I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 320 - -exchange (1)  

Chapter 320: Chapter 305-exchange (1)

Chapter 305

Despite the complaints of the cultivators, most of them followed the rules.

The blood-patterned copper coin was not inferior to spirit stones. In fact, it would be better for everyone.

In addition, everyone has already discovered the value of this place.

This place was extremely safe, and it was impossible for them to harm each other.

The cultivators here came from all over the pulao region.

Cultivators could exchange information here, or even trade with one another.

Thus, various stalls appeared one after another in the corridor.

In addition to selling all kinds of local specialties, they could also exchange information.

Many cultivators returned to their bodies and used the Guiyuan immortal token to bring in their friends and family.

This was especially true for some itinerant cultivator clans or some small-scale cultivator clans.

He treated this place as an opportunity to rise.

They carefully and cautiously changed their appearances.

He kept letting the people around him enter this place and started to plan for benefits.

A million spirit stones per person was not a big burden for these families.

The nine Dragon Golden Bell rang twice in a row.

It was already twenty-four hours later.

The number of cultivators had already reached three thousand seven hundred.

However, the news of the eight desolation immortal market did not spread.

Because of Chen jingzhai’s power.

Any cultivator who entered this place would be killed.

They couldn’t speak about the eight desolate immortal market.

It was stronger than the brain restriction.

Even Immortals would not be able to find out if they searched his soul.

This was the power of world authority.

The cultivators were a little surprised and even shocked.

But after that, he was filled with joy.

It was the mysterious peace immortal market, which was not known to most people.

The security level had been greatly improved, and more people were willing to come in.

In the Moongazer serpent cave abode.

Su qingluan immediately handed over her Guiyuan immortal token.

He gave his and Ji Shuanghua’s Guiyuan immortal tokens to Liu Qingxue and Hong Yu.

The two women instantly appeared on the cloud road.

Su qingluan couldn’t disclose any more information to the public.

However, Ji Shuanghua had been waiting for him on the cloud road.

After the detailed explanation, su qingluan returned.

“Hong Yu, go set up your stall. Qing Xue, go and collect information.”

“There’s no need to rush. Let’s take a look at chengse first. ”

“I need to earn a three-patterned copper coin as soon as possible.”

“Only by doing so can more people come in.”

Su qingluan quickly made her arrangements.

She and Chen jingzhai discussed and decided to set up a stall here.

He didn’t plan to use the spirit stones to exchange for too many copper coins. Instead, he wanted to earn more copper coins first.

His confidence came from Chen jingzhai’s pills.

She and Ji Shuanghua strolled around the long corridor.

He discovered that there were many places that lacked high-quality medicinal pills.

Chen jingzhai was an expert in alchemy and had many high-quality pills in his hands.

Not to mention, there was also the west side courtyard that provided medicinal pills.

Although he knew that the second Palace was the pill Palace,

However, he wanted to take advantage of the fact that the pill Hall was not open to the public to earn some copper coins in advance.

Medicinal pills were cultivation resources, and many cultivators couldn’t do without them.

This was especially so for those itinerant cultivators who fought all year round. They had a huge demand for all kinds of medicinal pills.

Ji Shuanghua brought Hong Yu along to open up a stall along the corridor.

After Liu Qingxue learned the rules, she strolled along the corridor with the copper coin su qingluan had given her.

The long corridor of the street stall seemed to have no end, and the immortal Palace in front of him was also faintly visible in the clouds.

Spiritual light flickered on both sides of the corridor, but it was not blinding.

Within the spiritual light, a human figure appeared. In front of the human figure, various items floated.

It was the same for every stall, and the distance between the stalls was actually very far.

This was the effect of the formation and the restriction, so they didn’t disturb each other.

There was enough space to store all the items.

Cultivators could only take away the goods after paying the money.

There was no need to worry about the goods being stolen, or not paying for the goods, or the goods being wrong.

The entire corridor had been set up by Chen jingzhai’s authority.

The space was large and it would not isolate the exchange of information, so the stall was very convenient and secretive.

It won the hearts of the cultivators, so it was very lively.

It had only been 24 hours.

There were already hundreds of stalls on both sides of the corridor.

Some of the stalls were even empty, leaving behind a Jade slip.

If someone came over, they could read the price list in the Jade slip.

They could directly pay to take the goods away, which was very simple and convenient.

Chen jingzhai knew the items in these stalls like the back of his hand.

As the owner of the immortal market, this place was still under his authority.

All the hidden treasures could not escape his eyes.

He sent a message to Liu Qingxue and told her to go to the designated stall to buy the items.

Although Liu Qingxue was the eldest daughter of the Liu family, she wasn’t completely above the common populace.

He was quite proficient in bargaining.

Although she hid her face, she was not polite at all.

He picked and picked, and every time, he would take away the items that Chen jingzhai had his eyes on at the lowest price.

As soon as Hong Yu placed the pills on the table, many cultivators were attracted.

From first-grade to second-grade pills, all kinds of pills could be found.

Even some of the less popular medicinal pills were placed on the shelves here.

Not to mention the complete variety,

More importantly, there were treasure pills like the dustfall pill for sale.

This was a top-notch treasure pill that could increase the chances of core formation.

Unfortunately, the price was extremely expensive. One dustfall pill actually cost two three-patterned copper coins.

That was two million spirit stones, a very high price.

Hong Yu had thought that no one would buy it, but the dustfall pill was sold out in the blink of an eye.

Three dustfall pills were sold for six three-patterned copper coins.

She was secretly surprised.

“The market price of the dustfall pill is different in every place.”

“In the sect, we don’t lack alchemists, nor do we lack materials,”

“It’s also for fellow disciples, so the price is low. It’s only a million.”

“But in the outside world, especially in some remote places with poor resources.”

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