I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 321 - exchange (2)  

Chapter 321: Chapter 305-exchange (2)

“That’s three to five million spirit stones for those who need it. ”

“I’ll still buy it even if I have to grit my teeth. ”

Chen jingzhai transmitted his voice to Hong Yu.

The Dan stage was the beginning of the immortal path, which was the most important stage for cultivators.

If an itinerant cultivator could form a pill, he could directly establish a clan.

If someone from a small cultivation family could form pills, they could obtain more resources.

The family’s reputation would spread far and wide, and they could continue to protect the family.

After all, a golden core cultivator’s lifespan had already surpassed that of a Foundation establishment cultivator. The benefits were self-evident.

Even for ordinary sect disciples, if they could form pills, their status in the sect would rise.

Therefore, the dustfall pill was extremely valuable.

However, the ingredients for the dustfall pill were scarce and in the hands of the major forces.

The cultivators of the pulao region actually had a great desire for the dustfall pill.

The greatest advantage of the eight desolate immortal market was that the cultivators came from all over the world.

There were many rogue cultivators, both cultivators and demonic beasts.

No one knew where this group of cultivators came from.

It was precisely because of this that the value of the dustfall pill had been imperceptibly magnified.

The medicinal pills that he had been longing for in the past had appeared.

Now, he naturally had to think of a way to get it.

It would be best if he could become a golden core as soon as possible.

He would also be able to plan for better resources in the eight desolations immortal market.

Moreover, for such a good thing, if one was fast, one would get it. If one was slow, one would not get it. Competition would rise imperceptibly.

Therefore, two three-patterned copper coins were, to be honest, not too expensive.

“Isn’t that selling it cheaply?” Hong Yu asked with some regret.

“On the contrary, this price is very suitable.” Chen jingzhai smiled.

If he sold the dustfall pill at a low price, he wouldn’t be able to earn anything. This was obviously not good.

If it was sold at a high price, cultivators in remote places would not be able to buy it even if they used all their assets.

As long as the price was reasonable and the number of buyers increased, he would naturally earn a lot.

The dustfall pill was not a rare item for Chen jingzhai.

Not only Chen jingzhai, but the west side courtyard also made it.

Therefore, he didn’t feel much pressure when he took it out to sell.

He could also make use of the opportunity before the opening of the pill Hall to make a fortune.

The most important thing was to gain fame.

As long as the position of Hong Yu’s stall remained the same, it would definitely attract attention.

When Hong Yu heard the old master’s explanation, she felt relieved.

She was afraid that she would sell poorly and delay old master’s matters.


She took some time to spend a three-patterned copper coin to buy the item that Chen jingzhai specified.

He went to True Monarch Qian’s counter and obtained the curse seed.

After refining it, she would be able to enter and exit freely.

He could also buy a Guiyuan immortal token, which was also a three-patterned copper coin.

The price was really expensive. Hong Yu didn’t even think about it and left. She had no interest in the returning origin immortal token.

Su qingluan had already returned to the real world and gathered all the beautiful maids in the Moongazer cave abode.

Even Xi Meng of the moon Pavilion was summoned back.

The girls were holding su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua’s Guiyuan immortal tokens.

Two people in a group entered the eight desolate immortal market.

The red jades earned copper coins, while they spent the copper coins to cast a curse.

When the bell rang for the second time, another 24 hours had passed.

There were less than 5000 people, but Hong Yu’s side had made a big profit.

The eight beautiful maidservants, Liu Qingxue’s mother, aunt, and other Foundation establishment cultivators all came in.

He had spent more than ten three-patterned copper coins just to plant the curse seeds on them.

Chen jingzhai was fine, but Ji Shuanghua’s heart ached for him.

She was used to being poor in the past. Who would have thought that there would be times when she would be so extravagant?

Fortunately, it wasn’t that he didn’t gain anything. Just the materials bought by the beautiful maids were a big profit.

The allheaven immortal sect was located in the southeast, and the further away from it, the more expensive certain materials were.

But in the local area, these materials were not expensive.

Now that these materials were being sold in the eight desolate immortal market,

Even if it was 30% higher than the original price, Chen jingzhai and the others still made a profit.

Buying low and selling high didn’t necessarily have to be sold in the eight desolate immortal market.

They could be sold in the allheaven immortal gate or the immortal City!

After obtaining the curse seed, Xi Meng returned to the Moonview restaurant.

In reality, there wouldn’t be any problems in moon Pavilion if she was in the immortal City. After all, this was the immortal City of the ninth branch. With the care of the cultivators of the ninth branch, she could enter the eight desolation immortal market from moon Pavilion.

