I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 330 - Falling behind step by step (1)  

Chapter 330: Falling behind step by step (1)

Chen jingzhai opened his mouth slightly, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

This was beyond his expectations, but it seemed that he was the one who benefited?

It was a complicated feeling.

Su qingluan was quick to strike a deal with the nine Li patriarch. She offered elixirs, Dharma Treasures, and talismans that could be used by demonic beasts in exchange for the Fox tribe’s resources.

The first batch of supplies included some precious third-grade spirit herbs and materials, among which were spirit herbs and plants for refining the dustfall pill. Just these alone were not a loss.

It could greatly enrich the warehouse of the Moonview restaurant, refine more good things, and earn more resources. The benefits were definitely not small.

In the Moongazer serpent cave abode.

Su qingluan came out of the eight barren immortal market and saw Chen jingzhai drinking. There was no one around, so they must have all been there.

“I’ve already met Senior Sister. I’m very happy that red silk peak has a successor.” Su qingluan sat in his arms and said gently,”I can let go of everything now and be with you in peace.”

“This is what I should do, but I don’t understand why you agreed to Nine Li patriarch’s request.” Chen jingzhai asked gloomily.

“Have you forgotten?” Su qingluan reached out and pulled his face to make him look at her.”I’ve cultivated the Red Kite heaven scroll and can see the traces of love. Otherwise, why would I have agreed to let Shuanghua become your cultivation partner?” Tu Ruoyan’s feelings for him are clearly budding. ”

“How is this possible? We haven’t even exchanged many words. ” Chen jingzhai was shocked.

“Perhaps it’s because of your disregard that she changed her mind!” Su qingluan chuckled.”Besides, if she becomes your third wife, we’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.”

“Ha?” Chen jingzhai couldn’t understand.

“Befriending the Fox Tribe is just one of the reasons,” su qinghuang said.”In fact, we can find better partners in the eight desolations immortal market, but at least for now, the Fox Tribe is the best choice. If they need to change, they have to seize the opportunity in the eight desolation immortal market.”

“What’s the second?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“Tu Ruoyan is a great furnace,” su qinghuang said.”She’s a fox demon born in the Fox Tribe. Her Natal Fox energy is controlled by her tribe. Once her Fox energy returns, her Natal Fox Pearl will be full. You can have a dual cultivation with her to help her break through. When the time comes, you can sign a Fox immortal contract. She will become your most loyal person, and that will never change.”

Chen jingzhai nodded silently. Su qingluan was right.

In fact, the cultivation world had a kind of desire for Hu Immortals, especially for male cultivators. In the pulao region, Hu Immortals had always been the top cultivation vessels and partners. However, they could only be encountered by luck and not sought. It was basically impossible to find Hu Immortals, so they were very valuable.

“Thirdly,” su qingluan looked at him with a half-smile,”don’t think that I can’t tell that Junior Sister Yueli and Junior Sister Dong ‘er have feelings for you as well. Junior Sister Yueli’s feelings for you have already sprouted, and Junior Sister Dong’ er’s feelings for you have already been deeply planted.”

“So, you made tu Ruoyan the third wife to cut off your thoughts?” Chen jingzhai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”You’re just overthinking.”

“Even if there’s such a possibility, we still have to take precautions.” “You can touch all the women in the cave abode,” su qingluan said firmly.”But those two are out of the question.”

“You’re afraid of the Tribulation of love?” Chen jingzhai asked thoughtfully.

“That’s right.” Su qingluan leaned on his shoulder and took in the aroma of the wine.”The two prodigies of the 12th bloodline can not be taken down by the prodigies of the ninth bloodline. This involves two soul formation true venerates, as well as Junior Sister Yueli’s simple-mindedness and Junior Sister Dong ‘er’s indecisiveness. Once she’s caught up in it, she’ll definitely encounter a love barrier, and there’s a high chance that she’ll experience the love tribulation.”

She had the best experience of overcoming the tribulations of love by cultivating the Red Kite heaven scroll.

No matter whose tribulation it was, su qingyue didn’t want to see it. It meant that it would be uncontrollable and extremely dangerous, and it might even affect the relationship between the main branch.

Therefore, she could accept Ji Shuanghua, but she couldn’t accept Li Yingli and Pei Dong ‘er. She couldn’t express her thoughts clearly, so tu Ruoyan was a good choice.

The two proud sons of heaven couldn’t be inferior to the Fox demon. Even if they were willing, their Masters wouldn’t be willing, not to mention that Chen jingzhai had many cultivation partners.

This was not a good match!

“You’ve really put in a lot of effort. ” Chen jingzhai said softly.

“Will you blame me?” Su qingluan asked, a little nervous.

“Of course not,” Chen jingzhai whispered in her ear.”I will love you more.”

Su qingluan’s eyes reddened, but her face soon turned red as well.

The two of them drank and played games as if there was no one else around.

The cooperation with the Fox clan had solved the problem of raw materials for the full moon restaurant.

Spirit herbs and spirit plants were easy to deal with, but there were some blacksmithing materials that required the help of the ninth Meridian or the sect. Now that he was working with the Fox Tribe, he had a new choice.

Therefore, when Hong Fu and tu Ruoyan returned quietly, the full moon Pavilion had already been refurbished. Other than the Gu worms that had not been added, the number of pills, talismans, and magic weapons had all increased. The quality had also quietly increased by a grade.

After all, the more he refined, the better his skills would naturally be.

In the name of the full moon Tower, Hong Fu brought Zhang kui and the other seven people to Mingyue city. They were not disciples of the immortal sect for the time being, so they could not enter the main sect.

Currently, he could only stay in the Moonview restaurant temporarily.

This was a blow to Zhang kui and the other seven.

They had experienced the illusionary road, went to the immense Forest City, and met the former senior brother Luo. They also understood the strict rules of the allheaven celestial gate.

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