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Chapter 408 - The mystery realm opens (2)

Chapter 408: The mystery realm opens (2)

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Chu xuanyao didn’t seem to hear him. She looked at Yi Tianxing and Chu wuxia, who was beside Chen jingzhai, with mixed feelings.

After the last strike, GUI Ming looked like he was on the verge of death. Chen jingzhai stopped and shook his head, then brought his two madams to a corner.

“How is it?” Chen jingzhai asked through the ring.

“Almost there,” tu Ruoyan replied.”In reality, a soul formation true venerate can already break the door to the secret realm, but they seem to have some concerns.”

The secret realm was about to open. As the nine Yin tribulation Fox, tu Ruoyan could already sense the specific location and state of the secret realm. After all, she had a sixth-rank bloodline.

“I think he doesn’t want to destroy the mystical realm.” Chen jingzhai smiled.”It seems like there’s some influence on the active and passive opening of the mystical realm. Let’s wait here!”

After so many years, the secret realm was finally about to open. Chen jingzhai felt a sense of carefreeness that he had been waiting for. There was no communication, so he just let nature take its course.

Five days later, a large number of soul formation true venerates appeared on the peak of Longmen mountain.

Chu wuxia stood beside Chu Yao. Chen jingzhai brought tu Ruoyan, Yi Tianxing, and the others to stand together. The two brothers, GUI Lai and GUI Ming, had fully recovered.

The group of people and Yao all stood on the top of the mountain and looked up at the sky.

Vital Qi surged like boiling water, and the virtual doors were like the projections of two Dragon Gate peaks. It took two hours to go from illusionary to solid.

What was surprising was that the true Dragon’s aura had disappeared at this time. There was no other aura except for the gradually gathering Yuan Qi.

Another hour passed, and the Dragon Gate was completely formed. The faint aura of a true dragon spread out, and the demonic beast prodigies rushed up excitedly.

“Let’s go!”

Chen jingzhai held tu Ruoyan’s hand and charged into the dragon Gate with Yi Tianxing and han Xianzhi.

GUI Lai and GUI Ming didn’t care about Chen jingzhai. They growled, broke the ground, and rushed into the dragon Gate, but they didn’t take their Yuan Qi hammers.

Chen jingzhai only felt a slight chill all over his body before he appeared on the ground. He looked around and saw the heaven’s favorites in their demonic beast forms.

His own robe had disappeared, and he only realized that he had been sealed by the secret realm after communicating with his inner self. His five bamboo sword and the great heavenly mirror were also sealed.

Beside him was the pure white nine Yin tribulation Fox tu Ruoyan with black patterns on her body, and next to him was the half-naked Yi Tianxing and han Xianzhi.

In the secret realm, no robes or magic items could be used, but a cultivator’s mana would not be affected. It was still possible to transform into a set of clothes.

Yi Tian Xing’s face turned red and he immediately changed into a cautious black robe. Chu Yao, Chu wuxia, and Chu xuanyao were already prepared.

They were wearing clothes made from the fur of demonic beasts. Even Chen jingzhai had a set of leather clothes on him, but they were not magical artifacts but simple clothes.

Seeing this, Yi Tian Xing was a little angry. However, he had no choice because he did not do a detailed investigation. He could not blame anyone else for this.

Chen jingzhai didn’t care about what the others thought. He looked around and tidied his clothes. Chu wuxia had sewn these clothes for him using the star demon skin.

It was a swimsuit made according to Chen jingzhai’s memory from his previous life. It covered his limbs, chest, and abdomen. Because he didn’t use any refining methods, it was very uncomfortable.

At this time, all the monsters were in their original forms, staring at the huge River surface. When the first wave on the river surface came close and hit the shore, everyone would be able to jump in.

The brothers, GUI Ming and GUI Lai, were right. A River was actually similar to an ocean. One couldn’t see the boundary and could only feel the changes in the terrain in the water.

However, Chen jingzhai was different. He had the Archean world. In just a short while, he managed to communicate with the Archean world and allowed the connate money ancient tree to leave its roots.

The Dragon Gate secret realm was indeed powerful, but it couldn’t stop Chen jingzhai. Not only that, but after leaving his roots behind, Chen jingzhai had a deeper understanding of the Dragon Gate secret realm.

This was indeed a large river, but it was not a real river. This was the anti Dragon River that was formed after the death of a true dragon. The water of the river was completely gathered by the Qi of heaven and earth.

