I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 331 - Falling behind step by step (2)  

Chapter 331: Falling behind step by step (2)

Those who hadn’t formed their gold cores had only two choices. They could either follow Hong Yu to the allheaven celestial gate or join the outer sect in the immense Forest City and work hard to form their gold cores.

The so-called outer courtyard was actually the sub-courtyards set up by the allheaven immortal gate in various cities in the pulao region. Some local immortal cultivation families and rogue cultivators could join.

As long as one joined the sub-academy, they would have to work for the allheaven immortal sect and complete some of the missions issued by the allheaven immortal sect. Only those who had successfully formed their gold core would have the opportunity to enter the immortal sect.

He only had a chance, but he still needed to pass through many tests.

Of course, as disciples of the hidden division, Zhang kui and the others were different. The disciples of the four main divisions would take care of them in secret. As long as their performance was up to standard, or if they managed to form their core before the age of 100, they would be selected by the elders of the sect and become inner disciples.

They didn’t have special physiques, so it was almost impossible for them to form their elixir before they were 100 years old, unless they won the Dragon contest like sun zhangrong and the others, who could use their luck to form their elixir.

At this point, Zhang kui and the other seven finally realized what they had missed.

Along the way, it would be a lie to say that they didn’t regret it. However, they were the new generation of the rassho sword sect after all, so they quickly adjusted themselves. At least, the atmosphere didn’t seem so gloomy.

Chen jingzhai was entertaining everyone in the backyard of the moon Pavilion. Other than the seven people, there were also Zeng wangbei and Qiao Haisheng. Including Chen jingzhai, there were only ten people.

“Everyone, don’t worry,” Chen jingzhai consoled them.”Don’t worry about forming your Aurous core. It involves cultivation and we can’t afford to be careless. It’s best if you can reach level one.”

“Little uncle-master, just tell us the truth!” Zhao Qinghe asked,”what are the arrangements for us next? You have to let us know. ”

“Alright,” Chen jingzhai nodded.”I’ve already contacted the Masters of the ninth bloodline. They are perfected cultivators who cultivate the same technique as you. If you’re willing to follow them, they can guide you in your cultivation until you form your core.”

“What if you’re not willing?” Chu Jinsong asked.

“Then stay,” Chen jingzhai said decisively.”There’ll always be a place for you in the vast Moonview restaurant. You can cultivate in peace and break through to the Golden elixir realm.”

Ever since he became Dao partners with Ji Shuanghua, he had been in close contact with the perfected cultivators of the ninth Meridian. Later on, he opened up the west side courtyard, which could be considered as opening up the situation in the ninth Meridian.

It was hard to say whether they were soul formation true venerates, but they were definitely able to guide a few foundation establishment cultivators with nascent souls. If Zhang kui and the others didn’t mind, they could definitely become their disciples.

Ji Shuanghua, Pei Dong ‘er, and the others might have easily become disciples of a soul formation true venerate, but in reality, the threshold for a true venerate to take in a disciple was extremely high. Even those nascent souls who could break through to the soul formation stage would not easily take in a disciple as the relationship between master and disciple was very close and their fate was linked by karma.

Pei Dong ‘er’s talent was outstanding, while Ji Shuanghua had changed her path and cultivated the same cultivation technique as fairy Chunyu. In addition, Fu Yunzi had interceded on her behalf, and Ji Shuanghua’s background as a member of the hidden bloodline was also a crucial part.

“Although the Moonview restaurant has a deep foundation, it can’t bear everything.” Zeng wangbei said,”senior brothers, it’s more important to form your Aurous cores as soon as possible and become outer sect disciples. After that, when we wait for the outer sect competition, perhaps a soul formation true venerate will take you in as a disciple.”

“This is not appropriate,” Qiao Haisheng shook his head and said,”all of our senior and junior brothers have lost in the battle for the Dragon and their luck has been stolen. A soul formation true venerable can see it at a glance, so don’t even think about this path.”

“Let’s do as little uncle-Master says and cultivate in peace!” Jiang Lin sighed softly.”I’ll cultivate and strive to condense my elixir first. By then, my luck will naturally recover.”

Even if one’s luck was damaged, it did not affect one’s cultivation with the protection of the sect’s luck. It was just that it was difficult to make rapid progress in a short period of time, so one could only cultivate behind closed doors.

Unless there were other opportunities, it would be impossible to break through in the next few years. This was also why Chen jingzhai had used his connections to get a Supreme to teach you.

“You don’t have to worry,” Chen jingzhai said.”You can try to contact the seniors of the hidden sect, such as the senior brothers and senior uncles who came out of the hidden sect, and hear their thoughts. Since you’re here at the Moonview restaurant, I’ll naturally guarantee that you’ll be safe.”

