I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 324 - Gathering from all sides (1)  

Chapter 324: Gathering from all sides (1)

Compared to the ninth peak, which was hidden in the heart of the mountain, the twelfth peak was full of heavenly treasures, pavilions, and palaces. It was like a Celestial Palace.

After all, it was a weapon-refining inheritance. The weapon-refining Masters preferred to live in the palace to refine weapons and would not be harsh on themselves. Therefore, the style and customs were different from other peaks.

Li Yueli went back to the 12th peak with a red face. In his mind, he was still thinking about sister SU’s teasing. For some reason, Chen jingzhai’s face appeared.

While she was panicking, li Yueli flew into the fish Sun Palace of the twelfth peak. Her master was the peak elder, the fish sun true venerate, a white-haired handsome true venerate.

“Master!” Li Yueli shouted as soon as she entered.

“You’re willing to come back?” A faint voice was heard, and there was clearly a hint of pampering in the tone.

“I have to come back even if I can’t bear to. I’m here to show you a treasure.” Li Yueli came to the backyard with a smile.

Under the ancient pine tree, true venerable Yuyang sat cross-legged on a stone, his hands folded in a mudra, and calmly watched her run over.

“This is the origin returning immortal token. Once master’s spirit sense enters, he will know everything.” Li Yueli said as if she was presenting a treasure.

True venerate Yuyang’s expression changed slightly as he scanned the area with his thoughts. At this moment, he had already split his attention and entered the place, discovering the mystery.

“Eight desolate immortal market?” He muttered.

“Yes, yes,” li Yueli quickly said,”I found this when I went to the catacombs with Junior Brother jingzhai and the others. Junior Brother jingzhai even offered a reward of 500000 spirit stones at the Moonview restaurant, and I even foolishly delivered myself to him …”

True venerate Yuyang helplessly looked at the innocent little guy in front of him. Why did he have to say such an embarrassing thing? Looking at her absent-minded appearance, Hong Luan’s heart was clearly moved. Could it be that the Tribulation of love was coming? That brat already has two Dao companions, what a bastard!

“Senior brother Yu Yang, I, floating snow, pay my respects to you!”

A cold voice sounded by her ear.

True venerate Yuyang came back to his senses and handed the Guiyuan immortal token to li Yueli.”Your martial uncle fluttering snow is here. Go and welcome him for me. Don’t let your thoughts run wild.”

“I’m not thinking nonsense. Master is the one talking nonsense. ” Li Yueli snorted and ran out with a slightly red face, as if she was a little embarrassed.

True venerate Yuyang let out a soft sigh. With a wave of his hand, a futon and a tea table appeared in front of him. Two cups of fragrant tea had also been prepared, and the fragrance of the tea was not leaked at all.

True venerate floating snow brought Pei Dong ‘er and arrived. She had a bare face and was holding a blue horsetail whisk. Her steps were light and graceful.

“Senior brother!”


True venerate fluttering snow sat down on the futon as he was told. He took a sip of tea and suddenly said,”I was too impatient. It’s just an opportunity.”

“There are big and small opportunities, but the key is to see who it belongs to.” True Paragon Yuyang said softly,”it’s understandable for Junior Sister to be anxious. After all, he has an innate spiritual root.”

“Yup!” True venerate fluttering snow said softly,”this is an innate spiritual root. Even though it is still growing, it is extremely powerful. Even my Dao heart is slightly shaken.”

Who wouldn’t want to go a step further after becoming a soul formation true venerate? With the help of the innate spirit root, one would definitely become an immortal. This was without a doubt, who wouldn’t be tempted?

“The eight desolation immortal market will reopen in a million years. It’s clear that the eight desolation celestial ancestor is a veteran immortal. It’s very likely that he has taken a step forward and become a stage six tribulation-transcending true immortal.”

True venerate Yuyang said softly.

“Seventh rank?” True venerate fluttering snow frowned and said,”but why doesn’t the immortal market allow cultivators above the nascent soul realm to enter? You won’t even let your true body go, but only your spiritual will?”

“Either the price is too great and the immortal market is too far away from us, or it has just opened and is only the tip of the iceberg.”

True venerate Yuyang took a light sip of the tea.”You don’t have to let your imagination run wild. This immortal market is built by a small world, and its authority and rules are protected. No means can work here.”

“Do we have to wait?” True venerate drifting snow said unwillingly,”as time passes, everyone will know about this.”

“Perhaps the eight desolation celestial ancestor is more well-known.” True Paragon Yuyang said,”the ninth branch has already taken action. Their advisors have contacted all the divine transformation realm cultivators, and they are preparing to send all of their disciples in to act as their eyes and ears.”

“Fu Yunzi? He’s always been bold. ” Snowdrift true venerate furrowed his brows.”Aren’t you afraid that it’s a trap? If they have ill intentions, all of the disciples of the ninth bloodline will be in trouble. ”

“You’ve forgotten about fairy Chunyu,” True Paragon Yuyang said softly,”this is a true reincarnation of that era, and his methods are unfathomable.”

“Senior brother, are you sure that fairy Chunyu is fine? Or does she know the celestial ancestor of the eight desolations?” “That’s right. She went to the starry sky with the immortal patriarch of the ninth bloodline, so she might know some secrets, unlike us who are tied up in the Qian Yuan world.”

“Don’t forget that Fu Yunzi is the disciple of the ninth bloodline’s ancestral master. He’s protected by the immortal’s immortal sense. ” True venerate Yuyang said,”patriarch might know.”

“Then what should we do? Let the disciples in as well?” “This move will affect many disciples and might even cause them to attack the sect,” true venerate drifting snow said with a frown.

“We’ll have to go in there sooner or later,” true venerate Yuyang said,”no matter what the purpose of the immortal market is, it connects with various places, and cultivators from all over the world gather there. There are many benefits in itself. Let’s choose a group of disciples and have a try!”

“Alright!” True venerate drifting Snow’s eyes wandered.”I wonder if the 11th Meridian can see anything from the many elixirs in the elixir Palace?” From the looks of it, they’re all cultivators from the pulao region. ”

“Perhaps only the pulao region is luckier,” true venerate Yuyang said in a low voice.”There’s no point in guessing. Unless the immortals make a move, we can’t do anything.”

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