I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 333 - True venerate training hall (2)  

Chapter 333: True venerate training hall (2)

At this moment, a faint pressure came over, and Jiang liuyun felt as if his whole body was being squeezed by the sea. Even he felt a tightness in his chest.

In an instant, Jiang youning disappeared from where she was.


Like a bolt of lightning tearing through the sky, a mark appeared in the air. Jiang youning appeared behind Jiang liuyun, holding the hilt of her sword.

A strand of hair fell, and Jiang liuyun smiled bitterly.”You passed.”

“Thanks for letting me win.” Jiang youning said coldly.

“Shidi’s sword intent is so special, so fast. ” Jiang liuyun put away the magical treasure level sword.”Keep it up. I look forward to meeting you on the iron sword Mountain in the future.”

Jiang liuyun nodded at Chen jingzhai and flew away.

As for Chen jingzhai, he looked at Jiang youning with a curious expression,”you’ve actually completely comprehended sword intent, and not the embryonic form of sword intent. It seems like the Dragon contest isn’t without its benefits.”

“The effect of luck.” Jiang youning nodded.

Before he lost the Dragon contest, he had been blessed by fate. Although he couldn’t cultivate, it had been very beneficial for him to comprehend sword will and practice spells.

It was in such an environment that he had made further progress, from comprehending the embryonic form of sword will to the true beginning of sword will. If not for this, he would not have dared to dream of entering the iron sword lineage, and he would not have asked Chen jingzhai for such a favor.

“Not bad,”

“Although senior brother Jiang didn’t use his full strength, but in the same realm,”

“Your sword intent is enough to surprise me.”

“Let’s go!”

“I’m going to meet the geniuses of the iron sword lineage!”

Chen jingzhai laughed and continued to lead Jiang youning forward.

You wudao sect.

A water mirror was floating in the air, revealing Chen jingzhai and Jiang youning.

“Is this a domain-type sword essence?” Madam han asked in surprise.

“A half-domain sword essence of water element. Not yet.” You Zun-Zhe laughed.”Even so, it’s still very rare. Although he doesn’t have a special physique, he can still participate in The Prodigy tournament. Just this sword intent alone is stronger than a metal-type heavenly spirit root.”

“Looks like I’ll have to prepare a gift for our first meeting.” Madam han said with a smile.

“Of course we can’t miss such a disciple.” Venerable you said happily,”I wonder if Daoist floating cloud will regret it? This is a genius disciple. ”

A soul formation true venerate would never mistreat a heaven’s pride expert. Venerable you believed that if Fu Yunzi knew that Jiang youning had comprehended such a sword intent, he would probably regret it.

For ordinary cultivators, comprehending sword intent seemed to be very impressive, but for true sword cultivators, there were also differences in sword intent. It was really rare to have a domain like Jiang youning’s sword intent, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her a heaven’s pride.

“Do you still want to continue the test?” Madam han asked.

“Ask Zuo Xingtian to come forward,” you Zun-Zhe nodded and said,”it’s not easy to find such an outstanding disciple. We can’t let the other old guys take him away.”

“You!” Madam han chuckled and casually sent a message.

Zuo Xingtian was venerable you’s eldest disciple. He was currently cultivating in seclusion in his Supreme-grade cave abode. After receiving the message from his master’s wife, he did not dare to delay and immediately set off.

When he landed next to Jiang youning, he happened to see Chen jingzhai use a drop of water to blast away an early golden core genius disciple from a low-grade immortal’s cave.

“I’m Zuo Xingtian, the eldest disciple of venerable you. Junior Brother Chen, you’ve got an excellent spell. ” Zuo Xingtian looked at Chen jingzhai and exclaimed.

“It’s just a trick,” Chen jingzhai said.”Senior brother Zuo, what do you mean by that?” Junior martial brother Jiang has already comprehended the sword intent before forming his inner core. Are you still not satisfied?”

“The metal sword peak has its own rules.” Zuo Xingtian laughed.”Besides, you’re the number one heavenly pride. Naturally, there will be people who want to challenge you. I suggest you use the sword.”

“So it’s coming for me.” Chen jingzhai laughed.

He stepped forward and stood in the air, his sword intent bursting forth.

A powerful and strange sword essence emerged from his body and quickly spread out. An all-encompassing and all-evolving sword essence attacked everyone’s mind.

Jiang youning’s expression changed as she looked at Chen jingzhai in shock.

Even Zuo Xingtian’s expression changed slightly and he immediately focused his mind.

“There’s no need to waste any more time. Zuo Shixiong, bring junior Jiang along. ” After Chen jingzhai finished speaking, he immediately shot out like a sharp sword unsheathed from its scabbard, and the illusory sword intent condensed under his feet.

