I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 329 - Reunion of old friends (2)  

Chapter 329: Reunion of old friends (2)

After more than 20 years of fighting for the Dragon, he had narrowly escaped death and witnessed the ugliness and darkness of human nature. In the end, it was all for nothing, and his own luck was even taken away.

Fortunately, they had the protection of the sect’s destiny, which could not be plundered. Thus, they were only unable to continue improving, and their Dao hearts were also affected.

Originally, they wanted to return to the mountain range to continue their seclusion. They didn’t expect Hong Fu to visit them. Since little uncle-master had summoned them, they naturally wouldn’t refuse. Moreover, they could also enter the eight desolate immortal market.

“There’s no need to be calculative about temporary gains and losses in cultivation,” Chen jingzhai said.”It might not be a bad thing that you haven’t formed your inner cores. Now, follow Hong Fu to the immortal sect!”

“We don’t have any objections, but I wonder what the sect will say?” Zhao Qinghe said,”each sect has a limited number of spots to head to the immense forest ancient path.”

“That’s why I sent Hong Fu over,” Chen jingzhai said.”You guys haven’t formed your inner core, so you can enter Hong Fu’s space directly. It’ll only take a few days.”

“We don’t even have the right to challenge the immense forest ancient path?” Jiang youning said.

Everyone’s expression turned ugly when they heard this.

In the land of the hidden sects, everyone was a heaven’s pride expert, and no one was willing to submit to the other.

He had long heard of the immense forest ancient path, and even yearned for it.

Who would have thought that he would have to leave in such a way?

“Martial nephew Jiang, there’s no need to be too concerned.”

“All you can see now is the sky above the land of hidden veins.”

“I’ll wait for you to come out and enter the allheaven immortal gate,”

“You will realize that what you care about is nothing more than this.”

Chen jingzhai calmly said.

The immense forest ancient path was just like that.

It had long lost its sense of experience. Those demonic beast groups didn’t dare to kill the disciples of the major sects at all. What was the use of being so careful?

Chen jingzhai believed that the previous immortal patriarch had good intentions.

There was no problem with the arrangement.

Every hidden faction disciple had fought their way out of the immense forest ancient path and had received sufficient training. Furthermore, the heaven Earth Yuan Qi had grown from weak to strong, adapting to it step by step.

From all aspects, it was very beneficial to cultivators.

But now, as time passed, everything changed.

The demonic beasts didn’t dare to kill them. They only wanted to make the cultivators feel the pressure of death. After a few times, it would be useless.

What was the point of the immense forest ancient path when not a single cultivator had died?

As for the changes in the Qi of heaven and earth, the cultivators could just stay in Linhai City for a few more days.

Most importantly, the allheaven immortal gate’s attitude towards the hidden disciples had changed.

In the past, the disciples of the hidden sects would feel that this trip was not in vain after all the battles. After all, they had been recognized by the sect and directly entered the inner sect.

But now, he was only an outer sect disciple. If he hadn’t formed his Aurous core, not only would he not be able to enter the sect, but he might even be forced into a servant.

In order to avoid this situation, the four main branches would let the inner sect disciples invite the hidden branch disciples who had not formed their pills to stay in the sect. However, this was not an entry but a guest, so it was very difficult for the hidden branch disciples to accept it.

“Junior Brother jingzhai is right.”

“Your individual luck has been taken away.”

“There’s no point in staying in the mountain range, it’s just wasting time. ”

“It’s best to leave and enter the celestial gate. ”

“With the help of the change in vital Qi, I might be able to grasp the opportunity to form the pill.”

“You must form your Aurous cores as soon as possible, or you’ll fall behind.”

“It will have a huge impact on your future.”

Senior Sister Mei said from the side.

Despite their ugly expressions, they still saluted elder Mei.

Because what she said was the truth. They had lost the battle for the Dragon, and they had no other choice.

Chen jingzhai didn’t say anything else. He let Hong Fu take the seven of them to see Hong Yu and the others so that they could have a good look around the eight desolate immortal market.

“How has Senior Sister been?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“It’s all thanks to you,” Senior Sister Mei snorted.”I thought you were kind enough to give me the spirit stones from the puppet Hall. I was a little happy at first, but you gave me the Red Bird Peak.”

“Didn’t Senior Sister always want it?” Chen jingzhai laughed.

“You said it was in the past. I’m now at the peak of my career.” Senior Sister Mei snorted and said,”but don’t worry, I’ve already chosen a lovestruck couple for red silk peak.”

“That’s good,” Chen jingzhai nodded.”After the two of them form their Aurous cores, Senior Sister will also come!” After all, the spiritual energy in the land of hidden veins is shallow, so it’ll be very difficult to reach the divine transformation realm. ”

“Do I still have a chance to reach the soul formation stage?” Senior Sister Mei was lost in thought for a moment.

