this moment, Tianheng still restrained the eagerness in his heart to get intimate. He only gradually increased the strength of his palm, pressed down with a slight exertion, and slowly let go.

Elder Liu didn’t notice the surging undercurrents between these two people. He simply felt that the friendship of their sect’s all-star prodigy and his personal pharmacist was very profound. Shortly thereafter, once he explained some more things about the Prodigy Monument’s competition, he took them to the specially prepared courtyard in the back, and let the two of them settle down.

Then, Gu Zuo and Tianheng rested with peace of mind.

Probably because the battles of the Prodigy Monument were close at hand, Gongyi Tianheng promised to give a great performance. For the first time in the past few days, he didn’t cling to Gu Zuo like a piece of sticky rice. Instead, he trained all of his previously comprehended martial disciplines related to the path of the asura in the enclosed Martial Arts Practice Field.

Watching on the side, Gu Zuo only felt that the scene before his eyes was a tyrannical and vicious fiend stirring up a storm of blood and carnage. Against the backdrop of his dear big brother’s blood-red eyes, scarlet hair, and crimson robes, he truly looked like an asura!

Sure enough, the asura incarnation was very malevolent.

However, in Gu Zuo’s opinion, this kind of big brother&#k2026;was incredibly handsome.

Although Tianheng, who had certain aspects of his character magnified, was no longer as flawless and immaculate as when he was in his main body, the beauty of his flaws was particularly attractive, making him an unforgettable sight to those who looked at him.

Gu Zuo silently rubbed his face.

Maybe this was kind of like the saying that bad boys…were attractive, right?

Just when Tianheng’s figure transformed into a bloody shadow and shuttled around the room where one person seemed to turn into a dozen people, the large doors of the Martial Arts Practice Field were slammed open by a surging force!


Under this great force, a silhouette rushed forward like a ferocious beast. This person’s momentum was like a clap of thunder, and their figure moved like wind and fire. As the sound of the air breaking echoed out, the space within the Martial Arts Practice Field seemed to be torn asunder!

The pupils of Gu Zuo’s eyes suddenly shrank.

What enormous strength and terrifying speed!

At this moment, the bloody shadow abruptly flashed over with similarly extreme speeds. First, the main part of that force was allowed to pass by. Immediately following which, the bloody shadow whirled around, and struck out with a palm. Faintly visible Blood Palms continuously enlarged and thickened, firmly catching the remaining might of that force.

Right after that, a number of blood blades burst forth like howling winds and torrential rains, wanting to cut down the incoming person. Though, this individual clearly wasn’t easy to deal with. They swiftly fought back. Each fist shadow seemed to contain the power of a meteorite, exploding with unparalleled and domineering punching strength!

In a short couple of rounds, the confrontation between both sides ended.

Tianheng slashed his fingers in front of himself, and a surging river of blood separated the two.

Soon after, his voice resounded: “Senior Sect Brother Huang.”

With Gu Zuo’s psychic power, he was able to recognize the new arrival when both of them started to spar. A slender figure, an imposing aura as fierce as a saber, eyes glinting with violence and simplicity, fair and clear skin, and short, spiky hair.

This black-clothed person, whose female body was even more handsome, heroic, and taller than most men, was Huang Ji!

After Huang Ji joined the Ardent Earth Palace Hall, he didn’t come out again. Now, it seemed that he also went to participate in the battles of the Prodigy Monument. In addition, it looked as though he had become even more warlike after entering that palace hall.

Gu Zuo wore a smiling expression, and called out: “Senior Sect Brother Huang, long time no see!”

Once these words were uttered, several people who had been standing at the entrance to the Martial Arts Practice Field all happened to show wry smiles on their faces.

Tianheng and Huang Ji flashed over, arriving next to Gu Zuo with one on the left and the other on the right.

Huang Ji nodded his head: “Long time no see. You guys are doing well.”

Gu Zuo laughed and said: “Senior Sect Brother Huang’s strength has improved so quickly.”

In the past, Huang Ji had been a high Immortal Realm, and later on, he advanced to the peak of his realm. Currently, he already had the strength of a low Atomic Realm following some training in the Ardent Earth Palace Hall. But at this point, his big brother’s asura incarnation and main body were both mid Atomic Realms. Judging from the battle between the two just now, in terms of speed, his big brother still suppressed Huang Ji. However, in terms of power, the asura incarnation seemed slightly weaker than Huang Ji.

Huang Ji made so much progress in a short period of time, which showed that the Ardent Earth Palace Hall’s nurturing of him wasn’t weak.

Moreover…when he came here, he was accompanied by his fellow palace hall disciples.

Gu Zuo turned his head, and looked at the four people at the entrance.

All four of them were tall and robust. They looked quite different from Huang Ji. Their strengths were at the peak of the Celestial Realm, but their ages disqualified them from participating in the competition of the Prodigy Monument. As such, their purpose in coming here should’ve been to protect Huang Ji and gain some insights — Perhaps, they intended to observe the collision of prodigies and burst forth with their own comprehensions.

These few people looked at Gu Zuo and Tianheng, smiling with some embarrassment: “Pardon the intrusion… Little junior sister was discourteous.”

