I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 325 - Gathering from all sides (2)    

Chapter 325: Gathering from all sides (2)


Snowdrift true venerate nodded silently. He let go of his obsession and started to think.

Fu Yunzi was very efficient. While the two true venerated beings were talking, he had already used his authority as an advisor to issue mountain vein missions. Even Ji Shuanghua and su qingluan had received them. They were both missions to explore the eight desolations immortal market and to guide the disciples into the market.

The two of them had become Chen jingzhai’s cultivation partners, but they weren’t forced to join the ninth branch. Su qingluan had joined the ninth branch of her own accord after becoming a perfected Lord. Ji Shuanghua was fairy Chunyu’s in-name disciple and was now an inner sect disciple of the ninth branch. Therefore, both of them had missions to complete.

The two of them were more than happy to accept such a mission. After accepting the mission, they began to select a batch of inner sect disciples from the ninth branch and sent them to the eight desolation immortal market.

Most of them were guests of the Moonview restaurant, while a small portion were the disciples of Ji Shuanghua’s senior sisters. There were also a few close disciples of the hidden sects. The Moonview restaurant had issued them missions so that they could accept them.

After entering the eight desolate immortal market, they would immediately purchase the curse seeds and help the Moonview restaurant set up a stall to buy specific items and gather information. They would be able to complete the task in a few days. After submitting the task, they would even be rewarded with spiritual stones.

With the moon Hope Tower as their backing, su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua completed their mission without any difficulty!

The crowd quickly discovered the convenience of the eight desolate immortal market.

For example, li Yueli.

After she learned that Chen jingzhai was in seclusion, she didn’t go to Golden Chicken mountain. Instead, she sent her spiritual will into the eight desolate immortal market and met up with su qingyue and Ji Shuanghua through the curse seed.

In the eight desolate immortal market, no matter how far away one was in the real world, one could meet here. Not only could they chat, but they could also obtain a lot of information. The only downside was that everything they did cost money. Li Yueli’s progress in alchemy in the pill Palace was much faster than in Golden Chicken mountain, and the amount of spirit stones she consumed was staggering. Moreover, the pill Palace’s alchemy techniques were not exquisite, so she had to buy better ones if she wanted to learn them.

Spirit stones and copper coins were the foundation of the eight desolations immortal market. If one wanted to gain anything in the eight desolation immortal market, these were indispensable and even the most important things.

In seven days, thanks to the tacit agreement between the five main branches of the allheaven immortal gate, a large number of inner sect disciples entered the eight barren immortal market and even publicly announced the banner of the allheaven immortal gate. The number of cultivators in the eight barren immortal market exceeded 10000.

The third Palace was opened. Without a doubt, it was a weapon Hall, and the one in charge was supreme weapon. Many cultivators could buy or sell and appraise weapons here. Refining materials could be traded in the side hall, and they could learn the art of refining weapons. Most importantly, there were different true fires for the use of the weapon refinement Masters in the side hall.

These things were extremely attractive to blacksmiths. Even alchemists could use their true fires in the Dan Palace, but unfortunately, they still needed a lot of copper coins.

“Senior brothers, can you see anything?” Chen Lei brought the cultivators from the eye of the Thunder to the third Palace and asked.

“There are no spirit treasures in the tool Hall, and there are no Dao pills in the elixir store.” Nangong Liang said,”I don’t have any Tier 4 and above. I don’t know if I don’t have any or if the conditions have not been met.”

“No matter what, this is a natural shelter, the intelligence Center.” Yang Pan said,”since the sect has put out their flag, they must be determined!”

“That’s right.” Chen Lei nodded and said,”the sect has confirmed that this immortal market was built by a small world. Only Immortals can break the rules of this world. Even if we only sell third-grade items in the future, they will still be very valuable.”

“The key is the copper coins,” Nangong Liang said emotionally,”the copper coins are much more powerful than spirit stones when used for cultivation. I used them to cultivate secret techniques, and the progress is also very gratifying.”

“The blood-patterned copper coin is worth more than spirit stones. The eight desolate immortal market seems to be making a loss by doing this. I wonder why they are so confident?” Yang Pan said.

“The immortal market is too mysterious.” Chen Lei shook his head and said,”I’m going to let everyone from the eye of the Thunder come in here and meet them here.”

“That’s good,” Nangong Liang said,”in the future, even if we’re doing missions outside and encounter sudden danger, we can also ask for help here. Maybe we can rent a room?”

“It’s best to rent from the side hall of the money Palace. The rooms there are the closest, and we have the curse seeds. Once we have a long-term rental room, we can instantly appear in the room when we enter the immortal market instead of on the cloud road.” Yang Pan said.