“Of course there is.” Chen jingzhai nodded and said seriously,”why else would I let you enter the eight desolate immortal market? This place was created by an immortal. In the future, there might even be cultivators from outside the Qianyuan realm who will come in. Not to mention, there’s still me. ”

“You should first create the nascent soul chapter!” Senior Sister Mei laughed.

Chen jingzhai smiled and didn’t say anything else.

She only reminded Senior Sister Mei not to reveal the whereabouts of the eight desolate immortal market to others and not to buy the returning origin immortal token. Senior brother sect master had already made arrangements, so it was not convenient for her to reveal it.

Senior Sister Mei understood and naturally wouldn’t make things difficult for Chen jingzhai.

She didn’t need to worry that her Dao companion wouldn’t have a chance to come in. While Hong Fu came in, she covered her face and went to explore the eight desolate immortal market.

“Master.” Hong Fu saluted.

“Where’s Tu Ruoyan?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“I was just about to tell master that the demonic Fox, tu Ruoyan, returned to the Fox clan on the ancient path of the immense forest. She didn’t follow me back to the sect.” Hong Fu said,”she came over just now and hoped to invite you to meet her. She can also come over.”

“Let’s go!” “Let’s see what she’s up to,” Chen jingzhai said indifferently.

As for tu Ruoyan’s lack of cooperation, Chen jingzhai had already expected it.

The demonic Fox Tribe was cunning and intelligent. She might have been fooled by su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua at first, but she would soon figure it out after returning to the ancient path of the immense forest.

Moreover, Pu Lao country wasn’t a place that could be entered easily.

Even with the demon servant token in her hands, tu Ruoyan was still cautious and didn’t dare to step forward. She was afraid that if something went wrong, she would be beheaded by a passing swordsman.

Unlike wild demonic beasts like Ni Hong ‘er, as a member of the Fox Tribe, tu Ruoyan was well aware of the power of the pulao Kingdom. She also knew how much the tribe feared them.

The place tu Ruoyan had chosen wasn’t the gold coin Palace, but the pill Palace.

When Chen jingzhai followed Hong Fu through the door, he saw all the white-haired female cultivators with alluring figures, or rather, old foxes.

“Jing Zhai greets the old ancestor of the Fox race.” Chen jingzhai cupped his hands and said.

“You know me?” The beautiful woman asked.

“Only the old ancestor of the Fox race could make tu Ruoyan bow to him and remain silent.” Chen jingzhai smiled,”she’s not afraid of normal demon kings.”

“As expected of the number one heaven’s favorite.” The beautiful woman sighed softly and looked at tu Ruoyan.”What else are you not convinced about? She has already seen through you. ”

“Old ancestor, Ruoyan is useless.” Tu Ruoyan lowered her head and said softly.

“It’s not an injustice,” the beautiful woman said to Chen jingzhai.”I’m the ninth patriarch of the white fox Tribe. You can call me the nine Li patriarch. I’ve come to meet you this time for two reasons. First, it’s about tu Ruoyan. Second, it’s about our cooperation. I wonder what Chen tianjiao has to say?”

“It’s easy to work with her. Since both families are interested, we’ll have a good time working with each other.” Chen jingzhai looked at tu Ruoyan.”But I don’t know what to do with her. After all, I promised to give her the Silver Fox ice pupil from the start, but she doesn’t want to leave.”

“I’m afraid it’s impossible to leave now. ” The patriarch of the nine Li clan sighed.

“That’s right,” Chen jingzhai nodded and said indifferently,”since she is registered in the allheaven immortal sect, she naturally belongs to the allheaven immortal sect. We also have demonic cultivators in the immortal sect, and she also knows a lot about me.”

“I understand what you’re trying to say,” Patriarch Nine Li nodded.”The Fox race will return her life essence Fox Qi. However, I have a condition. She must become your Dao partner.”

“Patriarch, you should know that I have two Dao-companions,” Chen jingzhai said calmly.

“That’s why I want you to agree,” said patriarch Jiuli.”She won’t betray you if she becomes your wife. We will have a basis for cooperation.”

“This …” Chen jingzhai frowned. He had never thought about this before.

He even felt a little repulsed, just like on the immense forest ancient path.

After all, in his two lives, he had never had any feelings for a Fox.

“I agree to it.” Su qingluan barged in and calmly looked at tu Ruoyan.”She can’t be registered in the sect, but she can become the third wife in the cave. The condition is that she must return safely with Hong Fu.”

“Alright!” Patriarch Nine Li smiled.

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