Gu Zuo smiled and said: “We made friends with Senior Sect Brother Huang many years ago. He can get in touch with us as he pleases, so he didn’t act discourteously at all. On the contrary, today is my first time meeting these senior brothers. I’m grateful for the care everyone has given to Senior Sect Brother Huang. This Gu is a pharmacist. I hope you won’t refuse my meager gifts.”

While speaking, he handed over several bottles.

The expressions of these men were a little conflicted.

The majority of the martial artists who cultivated in the Ardent Earth Palace Hall had relatively straightforward personalities. In the past, due to the particularity of their body cultivation methods, the female disciples who came to the Ardent Earth Palace Hall could be counted on one hand. Basically, they either perished or became elders. And this time, it was a rare occasion for another one to arrive. At first, everyone was quite happy — Let alone flirting with their junior sister, at least this would warm the heart and delight the eyes!

Unexpectedly, the newcomer was a junior sister, but in the end, this junior sister addressed herself as a junior brother. She was even crazier than them when it came to practicing martial arts, and when she launched a whirlwind of attacks, she was even more brutal than ferocious beasts!

This wasn’t the junior sister of their fantasies who might’ve been just a little bit aggressive!

Most of all, this junior sister… She wasn’t the least bit interested in men. In addition, she believed that she liked women!

Even if they wanted to flirt with her, it was completely impossible.

Hence, the senior brothers of the Ardent Earth Palace Hall often hypnotized themselves into thinking that this junior sister’s name was “Junior Brother Huang.” Who would’ve expected that, after coming here, they would meet the old friends this junior sister had known before. What’s more, those old friends all addressed junior sister as senior brother! Didn’t that feel weird?

Ah, the world was so big and full of wonders…

However, this kind of conflicted feeling was quickly suppressed by them. They still respected the pharmacist who could follow the all-star prodigy. Moreover, the meeting gifts given by the other party were small jade bottles, which obviously contained medicinal pills that they could use! As a result, they took it directly, and cheerfully said: “Many thanks, Pharmacist Gu.”

Gu Zuo smiled and gave a reminder: “Senior brothers, you can take them as soon as possible. These pills should be of some use.”

The competition of the Prodigy Monument would begin in a few days, and it wasn’t known how complicated the crowd would be by then. If these senior brothers could break through to the Noble Realm before that, then their safety would be even more assured.

These big men listened and nodded their heads. In any case, since the other party said that, he was certainly confident. As such, it wouldn’t be troublesome for them to take out the pills for a look.

Thinking up to here, they straightforwardly opened the jade bottles in front of Gu Zuo, and poured the pills onto their palms. After that, they discovered that each of the four people’s pills had different colors.

Though, the different colors weren’t important. The point was that the pill fragrance emitted by the medicinal pills was incredibly astonishing. The instant they smelled this fragrance, they had the feeling that their bottlenecks had loosened somewhat — If just a whiff was like this, then what about swallowing the pills?

What was even stranger was that all four of them felt that the pills in their hands not only loosened their realms, these pills gave them a fitted and well-matched sensation. This kind of sensation was usually experienced when they encountered a medicinal pill that was particularly suitable for their body’s attributes. Even the ones they came across in the past didn’t give them as deep a feeling as the pills in their hands now!

All of a sudden, one man raised his pill close to his eyes, and looked carefully. After that, he was given a shock: “This is a flawless pill?”

Perhaps, without a comparison, it would’ve been difficult to determine the difference between grade ten and grade eleven pills, but grade twelve flawless pills had no impurities at all. In other words, the scent didn’t have a trace of decay or spoilage, which was the best indication to distinguish!

The other three people examined their medicinal pills and were surprised to find that they were all flawless pills!

This was unimaginable!

Such meeting gifts were actually called meager?

Following this, the group of forthright people couldn’t help thinking: If these really are meager gifts, doesn’t that mean the flawless pills in this pharmacist’s hands also aren’t considered too rare?

In an instant, their gazes became passionate when they peered at Gu Zuo.

The light in Tianheng’s eyes darkened. He reached out and pulled Gu Zuo behind himself.

Upon seeing this, the four big men were taken aback, and revealed slightly apologetic looks.

They thought that their gazes were too enthusiastic, which caused this all-star prodigy to mistakenly believe that they wanted to poach his personal pharmacist. Naturally, they wanted to clarify this misunderstanding at once. In fact, they were at most only thinking about it. In the future, they hoped to have more opportunities to exchange for flawless pills from this pharmacist.

Tianheng glanced at them before withdrawing his gaze. It was just that the qi emissions around him still seemed treacherous and abnormal, which was a hair-raising sight in the hearts of onlookers.

On the contrary, after Huang Ji saw the four medicinal pills that Gu Zuo presented as gifts, he spoke to those big men: “Try them.”

The men looked at each other in dismay.

After that, they no longer resisted. Immediately sitting down cross-legged, the pills in their hands were stuffed into their mouths.