The intermediate stage golden core cultivator’s expression changed. Under Chen jingzhai’s sword intent, he could not muster up any will and admitted defeat.

The late-stage golden core cultivator from the superior-grade abode pulled back his attention and stabbed out with his sword. The sword Qi shot up into the sky, but it disappeared without a trace in the face of Chen jingzhai’s sword will.

With just a touch of sword intent, the other party’s sword Qi collapsed, and the sword intent it contained was directly absorbed by Chen jingzhai’s sword intent, causing a crushing effect.

When they arrived above the mountain where the Supreme-grade immortal’s cave was located, a perfected cultivator stood at the entrance of the immortal’s cave and pointed at Chen jingzhai. A mountain of sword Qi appeared.

Chen jingzhai’s expression did not change. The illusionary sword will under his feet disappeared. With the five bamboo sword in his hand, the five elements sword Qi turned into water droplets and collided with the sword Qi mountain.

With a rumble, the mountains broke open, and water droplets pierced through rocks.

The powerful five elements destructive power destroyed the mountain.

Seeing this, the true Lord shook his head and turned to enter the cave.

Chen jingzhai cupped his hands in obeisance, and a silver screen of spiritual clouds appeared under his feet.

Zuo Xingtian flew over with Jiang youning and said,”good sword intent. Junior Brother Chen really hopes that you can join the iron sword sect. You’re clearly a good seedling for sword cultivation.”

“There’s no fate, what can I do?” Chen jingzhai laughed.”Besides, Junior Brother Jiang youning is enough. I’m sure that with Junior Brother Jiang, true venerate you will also see me.”

“Of course, please!” Zuo Xingtian laughed as he flew ahead.

As they watched the three of them enter true venerate you’s dojo, the spiritual senses in the dark retreated one after another, and there was still a sense of pity in the void.

As for Jiang liuyun, he stood in the distance, unable to calm down.

If Jiang youning had given him a surprise, then Chen jingzhai had given him a shock.

In the iron sword lineage, those who owned a cave mansion were all geniuses of the same generation. Even if it was a low-grade cave mansion, they were the most powerful early gold core cultivators.

Jiang liuyun also had an immortal’s cave, but it wasn’t a high-grade one. It was because he had spent too much time in the iron sword Pavilion, and his energy had been taken away, which caused his strength to improve slowly.

Jiang liuyun would have to give it his all even if he were to fight against a golden core cultivator in a high-grade cave, let alone a True Monarch.

Chen jingzhai’s nonchalance in using his sword intent to suppress the crowd was a huge blow to Jiang liuyun, to the point that she was a little depressed.

Jiang liuyun sighed and disappeared.

You wudao sect.

As soon as he entered, Jiang youning discovered that the yuan Qi here was more abundant than any place he had ever seen, even the secret realm of the sect.

Other than that, there was also a faint pressure that attacked his heart.

This made him secretly nervous.

On the other hand, Chen jingzhai acted very naturally and even started to chat with Zuo Shixiong.

“Master has three chamber disciples. Other than me, the other two are guarding outside.” “Yes,” Zuo Xingtian said.”If Junior Brother Jiang can join the sect, he will be the fourth.”

“Didn’t you accept any disciples?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“Not yet.” Zuo Xingtian shook his head.”But I have a number of maids. They’re either golden core cultivators or nascent soul perfected Lords. They’re usually in charge of the dojo.”

Chen jingzhai nodded slightly. It was normal for a soul formation true venerate to have a few more maidservants by his side. After all, Dao master you and Madam han had a strong influence in the iron sword sect.

Furthermore, the relationship between the allheaven immortal sect and the star God sect was not shallow. Madam han also played a significant role and had a special position in the star God sect.

If she hadn’t fallen in love with true venerate you, Madam han would’ve very likely become the sect master of the star God sect. Before coming, Chen jingzhai had received guidance from senior brother Fuyun.

Some true Lords didn’t even know about these secrets.

The three of them soon met the two true venerates in the inner court of the palace.

Chen jingzhai hadn’t even greeted him when he heard you zhenzun say,”is Chen jingzhai willing to take me as your master? There’s no need to think too much about Fu Yunzi, I can go and make peace. ”

“You must be joking, true venerated.” Chen jingzhai shook his head.”Senior brother floating cloud has always taken care of me. Besides, when I form my essence soul, senior brother will lead me to become a disciple of an immortal patriarch.”

“He has such a promise?” True venerate you sighed.”You’re really a cunning old fox. No wonder it’s so convenient for you. It turns out that it was premeditated. What a pity!”

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