I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 45 - Three Divines Two Celestials

Chapter 45: Three Divines Two Celestials

The Luo Sheng Sword School had a lot of differences from other celestial clans.

They were stricter in terms of rules, and strength meant everything to them. The relationship between the disciples was relatively good as well.

Chen Jingzhai was pretty much satisfied with the Luo Sheng Sword School.

He was fortunate enough to become a Master-Uncle of the celestial clan.

However, he started to realize that he had celebrated too early.

“Doesn’t this mean that I have to get first place?” He sighed.

“Yes! You’re right!” Peak Master Yang laughed. “You finally got the gist of it!”

“You won’t be able to convince the disciples if you don’t get first place.” Zeng Wangbei chuckled.

Despite achieving a higher position, it came with its challenges.

If Chen Jingzhai wanted to retain his title as Master-Uncle, he had to participate in the battle forum, and he had to become take first place, or else it would become extremely awkward for him.

The biggest reason was that he was now part of Daoxuan Peak.

As a part of the visible peaks, he would have to head to the outside world.

If he didn’t win at the battle forum, then even he, a Master-Uncle, would have to listen to the order of the disciple with the highest achievement.

Even the eldest senior brother of the inner disciples was still fundamentally his disciple cousin.

For Master-Uncle, listening to his disciple cousin’s order was highly uncomfortable.

Although having lived two lives where he cared about his life more than his fame, Chen Jingzhai still didn’t want to be embarrassed like that.

“Who was the one that previously ranked first?” Chen Jingzhai asked, quickly regaining his composure.

“The eldest senior brother of the Spot Star Sword Branch.” Zeng Wangbei sighed. “He took the title from the inner disciple’s eldest senior brother, who had held it for the past 20 years. The sword branches are too powerful for us visible peaks…”

“All the top five were from the sword branches,” Peak Master Yang added as the smile on his face disappeared. “The Spot Star Sword Branch ranked first last time, followed by the Golden Jade Sword Branch and the Azure Sparrow Sword Branch. The one ranked sixth was a disciple from Blazing Sun Peak.”

“And the rankings have remained the same for the past 20 years?” Chen Jingzhai was puzzled.

“The top 10 never change.” Zeng Wangbei nodded with a bitter smile. “The Three Great Sword Branches always held the top five spots, followed by Blazing Sun Peak, Sky Whale Peak, Divine Tower Peak, Divine Cloud Peak, and Wine Celestial Peak.”

“Among all the three divine peaks and two celestial peaks, no one from either peak got into the top 10?” Chen Jingzhai was surprised.

Other than the Three Great Sword Branches, among the 15 visible peaks, the most famous were the three divine peaks and two celestial peaks, namely Divine Cloud Peak, Divine Tower Peak, Divine Flame Peak, Wine Celestial Peak, and Dream Celestial Peak.

The five peaks mentioned above, along with the Three Great Sword Branches, the other seven peaks, including the Sky Whale Peak, made up the 15 visible peaks of the Luo Sheng Sword School, and they were the strongest branches of the clan.

In terms of prowess, the Three Great Sword Branches were the strongest.

Sword cultivation has always been known for its battle strengths. Half of the Luo Sheng Sword School’s reputation was gathered from them.

The next in terms of power were the three divine peaks and two celestial peaks. These five peaks were also known throughout the country.

As for Blazing Sun Peak, since their methods were potent, they were strong as well.

It wasn’t out of the norm for Blazing Sun Peak to rank sixth in the battle forum.

Battles weren’t the strong suit of the remaining six peaks.

Heavenly Artisan Peak was known for its arts in item alchemy and puppet control.

Elixir Peak was known for its plantation of spirit plants and elixir alchemy.

Daoxuan Peak was known for its formation.

That was why it was understandable for them to rank behind other peaks.

However, it was surprising for Lijian Peak and Yunchao Peak to lack behind as well. But, of course, the most surprising was the result of Dream Celestial Peak and Divine Flame Peak.

Instead, it was also shocking that Sky Whale Peak was ranked seventh as, among the fifteen visible peaks, it had the least number of disciples, to the point that it almost became a hidden branch.

“Well, they didn’t do that bad either,” Peak Master Yang said. “Divine Flame Peak is ranked 13th, while Dream Celestial Peak 15th. And Lijian Peak got themselves a new genius recently and reached the 11th place last time.”

“How about our Daoxuan Peak?” Chen Jingzhai asked.