They had already made it clear that they would follow Chen jingzhai, so Chen jingzhai naturally couldn’t let them down. In Chen jingzhai’s eyes, the potential of his seven junior nephews was endless.

He was only affected by the Dragon contest.

That day, the seven Foundation establishment cultivators drank until they were dead drunk. Even Jiang Lin, a cultivator of the wine immortal lineage, could not help but feel depressed and got drunk.

Coming to the allheaven immortal gate had brought too much of a shock to everyone. After Chen jingzhai took out a level four wine gourd, Jiang Lin knew he was wrong.

He should have chosen to leave the Pu Lao Kingdom. How long had it been since little uncle-master left? The original wine gourd had actually advanced to the fourth stage. How could Jiang Lin, a cultivator of the wine immortal’s lineage, endure this? One step behind, one step behind. This invisible blow made him want to shut himself up.

After settling down the seven of them, Chen jingzhai, Qiao Haisheng and Zeng wangbei continued drinking. The three of them were all golden cores, so it was easy for them not to get drunk.

“Junior uncle-master, I’ve already accepted the mission from the hall of array,” Zeng wangbei said,”I’m following my senior brother to refine array discs and practice array techniques. That’s why I didn’t have the time to visit.”

“I understand.” Chen jingzhai nodded.”It seems like you’ve also entered the eight desolate immortal market.”

“Yes,” Zeng wangbei said honestly,”not only me, but senior brothers Chen Lei and Zhao Hao also obtained Guiyuan immortal tokens in the catacombs. According to the sect’s investigation, most of the Guiyuan immortal tokens in the eight wilderness immortal market were distributed in the catacombs.”

“The Guiyuan immortal token should have existed for a long time,” Qiao Haisheng said.”I’ve seen it when I was traveling sword. I even used it.”

Chen jingzhai nodded silently. Of course, he wouldn’t tell Qiao Haisheng that it was deliberately released. Even if the allheaven celestial gate investigated, they couldn’t trace back to the source.

“How are Wang Yao and Kong Guang?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“They entered the secret realm.” Qiao Haisheng shook his head, feeling a little envious.”Although we’re both from the iron sword lineage, the two of them are considered direct descendants. I’ve taken different paths.”

Even for sword cultivators, there were slight differences.

Whoever was more suitable for the iron sword lineage would be given special training. This was a common practice in all major lineages. If Qiao Haisheng was an inner disciple, Wang Yao and Kong Guang were already half-true disciples. They were the pride of the iron sword lineage.

Although Qiao Haisheng was envious, he wasn’t jealous. He was no longer the same as he was when he was still a hidden lineage. Especially after experiencing sword travel and understanding his own path, he didn’t care too much about whether he was compatible with the iron sword lineage.

“No matter what, we are all from the land of the hidden bloodline,” Chen jingzhai said.”We should help the Disciples of the land of the hidden bloodline as much as we can. We should also help each other. I don’t want the future disciples of the hidden bloodline to be unable to join the allheaven immortal sect.”

“Good!” Qiao Haisheng and Zeng wangbei said in unison.

The disciples of the hidden sects took great care of their senior and junior brothers in their respective mountain ranges, not to mention that this was a natural resource, so they definitely couldn’t waste it.

The allheaven celestial gate was too big, and it was impossible to gain a foothold if they fought alone. If Chen jingzhai didn’t have senior brother Fu Yun’s plan to participate in The Prodigy tournament first and gain fame, he wouldn’t have been able to open up the situation even with Fu Yunzi’s Secret help.

The allheaven immortal gate was completely different from the luosheng sword sect. It was crueler and the competition was more intense. Strength was the foundation for the immortal gate to invest resources.

After the three of them came to an agreement, Qiao Haisheng and Zeng wangbei exchanged information about their curse seeds and agreed to meet in the eight desolate immortal market before leaving.

Chen jingzhai didn’t leave. He was still drinking as if he was waiting for someone.

“Little uncle-master is waiting for me?” Jiang youning appeared in front of him.

“The others might be drunk, but you are a swordsman.” Chen jingzhai laughed,”since you have already formed your sword intent, it is impossible for you to be depressed and drunk. You are the only one who is clear-headed among us. I think you have something to tell me.”

“That’s right,” Jiang youning said,”I’d like to ask little uncle-master to introduce me to a soul formation true venerate of the iron sword lineage. It’s actually a good thing that I haven’t formed my core.”

“It seems like you know a lot about it.” Chen jingzhai nodded.”You’re right. It’s indeed beneficial for a sword cultivator to enter the iron sword sect before forming the core. I’ll think of a way.”

“Thank you, little uncle-master!” Jiang youning bowed.

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