I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 46 - An Expectation  

Chapter 46: An Expectation

Mrs. Yang dragged Chen Jingzhai into the Tianyahai Pavilion and sat him down before serving him tea.

The tea was spirit tea, a personal collection of the Peak Master. One cup was more than enough to leave an endless aftertaste in one’s mouth.

It could also amplify the effect of a Foundation Plane cultivator’s cultivation for the next three days.

Even Zeng Wangbei, who was a direct disciple, had never tasted the tea once, and yet, his Master Uncle was able to drink a whole pot the moment he arrived.

“This is a Grade 2 spirit tea,” Mrs. Yang introduced with a smile. “It’s smoother than other teas, and it’ll benefit you. I’ll give you some next time I visit you if you like it.”

“Thank you, senior sister.” Chen Jingzhai grinned. “I might still be young, but I already have my own unique taste in tea and wine. If I get my hands on good ingredients next time, I’ll personally brew some spirit wine for you.”

“Really? Then I’ll look forward to it!” Mrs. Yang was so happy that she almost jumped out of her chair.

“Master Wife…” Zeng Wangbei couldn’t avert his eyes from the pot of tea.

“What are you still doing here?” Mrs. Yang frowned. “Are you trying to eavesdrop on my conversation with my dear junior brother? Or did that heartless b*stard ask you to stay here?”

“Huh?” Zeng Wangbei’s heart skipped a beat. “It’s a misunderstanding. I’m here to help Master-Uncle settle down here. Although this pavilion is great, it still feels a little quiet if he’s here alone.”

“You’re right.” Mrs. Yang nodded. “It does feel quiet. Should we get some good helpers from Handy Peak to assist you here?”

“I’ll leave that decision to you, senior sister.” Although Chen Jingzhai was smiling, he actually felt a little uncomfortable.

His senior sister was too caring, and his disciple nephew was following his orders from the Peak Master down to the last detail.

“Let’s get some then.” Mrs. Yang grinned. “Let’s head there together later. You haven’t been to Handy Peak, right?”

“No.” Chen Jingzhai shook his head. “I just joined the clan not long ago…”

“I understand.” Mrs. Yang interrupted him and then scoffed. “What is Su Qinghuang doing? She’s just as cold as Master is, and she hates all men, unlike me.

“Oh, my poor junior brother. Why would a direct disciple of Master go to Hongluan Peak? It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just that it’s a waste of your talent for you to go there.

“Oh, well. Thankfully, you managed to come to Daoxuan Peak, and we finally got to meet each other. So you don’t have to mind Su Qinghuang anymore.

“That brat has always been arrogant because she is talented. Even so, she’s still stuck in the Golden Core stage, isn’t she? Just wait! I’ll be the first to break through and become a stage higher than her!”

Chen Jingzhai was rendered speechless as Mrs. Yang did not stop talking.

It was clear that she was unhappy.

And it was even clearer how differently she treated his junior brother and junior sister.

Chen Jingzhai suddenly felt a pain in the back of his head, wondering how he got himself into such a mess.

He thought Hongluan Peak would be like a happy family, but Mrs. Yang had double standards.

“Master Wife, why don’t I bring Master-Uncle to Handy Peak?” Zeng Wangbei suggested with a worried expression. “Elder Nie will be furious if you go there…”

“That old fart!” Mrs. Yang cursed. “What right does he have to be angry? What’s wrong with me helping my junior brother find someone to assist him?”

“The headmaster will punish you if you fight with Elder Nie again,” Zeng Wangbei said. “Why don’t you leave this matter to me?”

“Like you have a better eye for talent than me!” Mrs. Yang scoffed. “Mind your own business. Come on, junior brother, let’s go.”

She grabbed Chen Jingzhai’s hand and flew out of the pavilion.

If disciples from other peaks tried to fly in Daoxuan Peak, they would just get knocked back down by the formation.

However, the tokens on Chen Jingzhai and Mrs. Yang shone before they shot off the floor and disappeared into the clouds.

Instead of getting worried, Zeng Wangbei let out a sigh of relief and chuckled.

He sat down and was ready to pour himself a cup of spirit tea.

However, the moment he touched the pot, a wave of cold energy entered his body and froze him on the spot.

Zeng Wangbei could only let out a silent cry and make a depressed expression.

He thought he could sip the tea, but his Master Wife had already thought about that.

He could only sit still, like a statue, waiting for someone to free him.

All he could do was wait as time passed.

Handy Peak was situated west of Luanyun Mountain Range, while Daoxuan Peak was in the north.

It would take Chen Jingzhai around 15 minutes to reach there.

However, since Mrs. Yang was a Golden Core Sage, her speed was noticeably faster.

She summoned a sword light for her to fly on. The sword made a roar of waves as it flew.

Chen Jingzhai stood next to her as he curiously studied the sword light.

“Don’t get tricked by Zeng Wangbei. He’s just a sly little brat who loves to tease and profit off other people,” Mrs. Yang warned.

“I know.” Chen Jingzhai smiled. “Senior sister, is this the Lijian Sword Technique?”

“Oh? Can you recognize it? Have you seen it before at Tianzhu Peak?” Mrs. Yang asked with a smile.

“I’ve read the meditation passage of the Li River Sky Scripture,” Chen Jingzhai explained.

“I see…” Mrs. Yang sighed. “I had no choice but to change to the sky scripture of Lijian Peak because of my lack of talent. I’m considered the failure of our peak, but you, my junior brother, are very talented. I just hope that you can start your own branch when you become successful and take over Hongluan Peak.”

The only few ways for Hongluan Peak to move forward were to find the complete Hongluan Sky Scripture or have Su Qinghuang succeed in accepting the method.

Another way was for Chen Jingzhai to reach the realm of Nascent Zhenjun. If he could achieve that, he didn’t even need to take over Hongluan Peak, as he could start a branch of his own in the peak.

If that happened, then, even if Su Qinghuang failed, Hongluan Peak would still strive under Chen Jingzhai’s leadership. That was what it meant to take over a peak.

Even if the clan had acknowledged Hongluan Peak, it was still true that the Hongluan Sky Scripture was lost.

That was why Mrs. Yang had no choice but to learn from another sky scripture.

The pain she felt when she was forced to do that was indescribable in words.

“I’m still far too inexperienced to shoulder such a responsibility,” Chen Jingzhai said. “Senior Sister Su is still a genius talent, and I’m sure she’ll master the method. The future depends on her enlightenment.”

He didn’t mention that Su Qinghuang had obtained the Dragon and Phoenix Consummation Seal Script. It was still a secret that needed to be kept, as the celestial scripture was just too valuable.

“Her?” Mrs. Yang scoffed. “She has spent more than 300 years in Xuanming Cave wasting her talent. Now that you’ve become a disciple of Hongluan Peak, it’s a responsibility that you have to shoulder as well.”

“I understand.” Chen Jingzhai had no choice but to nod.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to acknowledge that, but he was uncomfortable with the sudden change in his senior sister’s attitude.

He realized that his guess was not wrong.

Although Mrs. Yang had gathered her core through the sky scripture of Lijian Peak, she had yet to give up on cultivating the Hongluan Sky Scripture.

That could explain the sudden change in her attitude all the time.

The Hongluan Sky Scripture affected the cultivator’s mind the most, and it would cause their emotions to fluctuate.

Since she had forced herself to study both sky scriptures, it was natural that there were some side effects.

Naturally, he didn’t have the guts to tell his senior sister about his guess and could only dissect the matter on his own.

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