The so-called “three bay and nine bends” were basically formed by the huge body of the true dragon. Every bend they made would be rewarded by the true dragon.

With the help of the connate money ancient tree’s roots, Chen jingzhai also comprehended a set of Dragon River formation, which included the terrain of the three bay and nine bends. The entire formation was one.

Not only that, but there were also Dragon corpses in the depths of the reverse Dragon River. Chen jingzhai even found dragon blood grass and Dragon Tooth grass.

“What bullsh * t Dragon Gate secret realm? it’s clearly a dragon graveyard.”

“There are a total of five true dragons. The Dragon graveyard rises once every thousand years, and the Dragon corpse will be rewarded for leaping through the Dragon Gate. The entire secret realm is not naturally formed.”

“Who is this?”

Chen jingzhai’s heart was in a mess, and he didn’t know what to do.

For the first time, he regretted being too curious and too reckless. It was better if he didn’t know the truth of this secret realm, so as to avoid attracting disaster.

No matter, it was just a one-time visit.

Chen jingzhai made up his mind. He let the roots fall into the space below the Dragon rebel River and started to devour the Dragon Qi from the Dragon corpse, producing Dragon Qi copper coins.

He even beckoned for the Xiantian Daoist to enter the underground space to collect all sorts of flowers and plants that were derived from the true dragons and kept them in the primal world.

Xian Tian Daoist was not divined, his whereabouts were hidden and no one could discover him. He was the most suitable person to do this, even if the other two incarnations entered, they would be discovered.

The entire process did not waste much time. Chen jingzhai had a strong grasp of the Archean world and was experienced in doing such things. He was very efficient.

“They’re here!” GUI Ming shouted nervously.

Chen jingzhai looked at the river and saw a white line rushing towards them, as if it was going to crush everything.

“Remember to get close to me.” Chen jingzhai sent a message to Chu wuxia.

Chu wuxia replied with a thought. Soon after, she saw a white wave crashing onto the shore, causing water to splash up. At this moment, demonic beasts also jumped up.

Plopping sounds could be heard as more and more demonic beasts jumped into the water. However, Chen jingzhai and tu Ruoyan stayed at the back. Only after all the demonic beasts had jumped in did the two of them suddenly jump up, diving into the water and rushing through it like a thin line.

“Haha, you want to stay behind to fight with your rank-3 strength?”


From the left and right, two gigantic fourth-rank beasts charged toward Chen jingzhai and tu Ruoyan. They opened their huge, ferocious mouths and bit down on the two.

Chen jingzhai’s expression was calm. He pushed his palms lightly, causing waves to appear on his left and right sides. He pushed out with force after force.

The two rank-4 heaven’s favorites were so depressed that they vomited blood. The closer they tried to get closer, the more resistance they faced. Not only that, when the layered force hit them, it actually penetrated their strong outer skin and attacked their weak internal organs.

The two demonic beasts suddenly realized in horror that they wouldn’t be able to move forward if this continued. They might even be eliminated. They immediately gave up everything and tried to use their full strength. However, it was over. Tu Ruoyan’s Fox tail was exposed.

The Fox’s tail gently swept, and a gust of cold air instantly appeared, directly freezing the water surface. Not only did it freeze the two demonic beasts, but there were also ice thorns that pierced through the huge mouths of the demonic beasts and exploded in the huge mouths, killing the two demonic beasts in an instant.

A huge amount of vital Qi enveloped Chen jingzhai and tu Ruoyan, most of it landing in tu Ruoyan’s body. This vital Qi could not be absorbed or refined by her, but it could accumulate on the surface of her body, forming a thin layer.

“So this is the benefit?”

“It can increase speed and even increase resistance to pressure.”

“More importantly, even though the two demonic beasts didn’t really die,”

“But I’ve also lost some of my cultivation. Is this the rule of the secret realm?”

Chen jingzhai sighed in his heart.

With the power of his powerful divine sense, he could directly see through the real and the fake. He could even sense the changes in the two demonic beasts ‘bodies. Even so, he could not use his vital Qi. This was the rule of the secret realm, and he could not resist it.

Since he couldn’t resist, he could only obey and kill!

Chen jingzhai and tu Ruoyan were at the back of the pack. They started to rush toward the other rank-4 beasts. He was fearless and didn’t fear offending any of the gathering forces.

He wanted to accumulate this vital Qi so that he could use it to successfully jump through the Dragon Gate.

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