This was what su qingluan wanted her to do.

He wanted to see if the eight desolate immortal market could really allow him to enter at any time and place.

As it turned out, as long as there was a cursed seed, spiritual will could indeed enter at any time.

However, it had to be below the true Lord level. If it was a true Lord, the strength of the spiritual will would be weakened.

In fact,

Chen jingzhai already knew that apart from su qingluan, there were several perfected cultivators who had come in.

There were even deity transformation-level demon beasts that sent their divine sense in.

They were either trading with each other or exchanging for a large number of bloodstained copper coins.

Chen jingzhai didn’t interfere in this.

The blood-patterned copper coins could be said to be endless.

The connate ancient gold tree’s roots were rooted in the fourth and fifth levels of the catacombs.

Not to mention the huge murderous aura on the fourth floor,

The Blood River in the fifth level alone could keep flowing.

The more he sold, the more Chen jingzhai would earn.

After all, he could not sell the evil qi and blood River in the catacombs for spiritual stones.

As for the other copper coins, Chen jingzhai consciously reduced the number of coins he sold.

For example, the origin and magnetic copper coins.

The more origin magnetic copper coins he used, the less he would have.

As for the origin copper coin, he could continue to produce it.

However, its effect was so good that he would feel at a loss no matter how much he sold it.

So, Chen jingzhai changed his method.

True Monarch Qian immediately closed the exchange and purchase Windows for the rest of the copper coins,

A brand new model was introduced.

In other words, it was a copper coin that cultivators cultivated themselves.

“You may enter your own room in the side hall.”

“There’s a big formation in the room that leads to the ancient money tree. ”

“Everyone, you just need to place items that contain energy in the formation,”

“If the ancient money tree reacts, these items will disappear.”

“The corresponding copper coin will appear in a moment.”

“I’ll tell you in advance that it takes time for the ancient money tree to absorb energy and generate copper coins. ”

“I suggest that you all rent rooms for a long time. All rooms in the eight desolate immortal market are only for rent and not for sale.”

“In addition, you can come to the counter to appraise the copper coins you have cultivated.”

“When the time comes, I will give you a fair price,”

“If you have precious copper coins, I can buy them at a high price.”

True Lord Qian’s words were heard by all the cultivators.

Immediately, a cultivator opened the room. There was indeed an array.

True Lord Qian had made it very clear that all flesh, blood, energy, and heavenly materials and earthly treasures were fine.

Someone tried to put in a spirit stone.

10,000 spirit stones were not enough. He had to get 100000 spirit stones to get the vitality copper coins.

Some people tried to release demonic beasts.

One could obtain blood essence copper coins from demonic beasts, which were extremely pure.

Some people tried to put in heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

It took a long time for copper coins to be born. Although there were not many of them, they were of excellent quality.

The new model immediately caused a sensation.

At this moment, the number of cultivators had already reached 4600.

Qi refining, Foundation establishment, golden core, nascent soul, and even soul formation true venerates had their spiritual will.

This copper coin’s model attracted all sorts of thoughts from everyone.

Cultivators from all over the pulao region began to search for all kinds of materials and energy.

Some people directly bought baleful Qi.

Among cultivators, there were those who specialized in collecting and selling baleful Qi. Baleful Qi was also a type of resource.

In the end, it could also produce copper coins with unique uses.

It was as if he had opened the door to a new world.

Many cultivators, especially those from small families or individual cultivators, immediately took action.

There were many places in the pulao region that had baleful Qi.

In fact, because of the Dark Age, the entire Qianyuan world had no lack of evil spirits.

This was also the reason why the stellar malignance pill formation technique had gradually become popular.

When the cultivators saw benefits, they swarmed like locusts and began to collect baleful Qi.

In the beginning, he was still a little apprehensive and collected them in secret.

Later on, he didn’t have any scruples at all and directly collected them openly.

As a result, the baleful Qi in the pulao region began to disappear bit by bit.

Some of the huge baleful auras buried underground began to be collected.

He had unexpectedly cleared the mountain and done a good deed.

In the many years that followed, the number of barren hills and turbulent rivers in the pulao region decreased, and beautiful mountains could be seen everywhere.

At the same time, in the eight desolations immortal market.

After true Lord Qian announced the start of a new copper coin-making method, he said,

Six hours later, he once again announced that the number of immortal customers in the eight desolation immortal market had reached 5000.

The second Palace, the elixir Palace, had opened!

The entire corridor leading to the elixir Palace was shining with an inexplicable light.

The clouds and mist dispersed, and the pill Palace gradually became clear.

The palace gate opened in an instant.

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