The instant those pills entered their mouths, a warm current surged down their throats and quickly circulated throughout their bodies. This terrifyingly powerful energy filled each meridian and every inch of flesh. It made them almost feel as though their bodies were breaking apart. There was even a dull ache in their qi oceans!

Such strong medicinal power!

At the same time, a penetrative sensation rushed straight to their Tianfu Acupoints, causing their consciousness to become incomparably clear in a split second. That Noble Realm barrier, which had been shackling them for a long time, was continuously thinned under the scouring of this power. With just a little more strength, they could completely shatter that barrier!

Not only was the medicinal power strong, the speed it disseminated was incredibly fast!

Tianheng and the others watched the four people’s reactions, and saw how their expressions sometimes switched between pained and delighted, and their appearances changed between profusely sweaty and fully flushed. But in the end, everything transformed into rising streams of warm qi over the tops of their heads. It was clear that the medicinal power reacted violently. It probably wouldn’t be long before all of the medicinal power was absorbed and these four men smoothly broke through!

Sure enough, from beginning to end, the total time only approached two hours. After producing a series of explosive sounds, a thick layer of filth seeped out of their bodies — This was the pill poisons and impurities left behind by the insufficiently-pure pills they swallowed in the past. In the process of this single instance of taking a flawless pill to break through, all of it was excreted out of the body! Shortly thereafter, the four people’s imposing auras suddenly soared, and everyone’s strengths underwent earth-shaking changes.

They had already succeeded in reaching the low Noble Realm!

Subsequently, the four opened their eyes at nearly the same time. Their gazes burst forth with balls of divine light, and their entire bodies were glowing with health and vigor. Their qi emissions were many times stronger, and gave others an intense suppressive might.

Sensing their own strengths, they couldn’t help but show joy on their faces. When they looked at Gu Zuo once more, there was gratitude and excitement in their eyes: “Many thanks for helping us succeed, Pharmacist Gu!”

Gu Zuo waved his hand: “What’s this about helping to succeed? Originally, these senior brothers already reached this realm, so a breakthrough would’ve been as natural as water passing through a channel.”

The four men were outspoken and straightforward: “Without these realm-breaking medicinal pills, who knows how much time and hard work it would’ve taken for us fellow brothers. We can’t thank you enough!”

Gu Zuo didn’t argue with them, and only spoke a round of “You’re welcome’s.”

Off to the side, Huang Ji said: “If I need medicinal pills in the future, can I exchange for them with you?”

Gu Zuo turned to look at him, and nodded with a smile: “Of course, you can. I’ll certainly prioritize the refining of any medicinal pills Senior Sect Brother Huang needs.”

Huang Ji nodded his head: “Tell me what you want, and I’ll find it for you.”

Gu Zuo naturally agreed again.

With the help of a few pills and a quick spar, the relationships between both parties became much closer.

The members of the Ardent Earth Palace Hall didn’t have cunning plots or sinister intentions. To put it simply, they belonged to the category of simple-minded people with well-developed muscles. Huang Ji got along with them, and Gu Zuo and Tianheng had no ill feelings toward them.

In the following days, the people of the Ardent Earth Palace Hall reciprocated by assisting Huang Ji and Tianheng in their training. Their way of helping was to suppress their strengths to the Atomic Realm and spar with the two separately.

No matter how much a Noble Realm elite suppressed their realm, their own experience and capability would be superior under normal circumstances. Thus, the high standards and strict requirements forced the two of them to adapt to even stronger opponents.

After this bustling period of time, the strengths of Tianheng and Huang Ji improved greatly. Huang Ji’s movements were simpler and nimbler, and he was more decisive when fighting against others. Meanwhile, Tianheng went from dealing with one person to two people to several people, and from acting as a solitary powerhouse, he adapted to the rhythm of one unit picking off a group of adversaries.

Through the replenishment of many Blood Poison Pills, not a single person noticed the slightest difference in his body after the massive consumption of energy.

Time passed without realizing it.

Among those from Ten Ultimates Sect who were participating in this time’s Prodigy Monument competition, the one with the highest expectations was naturally Tianheng. After all, his identity as an all-star prodigy was put on display here. However, this didn’t mean that there weren’t others, nor did it mean that no one else besides him was favored.

Once Huang Ji came, there were three other people who arrived one after another.

These three people were nurtured by Ten Ultimates Sect for a long time, and all of them were thirty-something years old. There were two men and one woman. As for their realms, they were at the Atomic Realm. Although, what was more shocking was the only woman, Xie Yayun. She appeared delicate, but her realm was actually the highest, reaching the peak of the Atomic Realm! There was just a single step to attain the Celestial Realm, and she would’ve participated in the Celestial Realm competition. With her current state in the Atomic Realm, there were many prodigies who could be swept away by her.

Because they had long heard about Tianheng’s distinguished name and saw that his strength had reached the Atomic Realm, the three of them were quite polite to him. Similarly, the extraordinary momentum of Huang Ji, who came to join the battles, made them think highly of him, too.

After these five prodigies got acquainted with one another and gained an understanding, the final two days passed by.

On this day, they dashed into the sky and rushed toward the shores of the sea region, just below the Prodigy Monument.

In that place, numerous terrifying qi emissions were soaring…

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