I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 347 - The truth is revealed (2)    

Chapter 347: The truth is revealed (2)


Chen jingzhai took the Jade slip. As expected, it was true venerated Yudu’s divine sense. He said that he would stay in the star God sect for a few days and asked Chen jingzhai to pay attention to his safety.

“Pack up, we’ll leave first.” Chen jingzhai said.

“Yes!” Hong Fu immediately went to inform Liu Qingxue.

An hour later, Chen jingzhai brought the two girls, Fox in her arms, and stepped on the silver screen spirit cloud to the outer gate of the celestial star sect. They just happened to see Deacon Zong Ming walking towards them with a golden core female cultivator beside him.

“Chen tianjiao is leaving?” Deacon Zong Ming quickly asked.

“True venerate Yudu has something to do, so I’d like to go out for a walk and visit the Han family.” Chen jingzhai looked at the female cultivator and asked,”is this han Xianzhi?”

“Greetings, Chen tianjiao,” Han Xianzhi nodded.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll leave Chen tianjiao to martial nephew han.” Deacon Zong Ming said,”han Xianzhi, please treat Chen tianjiao well. I will help you record your contribution points.”

“Thank you, uncle-master.” Han Xianzhi said indifferently.

Deacon Zong Ming laughed and turned to leave.

Chen jingzhai followed han Xianzhi out of the star God sect. Han Xianzhi didn’t say anything along the way. Chen jingzhai thought for a while and said,”I wonder who Han Li is to fairy han?”

“The old ancestor of my clan.” Han Xianzhi asked indifferently,”did han Mingyu really send you here?” That woman still remembers the Han family?”

“…” Chen jingzhai did not expect to receive such a reply. He was speechless for a moment.”Are we going to the Han family directly?”

“Use the teleportation formation.” “Let’s go to Starfall city first,” han Xianzhi said indifferently.

Chen jingzhai nodded and waved his hand to put Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue into the qingzhai.

Holding his little fox wife in his arms, a silver spiritual cloud rose from beneath his feet and carried han Xianzhi toward Starfall city under her guidance.

The Starfall city was the closest city to the divine Star sect.

Just like the pulao region, the stellarsky region was also a world of cultivators. Although there were also mortal countries, they were all gathered at the border of the stellarsky region.

The areas around the star God sect were all cities.

The closer one was to the sect, the larger the city and the more cultivators there were.

The silver screen spirit cloud wasn’t slow, and they arrived at fallen star City in less than an hour. Chen jingzhai landed at the city gate and followed han Xianzhi in.

He had the Heavenly Star token, so he could enter the city and use the teleportation formation without any trouble.

What Chen jingzhai did not expect was that the teleportation formation did not only require one trip, but seven trips to reach the city where the Han family was located.

“This …” Chen jingzhai was shocked,”fairy han, why would the Han clan open their meridians in such a remote place?” You’re from the star God sect, after all. ”

“It seems like that woman didn’t tell you about the Han family. I don’t know if she was too embarrassed to tell you or if she did it on purpose.” Han Xianzhi snorted.”If you have any questions, you can ask the forefather. I only took you here on a mission.”

Chen jingzhai frowned slightly. This woman’s attitude was really confusing. No matter what, Madam han was a divine transformation realm old ancestor. Not only did han Xianzhi not show any respect to her, but she was also full of resentment. Even Chen jingzhai was implicated in this, and she didn’t show any courtesy at all. It was really confusing.

He had no interest in the Han family’s Affairs. If it wasn’t for the mandatory mission, he wouldn’t have to come here. Therefore, he had a thought in his mind, and his attitude changed. He didn’t ask anything else.

The Han clan was located in a city called Starlight city. It was located to the West of the stargod sect and spanned across seven large cities. In the middle of the city, there were hundreds of medium-class cities and thousands of small cities.

The Han family was located in Moon Shadow Valley, which was 120 miles South of Starlight city.

There were many formations in the valley, and the trees outside the valley were mixed with the formation to hide.

Chen jingzhai could tell that there was a fourth-grade array here, and the rest were third-grade and second-grade arrays, mostly illusionary arrays.

Han Xianzhi obviously didn’t inform them in advance. The Han family was surprised to see her with a male cultivator, but when they heard that Chen jingzhai was someone sent by Madam han, they immediately looked at Chen jingzhai with complicated expressions. Most of the young people were very excited.

Fortunately, han Xianzhi had exposed Chen jingzhai’s identity, so no one made things difficult for him.

Chen jingzhai also saw Han Li in the main hall.

