I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 445 - Eye-piercing in the sea (2)

Chapter 445: Eye-piercing in the sea (2)

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In this way, in just ten days, the three troops of Dao soldiers had captured more than two thousand cultivators. Such a large number of golden core cultivators were captured, but the strange thing was that the major Dao sects on the coastline were silent and did not make any movements.

On the eleventh day, Chu wuxia brought Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue back to qingzhai. Chen jingzhai had also refined the captured golden core cultivators into Dao soldiers. They had a total of 3600, enough to Form 150 Yin Yang reversal formations.

“It’s time to go!” Chen jingzhai stood on the deck and chuckled,”these Daoist sects are already giving us face by not making a move. If this continues, I’m afraid they will join forces and it won’t be good.”

“You found a suitable space Channel?” True venerate Yudu asked.

“Naturally,” Chen jingzhai nodded.”According to our speculations, there will be a huge storm in the storm sea tonight. I’ll drive qingzhai into the storm sea and use the space corridor. We’ll be able to reach the pulao region before sunrise.”

“Are you confident?” True venerate Yudu asked.

“Don’t worry!” Chen jingzhai said confidently,”I’ve already cultivated the star Shuttle technique to the perfected stage of Daoist technique. The next step is to form a divine power. Moreover, I’ve re-refined Qing Zhai. Even if I get lost in the storm, I’ll have no problem protecting myself.”

“That’s good. ” True venerate Yu Du nodded and returned to his room.

He was the Dao protector and didn’t care about anything else. He only ensured Chen jingzhai’s safety. Now that Chen jingzhai had become a nascent soul, as long as it wasn’t a soul formation true venerate, true venerate Yudu didn’t have to worry about him. He had full trust in Chen jingzhai.

At night, the galaxy of stars was brilliant.

More than one thousand Dao soldiers patrolled between the deck and the floors. The night was extremely quiet and there was no trace of a storm at all. However, no one doubted the results of Chen jingzhai’s deduction. After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, all the Dao soldiers returned to their rooms.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As soon as the dark clouds gathered, there were more lightning and thunder in the sky. Huge waves began to ripple in the sea, and huge tornadoes appeared on the surface of the sea. Some of the sea water was even rolled up, forming water columns.

“What a spectacular sight!” Chen jingzhai sighed when he saw this scene.

“Are you sure it’s fine?” Chu wuxia asked.

“No problem,” Chen jingzhai said with a smile.”Don’t underestimate the qingzhai. It’s already starting to transform into a fifth-grade ship, not to mention that it’s made of fifth-grade materials.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately contacted qingzhai.

The entire qingzhai transformed into a blue whale. Not only did it not rush to the coastline, but it also entered the depths of the stormy sea. Its huge body was as small as an ant in the stormy sea. It disappeared in the blink of an eye.

On the coastline, several soul formation true venerates were speechless for a long time as they watched this scene.

They were All Soul formation cultivators of the major Dao Masters on the coastline. They had tolerated for ten days, which was the limit. If the Dao soldiers still did not stop, they would definitely attack. By then, even if it was the immortal sects, they would be in the right.

But now, all the semi-God Realm Warriors felt lucky.

The storm Sea area was a forbidden area that they didn’t want to enter, but the enemy was driving a half-cultivation artifact ship into the depths of the storm Sea area. What did this mean? Whether it was the fact that the other party had the passage to the sea of storm or that he was powerful, it was enough to show that he was extraordinary. However, they had wanted to attack such a person before.

Just thinking about it made them feel shocked. The great joy made them unable to calm down. The force that could conquer the sea of storm must be an immortal sect or even some reclusive old monster-level force. This was not something they could provoke.

“Everyone, let’s just pretend that this never happened. Quickly erase all traces!” True venerate crimsonbright sent a voice transmission.”It’s better to avoid unnecessary trouble. It’s just a few golden core cultivators. The eight desolations immortal market hasn’t closed yet. They can be nurtured with more resources.”

“Yes, Ji!” All the soul formation true venerates agreed and disappeared in a flash.

No matter what, the matter was over. It would only affect the interests of path sect and not their Foundation. This was already a great fortune in the midst of misfortune. It was necessary to hide, protect the face of Dao sect, and erase all traces.

