I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 407 - The mystery realm opens (1)

Chapter 407: The mystery realm opens (1)

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A year later.

Heyo, Heyo, Heyo!

From the middle of the mountain to the peak of the Longmen mountain, low shouts could be heard. The voices gathered together in an orderly and majestic manner.

Chen jingzhai and his two wives stood on the silver screen spirit cloud, looking at the demonic beasts that were like an Army, a strange look flashed in their eyes.

Regardless of whether they admitted it or not, the fact was that demonic beasts were blessed by the heavens. Even though cultivation was difficult, as long as they awakened their bloodline, they could enter the path and master their innate abilities.

This was a stark contrast to the weak human race. Chen jingzhai, on the other hand, thought of blood elementalists. In fact, the blood elementalists ‘train of thought was correct, but it was too crude.

He could use martial arts to carry the demon blood. There was no need to construct any totems. Instead, he could consume the demon blood in an attempt to refine it, improving his body and activating his bloodline at the same time.

This was a direction that was worth studying and exploring. Chen jingzhai secretly passed on his idea to Xian Tian Daoist, who happened to be in the central sacred state for the convenience of research.

The silver screen spirit cloud carried the three of them to the peak of the Dragon Gate Mountain. The other heaven’s favorites pretended not to see them, but there were still some who were peeking at tu Ruoyan.

Tu Ruoyan’s attraction to the demonic beast heaven’s pride experts was shocking, especially when they were in the stage where their blood was surging. They simply couldn’t resist her.

In the past year, the space on the peak of Longmen mountain had become thinner and thinner. Large amounts of true dragon aura had started to leak out. The peak of the mountain had become a training ground for the elites.

One could see the monstrous beasts of the forces and their subordinates climbing the two mountain peaks. Only rank-4 prodigies could reach the top, and rank-3 ones were few and far between.

The true Dragon’s aura was extremely heavy and full of pressure and intimidation to demonic beasts. Only when they faced it directly could it have the effect of refining their bloodline.

As Dragon descendants, the spiritual turtle prodigies were affected the most. Even though the shock was less, the pressure was greater. This was the suppression of a true dragon against Dragon descendants.

Fortunately, during this year, the spirit turtle market’s proud sons of heaven had been using the magnetic hammer again. This kind of cultivation treasure was of great help to them.

GUI Lai and GUI Ming became one of the few heaven’s favorites who could reach the top of the mountain. They attracted a lot of attention and gained a lot of face.

“Brother jingzhai, come and help me.” GUI Ming shouted as he lay on the mountain peak.

“Brother guilai can’t do it again?” Chen jingzhai landed and asked with a smile.

“It’s like this every time. ” GUI Ming looked helplessly at GUI Lai, who was on the ground.

At this moment, GUI Lai was in a very miserable state. He was like Prime Minister turtle, carrying a turtle shell on his back, with turtle patterns all over his body. Not only was his nose blue and his face swollen, but he was also bleeding.

At this moment, his five senses were still sealed, and he could not sense the movements of the outside world at all. He was fully focused on the feeling of his bloodline surging.

Every time they climbed to the top of the mountain, the two brothers would train each other with the magnetic hammer. The specific method was to let GUI Ming hammer them without moving.

If one used too little strength, there would be no tempering effect, and if one used too much strength, one would really be injured. Only the spiritual turtle prodigies knew how much strength to use, but Chen jingzhai was an exception.

Chen jingzhai waved his hand and the magnetic heavy hammer appeared in his hand. He grabbed the hammer and struck it at GUI Ming. Immediately after, the hammer shadows fell down in a crazy and dense manner.

GUI Ming didn’t Dodge and allowed him to hit him. Gradually, he couldn’t maintain his human form and began to turn into a half-spiritual turtle and half-human form.

The vibrating and magnetic force of the hammer struck GUI Ming’s demonic beast body in a very harmonious manner. Each strike would cause a surge of blood in his veins.

During this process, GUI Ming had to endure the aura of the true dragon from the Dragon Gate secret realm. It was torture for him and soon, he was groaning like GUI Lai.

When the other elites saw this, they were already used to it. Even on the first day, when some elites saw GUI Ming or GUI Lai’s actions, they didn’t stop them.

“I’m sure Junior Brother Chen is the first one to brazenly hammer the spirit Turtle clan’s prodigy, right?” Yi Tian Xing said with an inexplicable sigh when he saw this scene.

Han Xianzhi, who was sitting in the corner, had a complicated expression on her face. Ever since the last time, there had been a Rift between her and Chen jingzhai.

Moreover, after Chu xuanyao appeared, Hong Luan’s master seemed to have other ideas. She had already received a hint from her master, and it seemed like he wanted her to get closer to Chen jingzhai. Obviously, Chu xuanyao was more in line with the Yi family’s interests.

She should have rejoiced, but the argument with Chen jingzhai and the fact that Chen jingzhai was so innocent had made her lose her cool. After such a long time, she had not been to Chen jingzhai’s immortal’s cave. Even her heart was in a mess, and she could not cultivate at all.

“Vitality hammers are also sold in the Moonview restaurant, but it’s a pity that they can only be exchanged with turtle beads. I also have to make up for the difference and need a specific copper coin. Otherwise, I could have gotten them.”

Chu Yao sat on the side and said in a low voice.

The imperial family of Dayong also had a bloodline inheritance. They weren’t blood elementalists, but they borrowed the fate energy of the Empire to draw in the bloodline power of the seven-colored Mystic bird, the divine beast that protected the Empire.

The rainbow Bird was a mutant that fed on long worms. It was said that it had once eaten a true dragon, so it had some true dragon bloodline left in its body.

Most of the descendants of the imperial family in Dayong would receive some true dragon bloodline because of the blessing of fate, as this bloodline was the most suitable for these Imperial descendants.

Even Chu wuxia had a faint true dragon bloodline, which was why she had taken on the form of a Dragon when she fused with the Azure sky Divine Tree. This was a secret of the Dayong imperial family.

Therefore, da Yong also had a great need for items that could temper his bloodline. This magnetic hammer was extremely precious to the spirit Turtle Collection, so he couldn’t get his hands on it.

Chu Yao knew that it was extremely difficult for Dragon species to temper their bloodline. If the collection of spiritual turtles could do it, there was no reason that Dayong couldn ‘t.

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