“Li Yifei is our strongest,” Zeng Wangbei said, his smile gone. “With the help of the Yin and Yang Double Eyes Pattern, he managed to get into the top 20 and was ranked 18th.”

“18th!” Chen Jingzhai nodded as it wasn’t a bad result.

Daoxuan Peak was known for its formation, and there was no way their opponent at the battle forum would give them the time to set one up.

They were at a disadvantage from the beginning.

“Although you have just established your foundation, you have better fundamentals than other people at your level and age,” Peak Master Yang said. “You should give your all during the battle forum. You’ll have to do better than all the disciples of our Daoxuan Peak at the very least, or else your life here will become harder.”

“I’m still a 15-year-old brat, you know?” Chen Jingzhai laughed. “Even if I fail, it’s understandable. But, if senior brother wants me to participate, I’ll do my best.”

“Well said!” Peak Master Yang exclaimed and paused for a few seconds. “Your senior sister has just ended her Seclusion Training. Why don’t you go greet her? Wangbei, bring your Master-Uncle to the Tianyahai Pavilion.”

“The Tianyahai Pavilion?” Zeng Wangbei was stunned, but the Peak Master had already left.

“What’s so special about the pavilion?” Chen Jingzhai asked his disciple cousin.

“We have a lot of beautiful scenery here at Daoxuan Peak.” Zeng Wangbei finally calmed himself down. “The Tianyahai Pavilion is the Peak Master’s side residence and where his wife used to live. It seems that Master Wife thinks highly of you and cleaned that place for you to live.”

“Oh?” Chen Jingzhai raised a brow. “Will there be a problem with me staying there?”

“Not at all,” Zeng Wangbei said, with a hint of envy in his eyes. “Master Wife challenged the Golden Core Elders to get that place. She won and got to live there, and that was also how Master managed to become… Well, there’s no problem with Master-Uncle staying there.”

“I see. That’s great then.” Chen Jingzhai smiled as he felt warmth in his heart.

He was now sure that his senior sister still cared about him. Although they had yet to meet, she still ensured he got the best residence to live in.

“Looks like Senior Sister Mei is much more caring and kind than Senior Sister Su.” Chen Jingzhai chuckled in his head.

With a gentle expression, Chen Jingzhai followed Zeng Wangbei and left the Heaven and Earth Palace.

The Tianyahai Pavilion was situated on a hill near the community where the Peak Master was staying.

Other than the elders and a few servants, no one could enter the residence.

Even Zeng Wangbei, who was a direct disciple, could not enter without any reason.

Chen Jingzhai noticed an abundance of pure essence power of the earth around the pavilion.

It was a fantastic place to cultivate at. It finally made sense why Zeng Wangbei was envious.

The Tianyahai Pavilion was built on top of the hill.

It was made out of wood, which naturally blended into the surroundings.

After Zeng Wangbei’s introduction, Chen Jingzhai learned that the pavilion was formally an old dead tree.

The Daoxuan Peak used its formation to turn the tree into a beautiful pavilion.

The place was more than a place for cultivation. It was a place where the Essence Power of Daoxuan Peak had gathered.

The two of them soon reached the entrance.

Chen Jingzhai was about to enter the building when an aroma hit him.

It was unlike any other aroma that he had smelled before. It was ethereal and fresh.

“My junior brother! Nice! You have a great foundation!” Senior Sister Mei approached Chen Jingzhai and looked up and down.

He was finally able to see what his senior sister looked like.

She wasn’t one of the prettier ladies he had met, but she had an elegant face that was very unique.

However, she had an amazing figure. Her waist was thin, but her chest was so huge that it would shake up and down with every step she took.

“Nice to meet you, senior sister,” greeted Chen Jingzhai, bowing.

“It’s good to see you too,” Mrs. Yang greeted with a smile. “Thank God Hongluan Peak has another member now. If you ever run into any problems here, just let me know. I’ll solve them for you.”

Zeng Wangbei couldn’t help but scoff in his head. His Master Wife had never treated them as kind and gentle as she treated Chen Jingzhai. Still, there was no way a disciple of Daoxuan Peak would dare to trouble their Master-Uncle.

“Thank you, senior sister.”

Although Chen Jingzhai believed that his senior sister genuinely cared about him, he still knew that she couldn’t do anything to help him with the battle forum. He was pretty much on his own.

In the end, cultivation was the base of a cultivator and the most important thing to them.

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