I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 346 - The truth is revealed (1)  

Chapter 346: The truth is revealed (1)

The Daoist techniques of the star God sect all required the mastery of the power of stars.

Every Dao technique was extraordinary.

Most of them could only be mastered by a soul formation true venerate.

The Daoist techniques of the star God sect were a little different. The Daoist technique stone steles on this level were infused with the will of the Daoist technique. As long as one accepted it, they would be infused with the will.

Naturally, a Daoist technique seed would be formed in the cultivator’s body.

In the future, one only needed to use the power of the stars to water it, and one would naturally be able to enter the rudiments. The cultivation level requirement for the cultivator was not high, which showed how precious the stone tablet was.

It was obvious that the star God sect wanted him to choose the spiritual treasure.

All the Taoist spell stone tablets here had to be watered with the power of the stars.

This was the threshold of cultivating Daoist techniques.

However, the people of the star God sect did not expect Chen jingzhai to be able to draw the power of the stars.

Chen jingzhai now had celestial immortal patterns in his Zifu. The divine patterns on the divine stones were all related to the power of stars, so he naturally wouldn’t miss out on the Daoist technique stone stele.

After the Daoist concept of the star Shuttle technique was infused into his body, Chen jingzhai felt a loud bang in his mind. The scene of a huge River of Stars seemed to appear in front of him.

Chen jingzhai had the memories of his previous life, so he was not unfamiliar with the stars in the universe.

Although the Galaxy of this world was different from his previous life, its essence was still the same.

However, from a cultivator’s perspective, it was different.

The stars seemed to be able to speak, and each one of them had a different meaning.

The most special thing about it was the stars that flashed through the Galaxy. Chen jingzhai was naturally attracted to it and realized that it was the star Shuttle technique.

From then on, the concept of the star Shuttle Art dissipated, the scene was destroyed, and the seeds of the Dao technique fell.

One could see that there was an additional crack on the stone tablet.

Chen jingzhai closed his eyes and the contents of the star Shuttle technique appeared in his mind.

The star Shuttle technique didn’t have any offensive or defensive abilities.

Casting this technique would strengthen one’s ability to sense the stars and space. One could also use the power of the stars to travel through space. To be precise, it was an auxiliary Dao technique.

The first step of this Daoist technique was to increase one’s ability to sense the power of the stars and space. The increase was permanent, which was why Chen jingzhai valued it greatly.

He had the Archean world and had some comprehension of space. Now that he had strengthened his sense of space and the power of the stars, it was greatly beneficial to him.

Be it in terms of cultivation or combat techniques, it would have a very strong amplification.

This was only the beginning. After reaching the initial success stage, he could even move instantly.

After it was completed, it could travel through space.

This technique could also be used in conjunction with the time-fixing plate. Not only could it find the correct direction, but it could also track and mark things. It was a very wonderful technique.

Chen jingzhai had a vague idea, which was to wait until he opened his physical body to enter the eight barren immortal market. Could he lock onto the location based on the curse seed?

With the star Shuttle technique, this idea could be completely realized.

That was because the primal world had the power of the stars and the authority of the world. When the two were combined, they could condense into a brand new curse seed. It was not difficult to reverse the location.

In fact, this was the most suitable Dao technique among all the stone tablets here.

The other stone steles all required the cultivation of star techniques and had various restrictions.

Only this Star Shuttle technique had a restriction of comprehension.

The higher one’s comprehension, the easier it would be to cultivate, and the better one’s mastery would be.

Chen jingzhai closed his eyes and meditated for a long time. He even used the celestial pattern to guide the power of the stars to water it, so that the Daoist technique seed would completely merge with him.

When the time was up, his Heavenly Star token emitted a ray of light and landed on his head. The light wrapped around him and he flew out of the Scripture cave.

The Heavenly Star token lost its power and fell to the ground. Chen jingzhai grabbed it and put it away.

“How’s the harvest?” Deacon Zong Ming asked.

“It’s huge,” Chen jingzhai said with a smile.”As expected of the star God sect’s Scripture cave. It’s a pity that it’s not fated to be the star God treasure Pavilion. I heard that it’s the real place of inheritance?”

“You really dare to say that,” Deacon Zong Ming said helplessly.”The star God treasure Pavilion is an important place in the sect. Only true disciples can enter, and there is a high probability that they can only enter once in their lives.”

The star God treasure Pavilion of the star God sect was no secret.

The treasure Pavilion itself was only a cultivation artifact, but it was located in the secret realm of the star God sect. There were really good things hidden inside, and the fundamental inheritance was also hidden inside.

Ever since the incident with true venerable ning, the star God treasure Pavilion wouldn’t be opened easily, let alone allow outsiders to enter. It was the true foundation of the place.

Chen jingzhai smiled and left with Zong Ming.

“I’ve already contacted the Han family. ” Deacon Zong Ming said,”elder han has not returned since the disappearance of the previous sovereign. There are only a few people in the Han family currently. The one with the greatest achievements is han Xianzhi, a heaven’s favorite of the Han family.”

Chen jingzhai nodded silently.

Before he came, he had already used his authority as a heaven’s favorite to understand the situation.

There were also many factions within the star God sect. A long time ago, there was an internal strife. At that time, the Han family had a great influence in the star God sect. However, it had declined later on.

Madam han had also followed her Dao companion to the pulao region and hadn’t returned for a long time.

If even Deacon Zong Ming didn’t understand the Han clan’s current situation, it could be seen how low the Han clan’s presence was in the sect. Perhaps this was also the reason why Madam han didn’t want to return.

According to his original plan, he should have listened to Madam han and found the elder of lore. However, Madam han clearly didn’t know about the changes in the star God sect.

Now that Zong Ming had found the Han family, there was no need to go through so much trouble.

The two soon separated. Zong Ming went to invite han Xianzhi, while Chen jingzhai went to the guest house to bring the women to the Han family.

“Master, true venerate Yudu sent a Jade slip.” Hong Fu said.

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