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Chapter 327 - The Dao of talismans.2    

Chapter 327: The Dao of talismans.2


The best way was naturally to find the tribe and discuss with the soul formation stage demon Emperor. Su qingyue’s original intention was to go to the immense forest ancient path in person to show her sincerity.

It wasn’t that she was afraid of the Supremes of the green plum immortal sect, but that she didn’t want to reveal the thousand demons chessboard. Although the ninth Meridian could protect her and the numinous treasure, it would bring trouble to her husband, which was something she absolutely didn’t want to see.

That was why he had come up with this plan. He had asked the demonic Fox tu Ruoyan. If she could get in touch with the Fox clan, there would naturally be an opportunity for cooperation. Other than the abundant resources on the immense forest ancient path, there might be even more benefits in the future.

Since their plan had succeeded, the two women didn’t mention it anymore. They began to calculate the benefits of the full moon Tower in the eight desolate immortal market and the matter of the west side courtyard.

The full moon restaurant belonged to the full moon Cave, so all the benefits undoubtedly belonged to Chen jingzhai. However, the west side courtyard was different. It belonged to the entire Golden Chicken mountain and the ninth branch, so the accounts had to be calculated clearly.

The meaning of the two women was very simple. They wanted to attack the full moon Pavilion. The alchemists and blacksmiths who had joined the west side courtyard could exchange for curse seeds for them.

After all, they were the inner sect disciples of the ninth branch. However, this exchange was not without conditions. They still had to pay off their debts in the west side courtyard. After all, they were hired by the west side courtyard. However, they could exempt a part of it as a benefit. In addition, they could also get a share of the profits through channels.

In other words, the pills and magic items that the alchemists and blacksmiths of the west side courtyard refined could be sold in the full moon Pavilion of the eight desolate immortal market. After deducting the channel fees, they would get a portion of the profits.

After the initial decision was made, the two girls just had to wait for Chen jingzhai to come out of seclusion. These things needed Chen jingzhai to make the decisions. He was the manor head, and the other party was here for him.

Chen jingzhai had only been in closed-door cultivation for about 20 days. After he had fully comprehended the Dao of third-grade talismans, he did not continue because it would only get more difficult as he progressed.

The other was that when one reached the third grade, one would need to continuously draw and carve talismans, just like refining weapons. It was impossible to just meditate in seclusion.

After coming out of seclusion and learning that tu Ruoyan and Hong Fu had left, Chen jingzhai shook his head and said,”I’ve already said that tu Ruoyan can leave freely. As for sending the origin returning immortal token to the hidden sect, senior brother floating cloud has already made preparations!”

“We’ve guessed it.” Su qingluan smiled.”But Hong Fu’s visit can express her feelings. Besides, senior brother floating cloud is doing it for the true Lord elders of the hidden branch, while we’re doing it for the talented disciples. There’s no conflict.”

“Alright!” Chen jingzhai smiled.”I really want to see Zhang kui and the others. According to senior brother floating cloud, they should have already formed their gold cores!”

The secret of the battle for the Dragon was luck. Although the Golden Dragon of fate in Pu Lao country had been scattered, it had once condensed a Golden Dragon of fate. The scattered fate was scattered in the Royal bloodline. Whoever could become the king would be able to condense his fate again, and those who helped him would benefit.

“Even core formation cultivators are only outer disciples in the allheaven immortal sect,” Ji Shuanghua said.”Unless they have special physiques or heavenly spiritual roots, it’s difficult for even cultivators with immortal bones or polycoria to become inner disciples. It’s also good for us to get in touch with them first and let them understand the true situation of the allheaven immortal sect!”

For example, if she had known that the allheaven immortal gate had listed her as an outer sect disciple, she would not have come. Although the country of pulao was poor, the luosheng sword sect had many secret realms, so it was not impossible for her to become a Supreme.

“Since it’s already done, there’s no need to think too much. Let’s see what happens!” Chen jingzhai said,”the martial artists in the west side courtyard can sign a contract. If they are not willing, they can not force it. If Shuanghua steps in, there is still room for negotiation.”

“Alright!” Ji Shuanghua nodded.

Her husband was a Paragon and would be suspected of being a threat if he went there personally. Su qingluan was also unsuitable as a perfected Lord. On the other hand, she was a golden core and an inner sect disciple, so her status was suitable.

It was necessary to sign a contract to prevent wrangling. The eight wilderness immortal market did not have a huge impact on sects, but it did have a huge impact on loose forces.

Chen jingzhai didn’t really care about the attitude of his senior and junior brothers in the west side courtyard. Even without them, Hong Yu and the others would still be able to hold on, it would just be a little harder.

