I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 47 - In the same Situation  

Chapter 47: In the same Situation

Rows of trees could be seen while the ground was scattered with flowers and grass.

A mountain could be seen hidden in the thick fog.

Handy Peak had more disciples than most other peaks. It was as if the peak was from a mortal clan, as their tasks included simple things like cleaning clothes and cooking dishes.

The Meditation Plane cultivators who could not establish their foundation were all stuck in an endless cycle.

Compared to other peaks, the mortal energy was denser at Handy Peak.

It was completely different, as other peaks had dense spiritual energy.

That was why not many cultivators would want to head to Handy Peak, except for a few who had to complete a mission there.

There were a lot of missions at Handy Peak, such as teaching the way of cultivation, explaining scriptures to the disciples at the peak, showing them how to perform techniques, setting up formations, and even building cave residences.

These were things that Meditation Plane cultivators could not achieve and had to rely on Foundation Establishment Plane cultivators.

The latter would accept the missions at Handy Peak, mainly for spirit stones.

A cultivator had to rely on spirit stones to grow even further. Yet, cultivators in the Foundation Establishment Plane had no wages.

Even if they were inner disciples, they could only find other ways to earn spirit stones if they couldn’t get resources from their seniors.

And accepting missions has become the norm for most.

The missions at Handy Peak were relatively simple.

Although the pay wasn’t the best, the lack of danger more than made up for it, and the jobs were stable.

The cultivators would also feel a sense of success when they taught a group of Meditation Plane cultivators.

And it would be even better if some of the Meditation Plane cultivators were lucky enough to advance to the next stage.

That was why not only the cultivators from the sword branches would fight to get their hands on a mission at Handy Peak, but disciples from other peaks would as well.

Chen Jingzhai had no idea what Handy Peak was like.

Fortunately, Mrs. Yang was extremely comfortable with the place.

While floating in the sky, Mrs. Yang shouted, “Old Man Nie! Get you’re a*s out here!”

Her voice was amplified with her spirit energy and sent throughout the entire Handy peak.

Chen Jingzhai’s expression darkened a little as he realized that his senior sister was a little bossy.

A commotion could immediately be heard from the peak.

He even saw a few cultivators in the Meditation Plane quickly shut their doors.

These people had disappeared from Mrs. Yang’s sight as fast as they could.

“Is senior sister so powerful that her voice managed to send a group of cultivators running?” Chen Jingzhai wondered.

However, before he could ask, an old man suddenly appeared in front of them.

The old man’s nose was slightly red, and his white hair was messy. He wore a ragged robe, and he stank. Chen Jingzhai could also smell alcohol coming from the old man.

“What are you yelling for?” Elder Nie scolded. “What are you doing here again?”

“You…” Mrs. Yang wanted to argue but managed to force herself to calm down. “What? Does Handy Peak not welcome me? Let me introduce you. This here is my junior brother, Jingzhai. You know what I want, right?”

“Ahh… So, this is our new junior brother.” Elder Nie’s expression softened a little. “He has the celestial bone, and his talent is exceptional. It’s a waste that he was sent to Hongluan Peak. It looks like Fuyunzi is getting old.”

“You’re the one who’s getting old!” Mrs. Yang scolded back. “Don’t waste our time. I’m here to find some people to serve my junior brother. So hurry up and arrange it for us.”

“Nice to meet you, senior brother!” Chen Jingzhai greeted him with a bow.

“Good. At least you have some manners. Come with me.”

The elder waved his arm, and a hole opened up in the Space Spirit Formation on top of Handy Peak.

The three of them went through the hole and arrived on top of Handy Peak.

Although the peak’s palace was visually intermingled, the layout was clear.

The Handy Palace sat on top of the mountain. It was a place where all matters of the peak were handled.

Elder Nie brought the two guests into the palace. With another wave of his arm, 12 female cultivators swiftly gathered.

They all looked energized, and they bowed to the three people standing together.

“Why are they all girls?” Chen Jingzhai asked without thinking.

“My dumb junior brother. You’re a guy. It’s normal to choose girls to serve you,” Mrs. Yang laughed. “In the end, you are still a young kid. These ladies will be able to teach you something.”

Her words were so suggestive that the faces of all 12 female disciples turned red immediately.

