I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 444 - Eye-piercing in the sea (1)

Chapter 444: Eye-piercing in the sea (1)

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More than 600 golden core Dao soldiers were deployed in the form of a battle formation. In just a moment, it caused a commotion on the nearby coastline. Some cultivators fled at the sight of the wind, while some cultivators could not escape and were besieged and captured by the Dao soldiers. The whole process was unbelievably smooth.

Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue didn’t let their guard down. They wouldn’t make the same mistake after what had just happened. Hong Fu immediately released a detection puppet worm, and Liu Qingxue took out a detection and detection talisman and tore them apart.

With the combination of the two talismans, not only Liu Qingxue but also some of the Dao soldiers could be enhanced by the talismans. They could sense cultivators in advance and the Dao soldiers would not hold back. In a short while, hundreds of golden core cultivators were captured and some of them were even escorted back to the ship.

“Master, are we not going to make a move?”

Two figures were floating in the clouds.

One of the young cultivators asked.

“Make a move?”

“Those are Dao soldiers. How can an ordinary person take out six hundred Dao soldiers?”

“With a formation, even nascent souls can be suppressed.”

The old cultivator snorted.

“But this is the territory of our Crimson light Daoist sect.”

“Although there are many Dao soldiers, they can only suppress nascent soul cultivators.”

“Master is a divine transformation realm expert. He can destroy them with a flip of his hand.”

The young cultivator said arrogantly.

“Stupid, don’t you understand what I mean?”

“Do you think that our crimsonbright holy man can produce 600 Dao-soldiers?”

The old divine transformation realm cultivator said coldly.

The young cultivator was stunned, and then his face turned ugly.

“I wonder which immortal sect’s chosen is passing by.”

“Six hundred Dao soldier guards, it is clearly for training.”

“Moreover, there are divine transformation realm experts taking care of him in secret. He can’t be easily provoked.”

“Pass on my order. Tell the disciples to be careful not to take the initiative to attack.”

“To lead people to the territory of other Dao sects.”

The old soul formation true venerate said indifferently.

“I understand.”

The young cultivator fell from the sky and disappeared.

The old soul formation cultivator sighed silently. He had founded the Crimson light Daoist sect for a thousand years. Although the sect had developed quite well and had a place on the yunyuan coastline, it was a pity that there was no one to inherit it. He had originally thought that the youngest disciple would be able to inherit his legacy, but he was someone who had no foresight. He really didn’t know where the future of the Crimson light Daoist sect lay.

He quickly collected his thoughts and looked at the ground, especially in the direction of the group of captured cultivators. From the sky, he saw qingzhai on the sea. His eyes narrowed slightly, and he subconsciously wanted to explore the truth.

“Get lost!”

A soft shout that sounded like a thunderclap entered his ears. True venerate chiming felt a sharp pain in his primordial spirit. In his shock, he couldn’t care less about his face and immediately fled. Only when he returned to the Crimson light Daoist sect did he sit down, still in a state of shock. The shock on his face had yet to disappear.

“Tribulation-transcending true venerate, it must be a tribulation-transcending true venerate. Otherwise, how could that sound affect the primordial spirit? Which immortal sect was it? No, we can’t eavesdrop on them. Perhaps they just want to hide their identities. ” True venerate crimsonbright flew out, his heart burning with anxiety.

He couldn’t afford to provoke such a powerful enemy, so he had to personally restrain the disciples of the crimsonbright Daoist sect. Under the premise that they couldn’t be offended, he could only help them in secret in order to satisfy the people from the unknown immortal sect. At the same time, he could also direct the trouble to the territory of other Daoist sects.

“Tsk, the true Dragon’s Roar is quite useful!”

Chen jingzhai stood in qingzhai with a smile on his face. Even true venerated Yudu probably couldn’t scare a demigod true venerate with just a shout. Chen jingzhai didn’t expect the techniques in the true Dragon’s inheritance to be so powerful, which was a big surprise.

Up to this point, he had already activated the five Qis and was currently nurturing the five Qi true dragon in his body. The fire Dragon Born from the Qi of the heart was already as long as a finger and was swimming in his heart aperture. The roar he had just let out was from the fire Dragon inheritance.

For Chen jingzhai, who had mastered the Dragon nature and integrated it into his five internal organs, it was not difficult for him to use some of the divine abilities of a true dragon. The sound just now was just a test. He did not expect the effect to be so extraordinary. It seemed that he would have to study it carefully in the future.

This was just a small disturbance, and Chen jingzhai didn’t care. He continued to take in the Golden core cultivators on the coastline and sent them into the Dao soldier training room. The male and female cultivators were separated, and no matter how many came at a time, they were all sent in.

Four hours later, Chen jingzhai had more than a hundred golden core Dao soldiers. So far, none of them had failed because the way to make Yin Yang Dao soldiers was very gentle. It was as easy as carving talismans on a golden core cultivator.

It was not as brutal as the other Dao soldiers. Not to mention the heavenly corpses and Dao soldiers devouring each other, even the star Dao soldiers required the physical body of the Dao soldier to be strong enough to bear the power of the stars. The Yin Yang Dao soldiers were gentle and had a high limit, but they needed time to grow.

On the coastline, Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue each led 300 Dao soldiers to attack. Under the secret guidance of the Crimson light Daoist sect’s disciples, they arrived at the sea Dragon Daoist sect’s territory. This Daoist sect had three soul formation true venerates and occupied a territory of 1500 kilometers.

Compared to the crimsonbright Daoist sect, the sea Dragon Daoist sect’s share was slightly smaller. However, they still exploited the cultivators in their territory. The difference was that they were very strict in their management, so they didn’t openly ambush and kill cultivators.

As the two Dao soldier teams charged, the cultivators on the coastline were in a mess. Some cultivators started to resist, while others fled when they saw that the situation was not good. The two Dao soldiers did not care and directly formed a Dao soldier formation to capture the cultivators.

Chu wuxia was also excited. She asked for three hundred Dao soldiers from Chen jingzhai and followed Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue to capture cultivators the next day. No matter whether they were artifact hunters or rogue cultivators, as long as they were above the Golden core stage, they would let them go.

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