It was a white-haired nascent soul. He had wrinkled skin and white hair, but he was full of energy. He did not look old, but his smile was a little fake.

“Chen tianjiao, did my aunt really send you?” He asked.

“Yes,” Chen jingzhai said and took out a Jade slip.”You’ll know when you see it, perfected cultivator han.”

“The Han clan’s star chain sealing technique doesn’t seem to be fake.” Han Li took the Jade slip and waved his hand. An illusionary chain appeared on the Jade slip.

Starlight flickered on the chain, giving it a mysterious appearance.

The Jade slip was sealed, and Chen jingzhai had no interest in it. He did not even have the intention to read it. He did not expect Han Li to be able to tell at a glance. At least, it meant that he had found the right person.

Chen jingzhai heaved a sigh of relief. His spiritual will had already entered the eight desolations immortal market, and he had xiyao go find Madam han. He was prepared to let the two meet in the eight desolation immortal market.

After Han Li finished reading the Jade slip, he looked at Chen jingzhai.”I wonder if you have the Guiyuan token?”

“I’m here,” Chen jingzhai immediately brought it over.

Han Li didn’t suspect anything and immediately refined it. Then, he sent his spiritual will into the eight desolation immortal market. Chen jingzhai’s psychic power immediately locked onto Han Li. He only felt relieved when he saw Han Li enter the room that Mrs. Han had arranged for him.

Han Xianzhi was a little surprised when Han Li didn’t say anything. She looked at Chen jingzhai and wanted to ask, but she held back and kept silent.

It was obvious that Han Li was very excited to see Mrs. Han again. Although his eyes were closed, tears were still flowing out.

After nearly two hours, Han Li finally opened his eyes. He wiped his eyes nonchalantly and stood up to greet Chen jingzhai.

Chen jingzhai hurriedly dodged. He didn’t dare to accept the bow of a true Lord.

“Forefather?” Han Xianzhi called out.

“If it wasn’t for Chen tianjiao’s return to origin immortal token, allowing me to meet my aunt, I’m afraid this misunderstanding would have continued to accumulate.” Han Li heaved a long sigh and said,”Xianzhi, go and call for help! Call all the clansmen here, and also have Tianyu bring out the clan treasure. ”

“Yes!” Han Xianzhi glanced at Chen jingzhai and flew away.

“Have a seat first,” Han Li said to Chen jingzhai with a smile.”Are you confused?”

“This is the Han family’s business, it’s not convenient for me to get involved.” Chen jingzhai shook his head.

“Aunt asked you to come because she was prepared.” Han Li laughed.”Chen tianjiao, do you know that the Han family used to be the number one family in the star God sect 10000 years ago?”

Madam han, also known as han Mingyu, was the daughter of the star God sect’s sovereign two generations ago. However, there was internal strife in the star God sect later on, resulting in a tragic slaughter.

Although it was suppressed by the immortals, it also caused the star God sect to suffer a great loss. They had to close the mountain Gate to recuperate for many years.

It was also at that time that the Han family withdrew from the star God sect and was tacitly allowed to establish a family clan here. Their relationship with the star God sect gradually faded.

“The root of the problem is very complicated, and because it involves the secrets of the sect, I can’t tell Chen tianjiao everything.” Han Li sighed.”It’s only because aunt han Mingyu never showed up. Later, I heard that she went to the pulao region. My clansmen, including me, thought that she had abandoned us. If we had the protection of a soul formation cultivator, we would be much better off.”

“It seems that the old ancestor has resolved the misunderstanding.” Chen jingzhai said.

“Yes.” Han Li nodded.”Aunt has her own difficulties. She made a big vow that she would never step into the stellarsky domain. That’s why she can’t meet us. It’s also because of her that our han family is still alive. Otherwise, we would have been destroyed.”

“Is what the forefather said true?” A group of people entered in a single file.

“Naturally, it’s true.” Han Li nodded.”I gathered you here to tell you the truth and to take you to see my aunt.”

In front of Chen jingzhai, he handed the Guiyuan token to Han Tianyu, the clan leader. An hour later, Han Tianyu exchanged for the spell seed. With a complicated and shocked expression, he handed the token to the other elders.

The elders of the Han family all fell silent. When han Xianzhi entered the eight desolate immortal market and saw Lady Han, the truth was revealed.

Their years of resentment seemed to have been blamed on the wrong person.

Madam han did not owe the Han family, but the Han family owed her.

At the very least, the Han family’s current peace was largely due to Madam han.

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