However, instead of avoiding Chen Jingzhai’s eyes, they all looked at him with expectation.

“You don’t have to listen to that crazy hag,” Elder Nie scoffed. “Even if you have already established your foundation, it’s best that you don’t lose yourself to lust.”

“You are the crazy one here, you geezer!” Mrs. Yang roared. “I don’t need you to educate my junior brother!”

“S-senior sister, help me pick two of them,” Chen Jingzhai said in an attempt to stop the fighting.

“How are two enough? We’ll get you four!” Mrs. Yang said. “Even if you are a Foundation Establishment Plane cultivator, you are still their Master-Uncle. So you shouldn’t forget your status here.”

“I don’t see any fault in that.” Elder Nie agreed with a nod.

Most of the cultivators at Handy Peak had no hope of joining the celestial clan.

That was why it would always be a good option if they could join one, no matter what path they took.

The 12 ladies who had gathered had amazing figures, but their talents in cultivation were lacking.

That was why they were considered lucky if they were picked by Chen Jingzhai.

Seeing that Elder Nie had agreed to her suggestion, a grin appeared on Mrs. Yang’s face. She immediately got the information about the ladies from the butler and started her selection process.

She first started with the circumstances of their families, then proceeded to their cultivation talents and limitations.

After that, she looked into their birthdays, learned skills, and overall scores at Handy Peak.

Mrs. Yang was so detailed that it took more than an hour to select the four ladies who would follow Chen Jingzhai.

Elder Nie was so annoyed by her that he had already left midway.

Chen Jingzhai was also slightly annoyed. But, since he couldn’t do anything, he decided to meditate as he waited.

Once Mrs. Yang had selected four out of the 12 girls, Chen Jingzhai decided to name them regardless of their ages.

“Hong Yu, Hong Chan, Hong Xiu, Hong Fu.”

“We look forward to serving you, Master.” All four of them greeted Chen Jingzhai happily.

It was their dream to be selected by cultivators from the celestial clan.

However, the probability of them being selected by one wasn’t low as cultivators from visible peaks had the tendency to choose a couple of disciples from Handy Peak to assist them.

Most were selected to do house chores, while some were chosen for duo-cultivation.

They would have to come to a mutual agreement for it. Thus, the celestial clan would usually overlook it.

“Nice to meet you too,” Chen Jingzhai said. “Oh, call me young master instead of master. It makes me sound old.”

“Yes, young master.” The ladies chuckled embarrassingly, unable to hide their excitement.

Mrs. Yang chuckled as well and pinched Chen Jingzhai’s cheek.

“Senior sister?” Chen Jingzhai found it awkward.

“You sure are a cute junior brother,” she laughed. “Let the four of them take care of you in my place. If you still need anything else, just let me know.”

“This is more than enough. Let’s head back first.”

In the end, he was still uncomfortable as it didn’t fit in well with how a celestial clan should act.

Mrs. Yang also noticed that he was reluctant to have four ladies serve him, but she decided to keep quiet about it.

With a snap of her finger, a huge sword made out of clear water appeared under Mrs. Yang’s feet.

Chen Jingzhai stood in the front while the four ladies stood behind Mrs. Yang.

A blue layer surrounded them before they took off.

When they finally returned to the Tianyahai Pavilion, Zeng Wangbei was already gone.

Seeing that not a drop of the spirit was lost, Mrs. Yang grinned sinisterly.

After arranging for the four ladies to settle into their rooms, Mrs. Yang decided to have a chat with her junior brother.

“Let me guess, you can’t understand why we have to choose disciples from Handy Peak to serve us?” she asked.

“Yes, it feels a little uncomfortable. The mortal energy is just too strong.” Chen Jingzhai nodded.

Mrs. Yang sighed and gently flicked the boy’s forehead. “You sure have an easy life. But unfortunately, these girls don’t have the talents, so they can only rely on other people to enter the celestial clan. Just remember to treat them nicely.”

Chen Jingzhai could not help but recall his past.

A lot of words could summarize his past, but easy was not one of them.

He was the hardest-working aspirant cultivator back at the Aspirant Cultivators Academy.

He could vividly remember how much he had yearned to join a celestial clan back then.

The boy couldn’t help but sigh as he used to be in the same situation as the four ladies.

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