Of course, Chen jingzhai did not know about these things. He went to the cockpit in a flash, used his mana to communicate with qingzhai, and rushed directly to the corridor of storms.

He released his spiritual will and was able to control everything that was happening on the stormy sea, especially the changes in the space.

Qingzhai, which had transformed into a blue whale, kept moving against the current in the water, nimbly dodging the sudden lightning and the chaotic space.

As time passed, the storm on the sea became more and more intense. The lightning that filled the sky had reached a level that even a soul formation true venerate didn’t dare to approach. More importantly, a large number of spatial storms were forming.

“Tsk, that was really dangerous!”

“But this doesn’t affect us!”

Chen jingzhai murmured as his mana surged and activated the entire qingzhai ship’s restriction, making it impossible for the cultivators on board to see outside. Then, he communicated with the connate gold coin ancient tree and locked onto a certain position at the southern end of the pulao region.

The blue whale directly flew up from the surface of the sea. After shaking its tail a few times, the blue whale directly drilled into a void channel and disappeared.

In the cockpit, Chen jingzhai closed his eyes and used his divine telekinesis to sense the surrounding space through the qingzhai. The power of the primal world enveloped the qingzhai, allowing it to ignore the special environment of the stormy sea. This also gave him the opportunity to experience the perception.

In less than 12 hours, they crossed the sea and approached the pulao region. On the way, Chen jingzhai could feel an abundance of spatial energy. It was a very strange energy mixed with the origin of the Qianyuan realm.

Chen jingzhai tried to guide the energy, but half of it was devoured by the power of the primal world. Of the remaining half, two-thirds was absorbed by qingzhai, and the last one-third was absorbed by Chen jingzhai.

This wisp of space energy, along with a little bit of the origin power of the Qianyuan world, quickly merged with the Golden core in his body, flowed along with the Dharma power, and finally entered the three flowers, making the three flowers, which were already in full bloom, more beautiful.

Not only that, Chen jingzhai also noticed that a small space had appeared on the seventh rune of the Godstone. It seemed that this energy would be very useful to the Godstone. It was a pity that there was too little of it. Even the Archean world could not absorb it. Otherwise, who knew how big of a change it would have undergone?

At the thought of this, Chen jingzhai opened his eyes and communicated with the connate gold and coin ancient tree. To his surprise, he could use the connate gold and coin ancient tree to open up a passage that connected the stormy sea region and the sea region of the primal world.

However, Chen jingzhai was still needed to maintain the passage after it was opened. Moreover, the tree needed to break one of its roots to open the passage, and it needed to use the innate Qi as compensation.

Chen jingzhai had no objections to this. He immediately got the connate gold tree to open up a passage. It did not need to be big, just a fist would do. Chen jingzhai split his attention and entered the primal world to use his authority to stabilize the passage.

Within the stormy sea, a tiny Whirlpool appeared on the surface of the sea. Following the connate money ancient tree’s adjustment, the whirlpool disappeared. However, a deep passage appeared in the deep sea, where a large amount of vital energy poured into the primal world.

Chen jingzhai’s magical clone sensed the surroundings carefully and smiled. The channel that was opened up was indeed useful. Every day, a portion of the original intent of the Qianyuan realm would flow into the four Seas, bringing great benefits to the yuanchu world.

The most obvious change was the increase in the rate of reproduction of species in the four Seas after the first source of power flowed in. The scattered islands also began to grow and expand. These changes could only be seen by Chen jingzhai, who had the power of authority.

“A little water flows a long way, that’s the way.” Chen jingzhai murmured softly,”there’s vital Qi and Origin Energy, and even space energy. The seawater of the storm sea is indeed extraordinary. No wonder a soul formation true venerate is so afraid of it. This is a good opportunity for me.”

In the depths of the sea of storm, there were no signs of life. Instead, there was a strange change. This was the chaos caused by the scattering of space and Origin Energy, which caused the sea to be very different. It was filled with all kinds of strange energy.

This energy could become the nourishment for the yuanchu world and would not cause the original force of the Qianyuan world to resist. Chen jingzhai felt that this wave of energy was great.

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