Moreover, outer sect disciples did not have the opportunity to enter the eight desolation immortal market, so joining the west side courtyard was the best choice. Ordinary outer sect disciples could not touch the GUI Yuan immortal token, so even if they entered, how could they have the net worth of a million to exchange for the spell seed?

Furthermore, the existence of the eight desolations immortal market further revealed the necessity of the west side courtyard. After all, the eight desolations immortal market was a place of trade and the west side courtyard cultivated alchemists and blacksmiths. The profits from buying all kinds of materials from the eight desolation immortal market and refining pills or magic tools for sale in the west side courtyard were not small.

On the same day, Ji Shuanghua went to the west side courtyard. As expected, the alchemists and blacksmiths didn’t reject her. After entering the eight desolate immortal market, they all signed the contract.

The next day, the full moon Tower in Mingyue city started to sell the items in the eight desolation immortal market, including some demon beast materials, some special copper coins, and origin returning immortal tokens.

Almost as soon as they were put on the shelves, they attracted the attention of many inner sect disciples. Other things aside, just the magic treasures and copper coins were very attractive.

However, the price was simply too high. It was basically two to three times the price of the eight desolation immortal market. It was not something that ordinary cultivators could afford, but no one could say anything bad about it.

This was because the eight desolate immortal market’s money Palace no longer sold these copper coins. Because too many cultivators had exchanged for special copper coins, money Palace had closed all related businesses and only allowed people to refine their own copper coins.

Under such circumstances, there was no need to worry about buyers in the eight desolation immortal market even if they were sold at a higher price, let alone two or three times the price.

Therefore, when the Moonview restaurant put out so many and complete copper coins, it immediately became more attractive. Within four hours, all the copper coins were cleared by the Supremes of the peaks.

This also won the favor of the main sect’s perfected Lords. They had missed out on the benefits of the opening of the eight desolate immortal market, so it was not easy for them to find a suitable copper coin for themselves.

If the true Supremes wanted copper coins, they had to rent a room in the money Palace to find the corresponding energy for the ancient money tree. They also had to wait for the ancient money tree to breed.

During this period, the house had to continue to be rented. This was not a simple matter, and it was about the same cost as buying the Moonview restaurant.

The full moon Cave.

Chen jingzhai had made quite a few third-grade talismans, but the ones he had made so far were all ordinary talismans. However, they could still be sold. He was prepared to teach Liu Qingxue the art of talismans.

Liu Qingxue had been accepted by su qinghuang as an in-name disciple. She had been cultivating on her own and had chosen to follow Hong Yu and the others in elixir or weapon refinement.

Although she also had the strength of the second stage, she was more talented in drawing talismans because she was quite accomplished in calligraphy, which was very advantageous in the Dao of talismans.

“The Dao of talismans lies in the drawing of heaven and earth.”

“There’s a symbol head, a symbol foot, and a symbol core. ”

“First-grade talismans, carried on yellow paper and cinnabar,”

“A second-grade talisman can be used to refine talisman seeds.”

“A third-grade talisman can be called a talisman treasure.”

Chen jingzhai spoke with fervor and assurance. Liu Qingxue and su qingluan stood beside him, watching him draw the talismans.

After he finished drawing a talisman, he used his Natal true fire and dharmic powers to burn it, condensing it into a talisman seed the size of a rice grain that emitted a bright light.

Then, he instilled his magic power into the talisman seed, which strengthened. Under the guidance of his spiritual will, the talisman seed turned back into a talisman, but it was different from an ordinary first-grade talisman.

Its entire body was flowing with light and vibrant colors. The runes were bright and vibrant, and there was an abundant amount of spirituality brewing within it. It was only the size of a palm, but it looked extremely heavy.

“This was a Cheap Trick, so it only became a one-time use talisman treasure.” Chen jingzhai placed the talisman on the table.”The normal process is drawing, nurturing, and then practicing!”

After drawing a first-grade talisman, as one’s attainments deepened, one could condense a talisman seed in one’s body. As long as the talisman seed was raised, one could use talisman techniques at will.

This was the Orthodox way of talisman magic. As a talisman master, he would first draw a first-grade talisman, then cultivate it outside of his body, and let it naturally roll inside to condense into a talisman seed. After the talisman seed was cultivated, he would use his own mana to refine it into a talisman treasure.

Once the talisman was completed, the talisman could be directly carried on the talisman paper, which was equivalent to printing. However, it would consume magical power and could only carry one talisman technique, the talisman treasure.

This was only one of the paths of a talisman master.

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