In less than a month after the opening of the eight desolation immortal market, cultivators had discovered many hidden functions. In addition to the convenience of renting rooms, information exchange had become more and more important. After the allheaven immortal gate had spread its banner, many forces had also spread their banners.

Many cultivators seemed to have found their backbone and gathered together. The Rogue cultivators also joined forces. Compared to the concerns in reality, there was no fighting in the eight desolation immortal market, and the transactions were guaranteed.

Chen jingzhai had been in closed-door cultivation. However, it was different from his previous closed-door cultivation. This time, his spiritual will descended on the Archean world and studied talismans and talismans in the twelve celestial palaces.

Both were talismans. Talismans were based on paper, and talismans were based on metal and stone. Chen jingzhai used the Yin Yang seal script of the dragon and phoenix Union as his Foundation, so it was not difficult to learn.


With just a few days of cultivation and research, he could now draw talismans out of thin air and use the talisman technique to evolve into Dharma spells. However, a third-grade talisman technique was not that simple. He needed to go into seclusion and slowly ponder over it.

He didn’t care too much about the immortal market. He just wanted to know the profits from it every once in a while.

With the goal of 10000 cultivators achieved, Chen jingzhai’s spiritual stones entered his account. He had reached the goal of 100 million and 1 billion, moving towards 10 billion. In addition, they also obtained many materials, magical artifacts, cultivation techniques, ancient artifacts, demon beasts, and copper coins.

In less than a month’s time, he had earned more spirit stones than the full moon restaurant had ever earned. The key point was that he didn’t even have to spend any money on it. The innate money ancient tree was self-produced and sold.

In terms of cultivation resources, Chen jingzhai was definitely the best among his peers in the allheaven celestial gate. Even perfected cultivators couldn’t compare to him, and he could even crush some families.

This wasn’t a big deal. After all, it was just the beginning. As more cultivators came in, the exchange rate for Guiyuan immortal cards and curse seeds would increase, and Chen jingzhai would earn more.

In the Moongazer serpent cave abode.

All the women gathered and started to chat with each other.

“The five main branches will enter the immortal market separately. As long as the HU, ye, and Xue families are one step ahead of the branch branches, they will be able to enter the immortal market.” Ji Shuanghua said,”it’s all for the disciples!”

“It seems like we’re not the only ones who have obtained Guiyuan immortal tokens in the catacombs.” “What about the others?” su qinghuang asked.

“I’ve discovered that demonic beasts have entered the ancient path of the immense forest,” tu Ruoyan said.”I’ve already contacted the Fox clan. I can confirm that all demonic beasts with soul formation cultivators have entered the path, and there are also demonic beasts from other regions.”

“Other regions?” Ji Shuanghua couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s right,” tu Ruoyan nodded,”there are demonic beasts and cultivators from the Heavenly Star region, Dragon Gate region, moyang region, and Xixia region who have sneaked in. Most of them are relatives, and some cultivators use the returning origin immortal token to earn spirit stones.”

This was not surprising. There were too many good things in the eight desolation immortal market, and some rogue cultivators were short of money. If they wanted to earn spirit stones quickly, it was not a bad idea to attract other cultivators. As long as they did it well, the benefits would not be shallow.

Moreover, the eight desolate immortal market encouraged people to bring in more cultivators, so it was normal for itinerant cultivators to sell their spots. However, they didn’t expect cultivators from other domains to come in. It was too early!

“With the convenience of the eight desolation immortal market, it’s only a matter of time before a large number of cultivators from other domains enter,” su qingluan muttered.”Golden Chicken mountain doesn’t have enough people, so I’m going to go to the land of hidden veins myself to deliver the origin returning immortal token.”

“I heard that the battle of the dragons is nearing its end.” Ji Shuanghua understood what she meant.”Sister, do you want to make your move earlier?”

“That’s right,” su qingluan stood up and said,”jingzhai has long wanted to go to the hidden branch to find someone to help. Since we have opened the Golden Chicken mountain, we can’t be depressed!”

Qiao Haisheng, Wang Yao, and Kong Guang, the three sword Meridian geniuses of the hidden branch, had returned one after another and formed superior-grade sword elixirs. The rest of their peers were still participating in the competition for the Dragon in the Pu Lao Kingdom!

Chen jingzhai’s intention was to wait for the Dragon battle to end. Now that it was nearing its end, they naturally had to go ahead. Even if they didn’t walk on the sea of forest ancient path, they could use the eight desolation immortal market to quickly rise!

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