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Chapter 348 - Farewell and departure (1)  

Chapter 348: Farewell and departure (1)

There was nothing in the eight desolate immortal market that could be hidden from Chen jingzhai.

After all, it was his territory, so Chen jingzhai knew the whole story.

It was probably because Madam han had made a sacrifice.

Not only did he swear to never step foot in the Heavenly Star region,

She even became Dao companions with Dao master you of the allheaven immortal sect.

They would become a bridge of friendship between the star God sect and the allheaven immortal sect.

This was to ensure that the Han family’s bloodline would not end.

They even allowed the Han family’s descendants to enter the sect.

They would enjoy the same treatment as the other disciples.

This was also why han Xianzhi was able to become a heaven’s favorite.

In addition, there was also the reason why he had taken a soul formation cultivator as his disciple.

Otherwise, based on what happened back then, the Han family would have long been exterminated.

This matter could not be blamed on Madam han at all.

The root cause was han Furen’s father and uncles.

They seemed to be the main culprits, and it was not what the Han family thought.

Han Li and the others had not experienced what had happened back then, so they were not strong enough.

That was why he hated Madam han for no reason and left the sect in fear.

It was so peaceful that it even made the future generations hate it.

Fortunately, the misunderstanding was cleared up and everything disappeared.

What happened in the past was in the past.

Although he still felt a little dissatisfied and uncomfortable for no reason,

However, Madam Han’s existence was equivalent to the Han family’s stabilizing force.

Although Madam han couldn’t set foot in the Heavenly Star region, she had a Dao companion.

They could even send disciples over.

Furthermore, there was the eight desolate immortal market now.

It was a pleasant surprise.

Although the Han family had declined,

After all, there were still nascent souls holding the fort and they had some assets.

After the clan elders bought the curse seeds,

The Han family had also successfully entered the eight desolate immortal market.

There would be no shackles in the future, and the family’s future would be guaranteed.

While the clan elders entered the eight desolations immortal market,

Han Li asked han Xianzhi to help arrange for Chen jingzhai.

He then gathered the people of his clan to meet with Madam han.

“I’ve embarrassed myself in front of you. ” Han Xianzhi was defrosted and smiled in embarrassment.

“It’s nothing.” Chen jingzhai shook his head.”It’s good that the misunderstanding is resolved. Besides, we can work together in the eight desolate immortal market. This trip won’t be in vain.”

He wasn’t interested in the Han family’s old grudges. He came here mainly to complete his mission and to spread the returning origin immortal tokens. He had basically completed his mission.

“…” Han Xianzhi was silent for a while before saying,”let’s stay here first!”

The Han family’s houses were mainly courtyards.

Because the Valley’s flat area was large enough,

Therefore, there were quite a few of them.

However, upon closer inspection, one would discover that each building was a formation core.

It could be useful at a critical moment.

Han Xianzhi was no longer as cold as before.

As he walked, he introduced the Han Corporation to her.

There were also related buildings, hidden restrictions, and formations.

Chen jingzhai, who was not interested at first, was gradually attracted to it.

Although the Han family was in decline, they had many good things in their hands, and the star restrictions were unique.

He stayed in the valley of the Han family for about five days.

While studying the star restriction, he also practiced and comprehended the star Shuttle technique.

His days were rather fulfilling and interesting.

On the night of the third day,

Han Li and Han Tianyu came forward in person.

He gathered the elders to entertain Chen jingzhai,

On the other hand, they had reached an agreement with the full moon restaurant.

It wasn’t convenient for Madam han to cooperate with the Han family in the immortal market.

Chen jingzhai’s Moonview restaurant didn’t have any scruples,

Even though it was only items below fourth-grade,

But these were also what the Han Corporation urgently needed.

As for fourth-grade and above, han Furen would worry about it.

Because Chen jingzhai had brought news of Madam han and the Guiyuan immortal token.

Han Shi’s favorability towards him increased sharply,

Even han Xianzhi’s face didn’t turn cold.

Instead, he would often come over to talk and ask about the pulao region.

At the same time, they would exchange spiritual spells and cultivation experiences.

Guest house.

Han Xianzhi took a sip of the spirit wine and praised,”you can never get tired of it. Chen tianjiao is indeed a surprise. He can make elixirs, weapons, and even wine. He’s omnipotent.”

“Fairy, you flatter me.” Chen jingzhai smiled indifferently.

After han Xianzhi was unfrozen, she was a pretty good person.

At the very least, he wasn’t annoying and had a good sense of propriety.

“I don’t like to talk big. In the Heavenly Star region, every cultivator will only learn one skill for personal use.” Han Xianzhi said,”people like Junior Brother Chen are rare.”

In the past two days, the clan had already cooperated with the full moon Pavilion.

It was only now that han Xianzhi realized how powerful Chen jingzhai was.

Refining pills, refining weapons, creating talismans, formations, spiritual wine, and so on.

All of them had reached rank-3.

It was said that it could also be used to refine spirit treasures, and the maidservants under him had taught it well.

The moon Pavilion was even more famous in the eight desolate immortal market.

The Han family had mobilized their entire clan this time and provided a batch of resources.

Not only did the Moonview restaurant eat it, but it also gave back a lot.

It would be of great help to the Han Corporation.

Now, even the clan elders who liked to cultivate in seclusion were shocked.

They were either patrolling the mines or trading in the city.

They could use this opportunity to earn huge profits.

The Han Corporation had many properties.

He took advantage of the fact that the cultivators of the Heavenly Star region had yet to obtain the returning origin immortal token.

He was using the eight desolations immortal market to transform his style.

The benefits of cross-regional business exchanges were huge.

Mrs. Han could just eat some.

This would greatly reduce the burden on the Han Corporation.

It could also support the younger generation to improve.

For example, han Xianzhi had recently gained a lot of benefits.

“Fairy han,” Chen jingzhai thought for a moment and said,”the deacon Palace of the allheaven immortal gate has opened in the eight barren immortal market. Disciples outside the pulao region can directly hand in their missions through the eight barren immortal market, and my mission, Madam han, has already been confirmed to be completed.”

The allheaven immortal gate was the first major power to accept the eight desolation immortal market.

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