I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 326 - The Dao of talismans (1)    

Chapter 326: The Dao of talismans (1)


“Should I discuss this matter with my husband?” Ji Shuanghua hesitated.”Perhaps senior brother floating cloud has already made arrangements. It’s not good to act rashly.”

“What you said is right!” Su qingluan muttered,”but time waits for no one. If we wait any longer, I’m afraid they’ll miss out on the opportunity. If we don’t show them any mercy, how can those hidden faction geniuses come?” Even if senior brother Fu Yunzi blames us, we can’t care!”

“Do you want me to go on your behalf?” Tu Ruoyan couldn’t help but say,”you guys will attract a lot of attention whenever you go out. On the other hand, I can go on your behalf.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being caught?” Su qingluan asked with a smile.

“I have the token of the Golden Chicken mountain. Besides, I’m also a shapeshifting great demon,” tu Ruoyan said.”It’s always better to be careful. But I’m not sure what to do when we go to the land of hidden veins. I’ll need you to plan it out.”

“That’s easy.” Su qingluan took out her token.”Go to the luosheng sword sect and give my Senior Sister the Guiyuan immortal token. She’ll enter the eight desolations immortal market.”

“Alright!” Tu Ruoyan nodded.”Then I’ll leave now?”

“You go with Hong Fu,” Ji Shuanghua said.”It’s not that I don’t trust you, but the demonic beasts of the ancient path of the immense forest can’t easily enter the Pu Lao Kingdom. At least Hong Fu will be able to avoid trouble!”

Tu Ruoyan nodded, took the token, and went down the mountain. Hong Fu quickly returned from the full moon Pavilion and left with her. The two of them didn’t attract any attention.

In the past ten years, Hong Fu had gone out with tu Ruoyan many times, so there was no problem this time!

“It’s done.” Ji Shuanghua smiled and said,”it seems that this little fox has a good heart. At least she’s willing to work for us. Sister, do you think she has seen through our scheme?”

“Maybe she saw the first layer,” su qingluan said softly.”She’s from the Fox Tribe, so she’s very smart. She probably knows that it’s inconvenient for you and me to go out, so she volunteered to go back to the ancient path of the immense forest!”

The purpose of her return wasn’t important. What was important was whether she could come back or not. Even though it wasn’t important to su qingluan, she was still her husband’s demonic servant. If she didn’t come back, she didn’t know how to explain herself!

“It’s been hard on Hong Fu, but who asked her to be the first to successfully break through!” Ji Shuanghua said with a smile.

After returning from the catacombs, the cultivation of the beautiful maidservants had entered the late-stage of the foundation building realm. After Chen jingzhai returned, other than refining the foundation building pill and the dustfall pill, he also guided everyone in their cultivation. Su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua did the same.

After the Golden Chicken mountain opened a branch and established the west side courtyard, Hong Fu condensed her inner core the next year. It should have been a mid-grade inner core, but Chen jingzhai suddenly helped her condense a high-grade inner core and made Hong Fu an outer sect disciple.

Although she was an outer sect disciple, Hong Fu still chose to be Chen jingzhai’s beautiful maidservant. It was no different from the past. After stabilizing her cultivation in the past two years, she helped Xi Meng work in the Moonview restaurant.

“Actually, it would be best if I went, but it’s a pity that I’ve been targeted by the green plum immortal sect!” Su qingluan sighed softly.

After Chen jingzhai handed over Crown Prince Qing Mei’s head, he was indeed targeted by the green plum immortal sect. Not only Chen jingzhai, but su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua were also on the green plum immortal sect’s hunting list. The perfected cultivators of the green plum immortal sect even stayed in the city outside the allheaven immortal gate. Once they left the sect, their locations would be calculated.

The Supremes of the ninth bloodline found out about this and secretly reported it to the moon Pavilion. The situation was further confirmed in the eight desolate immortal market. It was said that the Father of Prince Qing Mei was extremely angry. Even if he couldn’t make a move on a soul formation true venerable, he still incited several Supremes and even offered a spiritual treasure as a reward for this.

“It’s not good for elder sister to take risks. Since tu Ruoyan has the intention to go back, there’s no harm in giving her a chance!” Ji Shuanghua said,”I’m curious as to why the battle of the dragons has not ended yet. Wasn’t the old Emperor in critical condition? How long has it been?”

“Even if he’s in critical condition, there are ways to extend his life. The royal family of the pulao country has their own heritage. They might not want the situation to be too chaotic.” Su qinghuang replied,”there might be a sect interfering.”

She had cultivated on Red Dipper peak before and did not know much about it. However, after reading the files, she knew that the battle of the dragons was often complicated. More than 20 years was indeed a long time, but it was not impossible.

The sect’s scheme, the royal family’s layout, the aristocrats ‘internal strife … How could it be chaotic? however, no matter how chaotic it was, it was time for a new batch of cultivators to walk on the ancient path of the immense forest!

“If this little fox demoness can convince the tribe, we will benefit greatly.” Ji Shuanghua laughed.”Let’s see if the other party’s patriarch has such an idea!”

“…” Su qingluan smiled. This was the reason why she let tu Ruoyan go. She wanted to send a signal to the demonic Fox patriarch that they were going to cooperate. Tu Ruoyan didn’t even need to say anything. As Chen jingzhai’s demonic servant, she was a natural bond.

The immense forest ancient path was rich in resources, especially the Fox Tribe that occupied the central area. If they could form an alliance, then moon Pavilion would have a stable channel to earn more resources through the eight desolation immortal market.

Compared to the allheaven immortal sect, although the full moon Tower was small, it was more flexible and convenient. The sect looked down on the demonic beasts, but they could feed the full moon Tower!

As for contacting them in the eight desolation immortal market, it was wishful thinking. After the allheaven immortal gate entered, all the forces, including the demonic beasts, joined forces.

Although it was impossible to hurt each other in the eight desolate immortal market, it was also impossible to talk freely. There was a cover on the stall, so it was impossible to know who the other party was unless they used a signboard. All the demonic beasts were hidden, so it would be difficult to find them. Moreover, even if they could contact each other, they would only be transformed demons, not even demon kings.

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