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Chapter 443 - Heartless fire and water (2)

Chapter 443: Heartless fire and water (2)

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However, the nascent soul turned into a puddle of water the instant the blood wing banner got close and his true body was already far away. His escape technique was even more obscure and he was not affected much even under the sea calming Buddha.

“Illusion of water shadow?” Hong Fu was speechless.

Chen jingzhai was best at using this move. She did not expect to meet a nascent soul perfected Lord who was proficient in this spell in the yunyuan region. It seemed that this perfected Lord had deep attainments in the Dao of water. Otherwise, she would have noticed it.

In the end, the Dao soldiers led by the two women only captured six golden core cultivators alive. Four of them were heavily injured, two were slightly injured, and seven cultivators were burnt and killed by blood-sucking, which meant that other than the two nascent souls, only four golden core cultivators managed to escape.

To be honest, such a battle result was already pretty good. After all, there were two nascent souls who launched a surprise attack and even used Dao techniques. However, Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue were not very satisfied and both of them had noticed their shortcomings during the battle.

At the very least, they had let their guard down. Otherwise, they would have discovered the danger ahead of time and made some arrangements to perhaps keep the two nascent souls behind. With regret and dissatisfaction, the two women did not continue forward. Instead, they returned with their people.

On qingzhai …

The six golden core cultivators knelt on the ground. Their mana and golden cores were sealed. At this moment, they were like mortals. Their faces were pale and they looked very weak. There was no need for Hong Fu to interrogate them and they already told the whole story.

It turned out that along the long coastline, there were many cultivators lying in ambush to kill other cultivators. Some cultivators had deliberately set up detection arrays so that once cultivators from other domains arrived through the seamless land, they would swarm them.

To be more precise, these cultivators were like hyenas on the coastline of yunyuan region. Their main goal was to ambush and kill cultivators from other regions. What surprised Chen jingzhai and the others was that these people were not individual cultivators. Instead, they were mainly from sects and families.

Speaking of which, this matter was somewhat related to Chen jingzhai. To be more precise, the appearance of the returning origin immortal token had made the Rogue cultivators who had been sneakily hunting other cultivators on the coastline become the targets of some sects and family forces.

Anyone could enter the eight desolation immortal market, and everyone’s identity could be concealed. This was a natural black market, the best place to dispose of stolen goods. One could make a fortune by selling them at a stall or directly selling them to the major palaces.

Because of this, the long coastline of the cloud abyss region was full of such forces. Some sent cultivators in the open, while others attacked in the dark. The peaceful coastline was becoming more and more chaotic.

Chen jingzhai touched his nose. He didn’t expect that he would be blamed for all this. Although it was a little awkward, he was still blinded by greed. Chen jingzhai didn’t want to take the blame.

“The yunyuan region has the longest coastline. After every major storm, many cultivators will come to the coastline in search of artifact remnants. Artifact remnants are just a general term. They refer to some valuable items that have been swept ashore by the storm.”

“There are professional artifact hunters along the coastline. They not only search along the coastline but also in the sea. They are the targets of the individual cultivators and they will only choose cultivators who are alone. We mistook you for artifact hunters.”

One of the Golden core intermediate stage cultivators knelt on the ground and said in pain.

Because there were too many cultivators hunting, there were very few traces of artifact hunters on the coastline. They either dove into the sea to wait for the storm, or quietly left the place to avoid other cultivators.

The Dao soldiers led by Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue suddenly emerged from the sea. With so many of them, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention. The two nascent souls quickly made a decision to take them by force and leave no room for negotiation.

This was because they had been hiding along the coastline for a long time, but this was the first time that Hong Fu and the others had appeared. If they were cultivators from other regions, nascent souls would have noticed the entrance to the seamless land, but the truth was that they had not seen it.

Therefore, the Dao soldiers that Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue had brought were determined by the two nascent souls to be artifact hunters that were hiding in the coastal waters. Furthermore, the two nascent souls were certain that the reason they had not come ashore for so long was because they had obtained precious artifacts.

Seeing that Chen jingzhai and the others didn’t know anything, the six cultivators naturally understood that they were cultivators from other regions and regretted their actions.

“Husband, what should we do with them?” Liu Qingxue asked.

