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Chapter 409 - Qi of the true dragon (1)

Chapter 409: Qi of the true dragon (1)

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Charge, charge, charge!

The waters of the Dragon rebel River were filled with demonic beasts, and they were all charging forward madly.

At this time, there was no need to stop at all. He just had to swim at full speed.

It was fine as long as they didn’t fall behind. Once they did, they would be eliminated.

The hunting of rank-4 monstrous beasts was no secret.

Even Yi Tian Xing and Chu Yao’s group swam at full speed.

“There are other cultivators?”

“I don’t know what channel he came from.”

Han Xianzhi swam forward in the river like a fish.

Her spiritual will was scanning the surroundings and she found other cultivators.

It definitely wasn’t through gathering forces. Otherwise, they would all know each other.

That was through the cultivators below the level of gathering forces.

He didn’t know which region he was from.

Han Xianzhi thought as she dodged the attack from the demon beast next to her.

She was good at swimming, and she had also cultivated Water-type spells.

Being in the water didn’t have much of an effect on her.

Although she couldn’t use swords, she was born with immortal bones.

The immortal bones in his hands were extremely flexible, and it also enhanced the casting of spells.

However, before entering the secret realm, Hong Luan’s master had warned them not to kill.

Otherwise, she would definitely make a move.

The first team had already appeared in the Dragon rebel River.

They were all third-grade demon beast geniuses, including GUI Ming and GUI Lai.

The second echelon consisted of heaven’s favorites who were not part of the gathering of forces.

Among them were Yi Tianxing, han Xianzhi, and Chu Yao.

What was worth mentioning was that Chu wuxia had fallen to the third-level team.

The first team had entered the first bay.

The third group was still approaching.

And the fourth echelon, which was the last echelon, was a rank-4 demonic beast echelon.

They were madly killing their targets that were left behind.

Chu wuxia had already become one of their hunting targets.

“Get lost!”

Chen jingzhai roared and a blue whale appeared.

The water element spell took form under the support of his will of Dharma.

The blue whale was overbearing.

It sent the rank-4 demonic beast prodigy that was charging at Chu wuxia flying.

It also stopped the other rank-4 heaven’s favorites.

Chen jingzhai and tu Ruoyan sped up and came to Chu wuxia’s side.

The human and Fox protected Chu wuxia in the middle and then sped up.

Seeing this, the other rank-4 elite monsters didn’t come over at all.

Because he had just witnessed tu Ruoyan’s attack.

The rank-4 elite monsters had no confidence at all.

Just like that, in the pursuit …

Chen jingzhai led the two ladies into the first water Bay.

The moment he entered, Chen jingzhai felt the difference.

A gentle aura surged into his body from the outside.

It was wreaking havoc in his physical body.

There was even a brutal and vicious intent that filled his mind.

Was this the Qi of a true dragon? And the ferocity of a true dragon?

Chen jingzhai was secretly amazed,

However, he held Chu wuxia’s hand and channeled a trace of his dharmic powers into her.

He would help Chu wuxia suppress the true Dragon’s ferocity.

At the same time, he noticed that the river was becoming narrower.

In other words, the space in the river was starting to become narrow.

If they wanted to pass through the water Bay, they had to be the first to do so or they had to kill each other.

He would be left far behind if he took a step back.

This was not allowed.

Chen jingzhai chose to hang at the end of the group because he wanted to hunt demonic beasts and accumulate more strength to increase his success rate of leaping through the Dragon Gate.

The basis of this was to ensure that he could catch up with the ladder team in front of him. If he fell behind, it would be terrible. Thus, he made a prompt decision and attacked directly. He held Chu wuxia in his left hand and waved his right hand at the river.

One after another, anacondas appeared in the river and began to wrap around the rank-4 Supreme talents. As long as they were touched, the anacondas would be entangled.

The fourth-rank monstrous beast prodigies did not expect such a shameless spell to exist. They immediately roared in anger. They either used their physical strength to destroy the spell or directly used their bloodline abilities. However, all of them undoubtedly slowed down.

Tu Ruoyan didn’t stay idle either. The cold air continued to spread out from her hand, killing some of the rank-4 heaven’s favorites who were entangled by the Anaconda.

Chen jingzhai even instructed Chu wuxia to hunt together. In just half an incense’s time, five demonic beasts were eliminated, and a huge amount of vital Qi instantly descended.

“Brother jingzhai, it’s me!”

“I’m GUI Xun! Brother jingzhai. ”

“Hurry up and show mercy!”

On the left, a demonic beast heaven’s favorite was entangled by an Anaconda and was being dragged into the river. However, he couldn’t break free and could only cry for help through divine sense.

However, Chen jingzhai didn’t even listen to him. As if he didn’t hear him, he directly asked Chu wuxia to use a spell and send GUI Xun out with a water tornado.

“I’m afraid GUI Zhen is going crazy. We’ve only just passed a Water Bay.”

Tu Ruoyan gloated.

“In the secret realm, you have to be wary of the people around you, not to mention him.”

“This is something that the spiritual turtle market has been reminding us about.”

“And what evidence do you have that I did it?”

Chen jingzhai calmly said.

Cultivators believed in the theory of karma. GUI Xun had underestimated him and even harbored evil thoughts towards tu Ruoyan. Naturally, he had to face this calamity. He deserved it.

The things that happened in the secret realm would not be brought out of the secret realm. This was a matter of sticking to the rules. Moreover, in the river, how could one be sure who would make the move?

Chu wuxia’s cheerful laughter resounded in his mind. Chen jingzhai activated the transcendence energy in his body and brought her and tu Ruoyan to continue accelerating, allowing the Qi of true dragon to enter his body.

The rest of the demonic beasts and cultivators were gradually losing their minds under the influence of the Qi of true dragon, but Chen jingzhai and the other two were not affected.

Not only that, the mana of the three of them linked up hand in hand, and Chen jingzhai’s star soul ancient tree also quietly entered their mind palace to calm the evil intent.

This way, they could still cultivate in silence, absorbing and digesting more true Dragon’s Qi. This true Dragon’s Qi didn’t have much of an effect on tu Ruoyan.

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