I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 322 - Immortal reward medal (1)  

Chapter 322: Immortal reward medal (1)

Chapter 306

The head of the second immortal Palace was perfected Lord dan.

The Alchemist that Chen jingzhai created could not only make elixirs, but also master alchemy techniques.

The pill Palace was the same as the money Palace.

All sorts of pills or pill recipes could be found on the counter.

The side hall could be used to refine pills.

Compared to the gold coin Palace, there seemed to be fewer surprises here.

However, to a rogue cultivator, the pill Palace was the best place.

This was because cultivators could learn alchemy from there.

You can receive a pill refining task.

He could use the elixir Palace’s spirit herbs to refine elixir pills.

For many rogue cultivators who wanted to learn, the pill Palace was simply a place of opportunity.

Therefore, after the elixir Palace opened, wandering cultivators swarmed in.

Chen jingzhai also took su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua on a tour.

All in all, the progress was smooth.

A large number of medicinal pills were sold.

True Lord dan also received some pill recipes.

Cultivators could also use pill recipes or spirit herbs to exchange for copper coins or special pills.

Chen jingzhai had created true Lord dan with the myriad origins returning pill Scripture.

He was born to master this wondrous pill technique.

His ability to distinguish pill techniques and the quality of medicinal pills were all top-notch.

In addition, he had the power of authority.

It could be said that the good stuff would never be left out, and the price would be very fair and reasonable.

“The foundation building pill and the dustfall pill are still top-grade pills. The demand for them is very high.”

“This won’t affect our interests.”

“But the price of some herbs is rising.”

Su qinghuang said, frowning.

Not only did the demand for the foundation building pill and the dustfall pill not decrease, it was increasing instead.

Especially when there were more and more cultivators.

The foundation building pill was used to nurture the younger generation, while the dustfall pill was for his own use.

To the clan, these two pills were indispensable and of great significance.

Therefore, he definitely couldn’t miss it.

After entering, he spent a huge price to buy all of them.

Now that the Dan Palace had opened, these two pills were more expensive than the red jade.

“It doesn’t matter. The number of cultivators is increasing.”

“In fact, there will be more and more.”

“The demand in the future will be even higher.”

“Hongyu has become famous and has a regular customer.”

“There won’t be any impact.”

“We have the sect behind us.”

Chen jingzhai smiled and said.

The benefits of having the sect behind him were huge.

Especially after he opened up the west side courtyard and obtained the support of the ninth Meridian.

Not to mention, the eight desolate immortal market was his.

From the left hand to the right hand, the profit would not be lost, but more.


Chen jingzhai, su qingluan, and Ji Shuanghua returned to their physical bodies.

To open the third immortal Palace, 10000 cultivators were needed.

This number, although it did not seem difficult at the moment, could not be achieved within these few days.

The price of the curse seed was too high.

In a situation where cultivators didn’t have many copper coins,

It was impossible to bring so many people in.

Especially the opening of the pill Palace.

Large amounts of resources would be used to exchange for pills.

The rest could be discussed later.

After all,

The higher the cultivation, the more powerful the clan would be, and the more resources they would be able to obtain.

Only then could he exchange for curse seeds or buy origin returning immortal cards.

It was precisely because of this that Golden Chicken mountain needed to go all out.

After leaving the eight desolate immortal market, Chen jingzhai immediately got to work.

He continued to expand the west side courtyard.

He actively contacted the outer sect disciples and absorbed more odd-job workers to cultivate the Ling fields.

For this reason, Zhang Jian had specially contacted the hidden sect disciples and offered them preferential treatment and rich benefits.

Disciples from the hidden sects who did not have many connections could all join the west side courtyard.

What Chen jingzhai said was to rely on him.

He would stay in the west side courtyard and learn pill or tool refinement, Gu refinement, spiritual plant cultivation, and other techniques.

Regardless of whether he had any achievements, he would still receive a discount in terms of medicinal pills and magic tools.

Every year, there would be a corresponding spirit stone reward.

In name, they did not belong to the ninth bloodline.

In the future, he could go to any lineage he wanted.

However, he had to make some contributions.

Service for the west side courtyard.

After Chen jingzhai released the restrictions, many people joined.

He came from a hidden lineage and was also the number one prodigy, so the market was looking up.

There were disciples like Lu Tao who wanted to enter the mountain range, and there were also disciples who wanted to hug Chen jingzhai’s thigh.

In the past, he didn’t have a way, but now, of course, he didn’t want to miss it.

Therefore, in a short period of time, there were many disciples heading to Golden Chicken mountain.

Some people were open and aboveboard, while some were sneaky. The west side courtyard immediately became lively.

Not only that, but the Moonview restaurant also opened up a new counter.

The information counter and the mission counter.

The information counter was just a way to standardize the information business.

It was connected to the ninth bloodline’s intelligence network.

It was still a reward system, a fair exchange.

The Moonview restaurant would not deliberately collect them, but would act as the middleman.

The task counter was newly opened.

Any cultivator could post a mission here, and the mission counter would evaluate the reward.

Spiritual stones, elixirs, and so on could be negotiated, and there would be no fixed reward.

I guarantee that I won’t cheat anyone.

Moon Pavilion was located on a platform, which was different from the mission Hall of the sect.

Moreover, Mingyue city belonged to the ninth bloodline.

In theory, the task counter of the Moonview restaurant was open to the ninth Meridian.

After the task counter was opened, the first task was to buy the returning origin immortal token.

After handing over a Guiyuan immortal token, one could get five hundred thousand spirit stones.

It could be a Dharma Treasure or a third-grade Lotus Pearl.

When this reward came out, it caused a sensation in Mingyue city.

Soon, all the cultivators in the immortal cities of the allheaven immortal sect were in a heated discussion.

Everyone was asking what kind of treasure the returning origin immortal token was.

Only those who truly owned the Guiyuan immortal token would know.

This price simply wasn’t enough for a return origin immortal token.

West side courtyard.

Li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er came out of the eight desolate immortal market one after another.

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