“Keep it!” Chen jingzhai thought for a moment.”Try to train them into Dao soldiers. Perhaps we’ll have six more people. You and Hong Fu will take half of the Dao soldiers and try to capture as many golden cores as possible. We won’t have the time to stop the nascent souls.”

“Alright!” Chu wuxia nodded with a smile.

She had been in the seamless land for three years, and it was a good time to come out and take a breather. Furthermore, she had just broken through not long ago, and it was a good time to test out the methods of the nascent souls on the coastline. Without saying anything, she stepped on the spirit cloud and flew out behind the Dao soldiers.

Chen jingzhai asked the Dao soldiers to carry the six golden cores to the room where the Dao soldiers were trained. After re-training, the room had some changes. Chen jingzhai did not need to draw talismans personally, but the array formation was trained automatically.

In order to do that, one had to have a thorough understanding of the formation and allow the formation to develop a trace of spirituality. Chen jingzhai used the power of the Archean world to refine the formation and inadvertently improved the formation.

Now that the two Dao soldiers had completed the formation, there was a vast space inside. As long as the materials were prepared in advance, they could directly complete the formation. It was much more convenient than before, where one person was in the formation. The formation could not be dismantled, and it was completely integrated with qingzhai.

Four hours later, the six golden cores successfully cultivated Dao soldiers. Even though four of them were seriously injured, they were fully repaired in the formation. To Chen jingzhai’s pity, they did not break through and were still third-grade yang talisman Dao soldiers.

“Master!” The six Dao soldiers saluted.

“In the future, call this Lord Cave Master, old master, young master, or any of the others are fine, but don’t call me master.” Chen jingzhai said calmly,”tell me which sect you are from.”

“Yes,” one of them said,”young master, we’re cultivators from the merciless sect. There are five nascent souls and 24 golden core cultivators in the merciless sect. They specialize in water and fire and are known as heartless fire and water. Our base is 600 kilometers away from the coastline.”

” 600 kilometers?” Chen jingzhai raised his eyebrows.”This isn’t close.”

“The area within five hundred kilometers is under the nominal control of the Crimson light Daoist sect. If we want to get close to the coastline, everyone has to pay a copper coin or spirit stone.” Another Dao soldier said,”not only that, if there are any artifact remnants, we still have to hand over a portion.”

“You’re willing to accept this?” Chen jingzhai asked in surprise.

“Of course I’m not willing, but I have no choice.” The third Dao soldier immediately said,”there are soul formation experts in the crimsonbright Daoist sect. It’s said that there are two of them. They aren’t people the merciless sect can deal with. Furthermore, we’re still fine. Those artifact hunters and itinerant cultivators are the ones who are in a miserable state.”

“Two soul formation true venerates?” Chen jingzhai frowned slightly.”They’re on the coastline?”

“They will be stationed within a 500-kilometer radius of the coastline, a total of 1000 kilometers.” The fourth Dao soldier said,”however, it doesn’t matter. If someone were to kill the cultivators of the crimsonbright Dao sect, they would definitely be alarmed. Thus, the disciples of the crimsonbright Dao sect ran amok.”

“Very good.” Chen jingzhai waved his hand.”You guys follow them and find the three ladies. Help them capture the cultivators. Remember to tell them to avoid the crimsonbright Daoist sect.”

“Yes!” The six Dao soldiers flew out.

After they were trained, they also had the inheritance of Dao soldiers. As time passed, their cultivation and Dao soldier talismans merged and they could improve further. After they were trained through the array formation, they had no choice but to be completely controlled by Chen jingzhai.

He could only obey orders.

“What are you thinking? Why are we still wasting time here?” True venerate Yudu appeared beside him and asked,”if you have the time, why don’t you go and find the inter-province transportation array?”

“The cost of using the inter-domain teleportation array is too high.” Chen jingzhai shook his head.”Besides, I need to find the space passage on the stormy sea. I need some time. It’s a good time for them to train and capture more cultivators to become Dao soldiers.”

“As you wish!” True venerate Yudu shook his head.

“I hope you can follow them,” Chen jingzhai said.”The madams have spiritual treasures. I’m afraid that some soul formation cultivators will secretly attack them. The cultivators here have no bottom line.”

“That’s good. ” True venerate Yu Du said,”you better hurry up.”

“I know!” Chen jingzhai bowed,

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