I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 323 - Immortal bounty medallion (2)  

Chapter 323: Immortal bounty medallion (2)

The two women, one after the other, received the message from the mountain range.

As the prodigies of the 12th bloodline, the two of them naturally had their own teams.

As well as the relevant intelligence forces.

“Is Jing Zhai Shidi buying Guiyuan immortal cards?”

“What does he mean by this?”

“To inform the sect in disguise?”

Pei Dong ‘er stood up and waved her hand to extinguish the flames in the cauldron.

After slightly frowning, she flew out of the West side courtyard with a calm expression.

He headed to the 12th mountain range to meet with snowdrift Sage.

No matter what, the eight desolate immortal market had great potential.

The market had just opened not long ago, and there were still many opportunities.

She was a new disciple of true venerate drifting snow, so she had to seize this opportunity.

As she had no roots or backing, she could only rely on true venerate drifting snow.

To her, this was the best choice.

On the other side.

After learning about the news of moon Pavilion, li Yueli directly flew out.

However, she didn’t go to the 12th peak. Instead, she came to the Moongazer cave.

“Sister su, where’s junior Brother jingzhai?”

She asked.

“He went to see senior apprentice-brother Wayfarer.”

“Junior Sister Yueli, is there something you need?”

Su qingluan asked.

“Moon Pavilion is offering a reward for origin returning immortal token?”

“I have one!”

Li Yueli said as she took out the Guiyuan immortal token.

“Junior Sister Yueli is so lucky!”

“Junior Sister, have you already obtained the cursed seed?”

Su qingluan asked with a strange look in her eyes.


“It seems that sister su has already obtained the cursed seed.”

“Otherwise, I can’t even open my mouth!”

Li Yueli’s smile was like a crescent moon, as she felt a sense of joy from sharing secrets.

She had already tried it.

He couldn’t say anything about the eight desolation immortal market or the curse seed in front of outsiders.

Only the origin returning immortal token could say it normally.

This made her feel too depressed.

Now that he could speak, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Keep it properly!”

“You’d better give the token to your master. ”

“The matter of the immortal market is of great importance.”

“This will be good for you.”

Su qingluan said.

She already knew that li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er had the Guiyuan immortal token.

This was not hard to understand.

When she and Ji Shuanghua had obtained the Guiyuan immortal token,

Li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er were also by his side.

There was a high probability that they were obtained together.

And just as li Yueli was flying over to the full moon Cave,

She had already known that Pei Dong ‘er had returned to the twelfth peak.

“Eh? Sister su doesn’t need the GUI Yuan immortal token?”

“That’s right. You’ve already exchanged for a curse seed.”

“But why is there a reward?”

Li Yueli asked in confusion.

She had the body of a Hundred Flowers. Although she did not have the heart of a child, she was exceptionally pure.

Even in the catacombs, she could not stop killing and could not change anything.

Therefore, he didn’t realize or understand certain things.

“Of course, we have to find out who has an immortal token in the sect!”

“Look, didn’t Junior Sister Yueli jump out!”

Su qingluan covered her mouth and chuckled.

“That’s not a good thing. Sister su is making fun of me. ”

Li Yueli’s face instantly darkened.

Although she didn’t understand, she was very sensitive to good and bad intentions or emotional changes.

Why was she willing to get close to Chen jingzhai and su qingluan?

It was because she felt that Chen jingzhai and the others had no ill intentions towards her.

On the contrary, there was a natural sense of intimacy.

Pei Dong ‘er was the same.

However, Hu Shouyang and the others were different.

She had never told anyone about this ability, and she didn’t think it was anything special.

“Alright, I’m not making fun of you.”

“Sister is really grateful to you.”

“But the GUI Yuan immortal token is very valuable.”

“It costs one million to exchange in the immortal market,”

“Are you really going to sell it to us for 500000?”

Su qingluan touched her little nose and smiled.

Moon Pavilion’s reward was actually for revealing information to the sect.

Chen jingzhai was going to the floating clouds Daoist sect to send a message to the ninth branch.

The eight desolate immortal market had been transformed by Chen jingzhai’s world authority.

Even a soul formation true venerate could only split their soul to enter.

He had to suppress it to the Jindan level, so he was not afraid of the news being exposed.

In fact, the more cultivators that entered, the better.

Even if the sect were to enter, Chen jingzhai would only be happy and not worried.

Li Yueli came to her senses when she realized that su qingluan had no intention of buying it.

He knew that this was the method of the full moon Pavilion.

She flew out of the full moon Cave with a slight blush and immediately returned to the twelfth peak.

Floating clouds dojo.

Chen jingzhai sat cross-legged in a small pavilion, with Fu Yunzi sitting beside him.

