I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 332 - True venerate training hall (1)  

Chapter 332: True venerate training hall (1)

The iron sword lineage occupied the fifth ancestral bloodline and was rich in vital energy.

As he was a sword cultivator, the yuan Qi in the mountain range was different.

The ninth Meridian’s vital Qi was mild, while the tenth Meridian’s vital Qi was lively.

The 11th Meridian’s vital Qi was natural, while the 12th Meridian’s vital Qi contained heat.

The iron sword lineage, on the other hand, contained a sharp edge.

You wudao sect of the iron sword lineage, true venerable you, opened his eyes, which was a rare sight.

“What’s wrong?” His Dao partner, Madam han, left the eight desolations immortal market.

“Daoist floating cloud sent me a message to recommend me a disciple,” true venerate you said with a smile.”The number one prodigy of the ninth branch is coming with his people.”

“Should we send someone to welcome them?” Madam han asked.

The iron sword lineage was not that easy to enter. Why was the iron sword Pavilion, the manager of the iron sword lineage, moving to the sixth main lineage? It was because swordsmen had different temperaments.

Not to mention that you Wu dojo was still on the main mountain range, so it was not easy for people from other mountain ranges to come here. This was completely different from other mountain ranges.

“They’ve come to see me, and I still have to send someone to welcome them?” True venerate you shook his head.”Let’s see what those two little guys can do! It’s not easy to be my disciple. ”

Madam han nodded. She was only a foundation building cultivator, so she was curious, especially Chen jingzhai. No matter what test he took, it wouldn’t be too much.

“Now that you mention it, this number one genius seems to be connected to me by fate.” She said with a smile.

“What did the star God sect say?” True venerable you asked.

“He obtained it in the pulao region and is a disciple of the allheaven immortal sect. What can the star God sect do?” Madam han shook her head and said,”I might have to thank him for returning the inheritance.”

“That is to say, Chen jingzhai still has to go to the star God sect?” True venerate you asked.

“He has to go there in person to show his attitude,” said Madam han.”Taking back the inheritance is also a very serious matter. We might have to give him a test.”

“It’s fine as long as there are benefits.” You zhenzun nodded.”After all, he’s someone whom fellow Daoist floating cloud thinks highly of. If the star God sect really wants something to happen to Chen jingzhai, they’ll definitely be in trouble.”

“Is true venerate floating cloud really going to help Chen jingzhai?” Mrs. Han asked.

“Fellow Daoist floatcloud, what do you think about calling me Junior Brother?” “That’s the champion of The Prodigy tournament,” you Zun-Zhe said with a smile.”Up until now, no divine transformation realm expert has ever accepted a disciple.”

The other elites already had their own Masters, and even Hu Shouyang had the careful guidance of his family’s deity transformation stage Grandmaster. Only Chen jingzhai did not have a deity transformation stage true venerate.

Even though Chen jingzhai was on the path of creating a technique, a divine transformation realm expert could still give him pointers. The reason was that Fu Yunzi had already set his name long ago. Once Chen jingzhai entered the divine transformation realm, he would be officially recognized.

As the two of them were talking, Chen jingzhai stepped on the silver screen spirit cloud and descended from the sky with Jiang youning. Before they even landed, a sword light flew over.

Jiang youning’s eyebrows twitched, and just as she was about to make a move, a drop of water flew out from Chen jingzhai. It had five colors, and it gently rotated, emitting a terrifying aura.

“Junior Brother Chen, you can’t joke like this.” Jiang liuyun appeared and said.

“So it’s senior martial brother Jiang.” Chen jingzhai’s expression was calm as he collected the water droplets with a wave of his sleeve. He then said to Jiang youning,”this is my previous number one on the Dao seeking stage, Jiang liuyun, senior brother Jiang.”

“Jiang youning greets senior brother.” Jiang youning said.

“We’re all fellow disciples, there’s no need to be so polite. ” After Jiang liuyun finished speaking, a sword appeared in his hand.”But it won’t be easy for the two of you to go to the dojo.”

“What regulations?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“Any outer sect cultivator who wants to get close to the dojo needs to fight five battles.” Jiang liuyun’s expression was serious.”I’ll be the first one. After that, the cultivators from low-grade, medium-grade, high-grade, and top-grade abodes will come out to fight you.”

“I see.” Chen jingzhai nodded.”We can all help?”

“Because Junior Brother Jiang has not yet condensed his dan, it is best for Junior Brother Chen to act.” Jiang liuyun said.

“I’ll do it!” Jiang youning said as she looked at Chen jingzhai.

“That’s good,” Chen jingzhai smiled,”bring out all your strength and show it off. It won’t be easy to get a semi-God Realm warrior to take you in.”

Jiang youning nodded slightly, then took a step forward and appeared in front of Jiang liuyun.


A sword appeared in Jiang youning’s hands.

Judging from its aura, it was a third-grade sword.

“Junior Brother Jiang is a genius of li sword peak. I think I just gained some fame before I left?” Jiang liuyun’s face revealed a faint look of reminiscence.”It’s been so many years.”

Jiang youning didn’t speak, but a sword-light that seemed to have parted the clouds suddenly appeared.

“Not bad.” Jiang liuyun nodded slightly, and with a light tap of his sword, sword Qi shot out.


The two sword Qis collided and then annihilated each other. Jiang liuyun stood still without a trace of damage, while Jiang youning’s sword Qi scattered, leaving potholes on the ground.

Just from this, one could see how powerful Jiang liuyun was.

Jiang youning’s expression didn’t change. The sword in his hand dropped, and the ground seemed to ripple. It was as if he wasn’t standing on rocks, but on lake water.

A powerful aura burst forth from his body, and a special artistic conception spread out. This even caused the nearby swords to tremble slightly, and even the clouds in the sky to freeze.

“What a special sword intent!”

Jiang liuyun’s expression was grave. He actually felt a strong sense of danger.

One had to know that he was a golden core.

And this Jiang Clansman in front of him was only at the perfected Foundation establishment stage.

Just the fact that she had comprehended sword intent was enough to prove her aptitude, and to be able to threaten a golden core like him, it was enough to prove the quality of her sword intent.

I can’t lose face!

As Jiang liuyun thought of this, he thrust his sword forward.

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