Yu Du Zhenren and Fu Yunzi opened their eyes almost at the same time.

“How is it?” Chen jingzhai asked expectantly.

“I can’t see through it!” True venerate Yudu sighed and returned the Guiyuan immortal token.

“Eight desolations celestial ancestor, I’ve never heard of it!” Fu Yunzi also returned the immortal token. He squinted his eyes and said,”it’s possible that it’s an immortal from another world. The eight desolate immortal market is indeed built from a small world. Especially that ancient money tree, it has an extraordinary aura. It’s probably the legendary connate spirit root.”

“It seems like it’s a real immortal’s method.” Chen jingzhai touched his chin.”But why did you use third-grade materials to make an immortal card?” There was even a restriction on the strength threshold to enter? Could it be …”

“There’s no need to make baseless speculations,” Fu Yunzi shook his head and interrupted him,”since the eight desolation immortal market has reopened, it means that the immortal behind it is safe. After all, it is an immortal’s trick. There is no point in thinking too much.”

“Not bad.” True venerate Yudu said,”regardless of whether it’s an immortal or a soul formation cultivator behind this, we can’t deduce their background or find any flaws. The only thing we can do is to seize the opportunity.”

“I understand.” Chen jingzhai put away the immortal token and nodded.

“You’ve done well,” senior brother Fu Yunzi said with a smile.”In a few days, the ninth bloodline will give you more support. It seems that you won’t be able to relax and spend your 100-year holiday.”

“This is what I hope.” Chen jingzhai laughed,”the so-called vacation is just an excuse. Cultivators don’t have so-called vacation. Every day, they meditate, refine pills, refine weapons, and so on. There’s no end to it.”

“Good!” True venerate Yudu nodded with a smile.

The Golden elixir realm was only the starting point. If he wanted to become an immortal, he had to seize every day.

He couldn’t slack off for even a second or he would lose his courage and drive.

The fact that Chen jingzhai could say these words was enough to show that he wasn’t confused by the current peaceful cultivation, and this was extremely valuable. After all, most of the celestial gate disciples were obsessed with peace.

True venerate Yudu, on the other hand, preferred to let the disciples of the celestial gate go out and fight.

Only in this way could they continue to advance courageously.

Chen jingzhai stayed for a while before leaving. He had achieved his goal.

He wanted to take advantage of the opening of the eight desolation immortal market to lure the allheaven immortal gate into their trap and bring more resources.

Only in this way could the eight desolate immortal market become more and more prosperous and expand its influence.

Chen jingzhai would gain more and more benefits.

At the gazebo.

After Chen jingzhai left, the two true venerates fell silent.

“How is it?” Fu Yunzi asked.

“As expected, he’s extremely lucky. After I became his Dao protector, the benefits came to me automatically.” After true venerate Yudu finished speaking, a copper coin appeared in his hand.”It’s a product of innate spiritual roots!”

“Without upper sky Qi, the benefits for us are limited.” Fu Yunzi said,”but it’s worth looking forward to.”

A soul formation true venerate also had Nine Heavens.

The two of them were both late stage soul formation true venerates, so the copper coins didn’t have much effect on them.

But the two of them saw more possibilities.

After all, it was an innate spiritual root. Who knew how much potential it had in the future?

“You want to make a move?” True venerate Yudu asked.

“It’s Jing Zhai’s idea,” Fu Yunzi said calmly,”since he offered the Guiyuan immortal token as a reward, his purpose is to let the sect discover it. Moreover, there are many cultivators in the immortal market, so it can’t be hidden.”

“Indeed.” True venerate Yu Du nodded.”The earlier we enter, the better the opportunity. However, the immortal market’s restrictions on us are extremely harsh, and it’s very difficult to enter with a split-soul.”

“At the moment, only golden elixir realm cultivators are allowed,” Fu Yunzi said with a smile,”it’s a good opportunity for our disciples to enter. Since we have the key, we should naturally plan for the younger generation of disciples.”

“Alright!” True venerate Yudu understood what he meant.”I’ll go find those old guys.”

“I’ll go and find fairy Chunyu and see if she knows the origin of this celestial ancestor of the eight desolations.” Fu Yunzi sighed softly.”Unfortunately, there’s no way to calculate it with the suppression of the connate spiritual root.”

“Even if he divined it, there’s a high chance that he wouldn’t be able to make a move.” True venerate Yudu shook his head.”It can’t be in the Qianyuan realm. Otherwise, wouldn’t the immortals let it go?”

Fu Yunzi nodded slightly. After drinking a cup of spiritual tea with true venerate Yu Du, the two of them left the floating clouds Daoist sect and flew towards the other Daoist sects of the ninth branch.

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